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Is the U.S. Now Following the Footsteps of the Soviet Union?

President Putin, in reflecting on present U.S.-British-NATO policies — which include endless wars and endless sanctions — said that he can see, as a former citizen of the Soviet Union — that the U.S. “is now walking the Soviet Union’s path, and its gait is confident and steady.” Look at the murderous effects of the Caesar Sanctions against Syria, which besides denying food, medicine and other essential products to people victimized by a dirty war, in which the U.S. backed Islamic terrorists, threaten to punish any country or company which would aid in the reconstruction of that nation. This does not protect the people of the U.S. nor serve their interests, but is done to defend those who have proclaimed a unilateral “Rules-Based Order”, to benefit the imperial corporate cartel interests, which includes the intent to carry out regime change in Russia and China.

Climate Scientist Asserts ‘Climate Emergency’ Is All About Finance

Nicola Scafetta, an Italian scientist and world leader in climate models based on astronomic oscillations, has exposed climate policies as a pretext to build a financial business in an earlier interview with Italian media.  Speaking to the Italian daily Il Libero Quotidiano for Jan. 21, 2020, Scafetta said he suspects “that there is an effort to exploit climate fears to generate a catastrophism aimed at allowing a changed economic and social model in a direction promoted by big finance and multinationals. They created a demand to make money: They must have people accept costly and disadvantageous policies, which are profitable for some investors. Catastrophism is more for business rather than for the environment.”

Read the article in Italien.

Ibero-America Looks to Eurasian Economic Union for Economic Ties

Today’s St. Petersburg Forum Russia-Latin America panel made clear that the potential for the expansion of economic ties between those countries “is huge,” because Russia proved itself a reliable partner in securing vaccine supplies and production for the region. Vaccine cooperation, prospects for increasing trade and investment flows, bilaterally and with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and the possibility of doing so without using the dollar, dominated the discussion.

High-level ministry officials from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Guyana, and Venezuela, the Secretary General of the Andean Community (of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru), the President of the Central American Parliament, and the head of the leading Brazilian pharmaceutical company, Uniao Quimica, were the speakers scheduled from the Ibero-American side.

Sergei Glazyev, Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission, dominated the panel discussion from the Russian side. He was joined by the head of Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) and the panel’s excellent moderator, Sergey Brilev, knowledgeable about both sides as the anchor of the “Vesti v subbotu” program on TV Channel “Russia” and head of the Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for the Americas in Uruguay.

Uniao Quimica head Fernando De Castro Marques reported that production of Sputnik V in Brazil is underway. UQ has produced its first batch, and once it clears the Russian Gamaleya Institute’s quality checks, it will start producing 8 million Sputnik V doses per month—for both Brazil and its Ibero-American neighbors. Between the Brazilian-produced Sputnik doses and 100 million vaccine doses imported from China and India, he said Brazil could have 70% of its people vaccinated by the end of this year—while exporting vaccines to the region, he emphasized.

Guatemalan Minister of Economics Roberto Antonio Malouf Morales jumped: how long did you say it will take to produce 8 million doses? One month! Guatemala has eight million people! We have suffered a 15% drop in our economy in the pandemic; with those vaccines we can recover faster!

Malouf Morales, Chile’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Economic Relations Rodrigo Yanez Benitez, and Andean Community head Jorge Hernando Pedraza Gutierrez, all spoke of working out trade agreements with the EAEU. The Guatemalan and Chilean officials specified that they want to expand economic relations with Armenia and, yes, Belarus, through the EAEU, of which both are members.

Both noted that they had met separately with Sergey Glazyev before the panel. More than any details, the scope of the EAEU discussions in the region was best indicated by the Guatemalan Minister’s statement that if you say “Sergey” in Ibero-America today, everyone knows whom you are talking about.

The MOU’s being signed between Ibero-America and the EAEU reflect the restructuring towards a polycentric world underway, Glazyev said, but the question is how to turn them into actual business. He raised, in some detail, the need to create mechanisms to carry out this trade outside the U.S. dollar, “which has become toxic for us.” His remarks made clear that discussions are underway both nationally and at the level of businesses, of how to create a digital currency for trade between the EAEU and Ibero-America.

Valdai Club at SPIEF: “Weaponized Dollar” Forcing World To Flee the Dollar

One panel at today’s opening day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) was chaired by the Valdai Discussion Club, moderated by the Club’s Programme Director, Ivan Timofeev, on the global impact of sanctions. The title: “The Risks Sanctions Pose to the Global FInancial System and International Business.” The program description included the following: 

“Sanctions present a threat to both the financial infrastructure of the ‘target country’ and foreign banks…. The transformation of the dollar into a weapon carries the threat of unforeseen shocks. Restrictions on the financial sector are also associated with human rights issues, particularly a lack of access to financial services (underbanking) for large groups of citizens…. The intensity and indiscriminate nature with which sanctions are deployed suggests that a targeted political tool is now becoming all-encompassing.”

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Alena Douhan (a former professor of international law at Belarus State University), spelled out the unilateral sanctions from the US and EU are illegal under international law, and are imposed “without any attempt at legal proceedings, without due process.” Due especially to the use of “secondary sanctions,” they create fear in businesses and banks to do any business with sanctioned countries or businesses or individuals. The impact is severe on a nation’s “health system, water and electricity, transportation — people can not get to the hospitals.” She named Venezuela, Syria, and Yemen as countries in which the hospitals have practically no medicine, no vaccines, high unemployment, and a consequent vast increase in crime and trafficking of people and drugs. 

Vladimir Kolychev, Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister, said that as the result of these crimes, “a new global financial system is coming into being. It won’t come overnight, but it is inevitable. The sanctioned countries will do it.” There is an ongoing withdrawal from  the existing structures, he said, since it is not safe to use US dollars. Russia’s trade was 80% in dollars as recently as 2019, but is now less than 50%. Reserves in Russia are now only 20% in US dollars. Russia and others under sanctions are also moving to produce goods domestically in critical areas, such as health care. 

Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian Ambassador to the EU, said we are living through a “sanctions pandemic.” The EU now has sanctions against 32 countries, including three which are applying to join the EU (Turkey, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Montenegro). The EU says it only uses sanctions as a “last resort,” Chizhov said, “but alas, this is not a fact, far from a fact — it is their first choice.” Only sanctions approved by the UN Security Council are legal under international law, he added. “Smart sanctions,” he said, “are stupid. Above all sanctions don’t work, “even legal ones — look at the Taliban.”

Sanctions, the Rules-Based Order, and Dangerous Hypocrisy

Friday Questions: With the upcoming Putin-Biden summit, there were several questions about what we can expect: Will anything be accomplished?   What would you consider a successful summit?  Will there be efforts to sabotage it?  A second question referred to the idea of a “Clean Green Initiative” put forward to counter China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, asking if it is designed to split the world into two camps, as was done after World War II, with the Cold War.  A third question asked about how to make more clear to the general public the degree of evil represented by today’s neo-Malthusian elites.

Pre-Summit Events Target Russia, China

Before the June 16 summit between Presidents Putin and Biden, there will be summits of the G7 in the UK and NATO in Brussels. The main topic of these summits, announced in ongoing pre-summit meetings, will be coordination to “confront systemic challenges from Russia and China”. This was the message of British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, and seconded by U.S. officials Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Defense Secretary, and Secretary of State Blinken. The G7 is expected to unveil its “alternative” to China’s global Belt-and-Road infrastructure initiative, the “Clean Green Initiative”, and its new “Alliance of Democratic States”, which Blinken said will provide robust support for the phony “Rules-Based Order”. These are a public relations cover for geopolitical provocations of the War Hawks, to defend their highly unpopular “Great Reset”; keep an eye out for Fake News and False Flags, designed to disrupt any serious effort in the Putin-Biden summit, to move toward cooperative agreements on addressing the systemic breakdown underway.

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Webcast: Increasing Density of False Narratives from War Party Proliferate Preceding Upcoming Summits

In her weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp-LaRouche details the array of fake stories and fabricated narratives unleashed by imperial geopolitical war hawks in preparation for upcoming summits of the G7, NATO and between Presidents Putin and Biden. Among those she dissected are the Wuhan lab leak story, published May 23 in the Wall Street Journal by Michael Gordon, who wrote the original lies about Iraq’s WMDs for the NY Times in 2002, and Chatham House/Brit intelligence re-writing of the history of the post-Cold War relations with Russia.

She also spoke of the revival of the accurate charges against the NSA and Danish intelligence for spying on European leaders, first exposed in 2013, but never stopped; and of the scandal around the Green New Deal, with Mark Carney pushing a brutal form of new colonialism, to prevent development of Third World economies, allegedly to halt global warming! The final outrage she discussed is that of German Green leader Habeck, calling for the delivery by Germany of weapons to Ukraine.

The antidote to this escalating insanity is for viewers of her weekly dialogue to study these issues, and join with the Schiller Institute to build a global anti-Malthusian movement. This is the task over the next weeks, leading to the June 26–27 Schiller Institute conference, where these outrages will be fully exposed, and the policy alternatives to them presented.

Globalist Central Bankers Are Out To Destroy Concept Of “National Sovereignty”

It is an article of faith for many Americans that the U.S. is in a battle to restore its full sovereign rights, which have been under assault for the last 50 years by globalists and neoliberals.  Yet many who are engaged in this battle fall prey to the lying narratives against Russia and China, which are fabricated by the same Davos globalist networks which played a key role in running the Russiagate hoax, because the leaders of those nations refuse to surrender their sovereignty.  As the Davos crew is building up the power of central banks to take away the sovereign powers of all governments, and impose an anti-human “Green New Deal”, we have a powerful tool which can be employed against them, by restoring Glass Steagall bank separation, and doing it in alliance with other sovereign nations, including Russia and China.  Don’t be a sucker for the globalists’ lies — join the Schiller Institute’s anti-Malthusian movement, and sign up for our conference on June 26-7. 

Another Advance Toward Fusion Power in China’s EAST Tokamak

A record combination of high temperature and long duration of confinement of a fusion plasma has been achieved by China’s primary fusion power experiment, known as the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak, or EAST.

{Daily Pakistan} reported on May 29, “China’s artificial sun [has set] a new world record as it achieved a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for a period of 101 seconds. The huge accomplishment is a key step toward the test running of a fusion reactor. Announced by Gong Xianzu, who is a researcher at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP), [who] was in charge of the experiment conducted in Hefei, capital of East China’s Anhui Province.”

The EAST experiment took a full year to prepare; and in another run, this Chinese prototype of an “artificial sun,” reached an even higher plasma temperature, 160 million degrees Celsius, and sustained it for 20 seconds. These temperatures are high enough and sustained long enough for deuterium-tritium ions in the plasma to fuse and produce energy, if the superhot plasma can be stably confined with less energy input than the output from the fusion reactions. This requires the third parameter — sustained, much higher plasma density than has thus far been reached in tokamaks.

“It’s a huge achievement in China’s physics and engineering fields,” the paper quoted ASIPP Director Song Yuntao. “The experiment’s success lays the foundation for China to build its own nuclear fusion energy station.”

China Launches Tianzhou Cargo Ship Which Docks With the Space Station

China launched the cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-2 on Saturday, May 29, which has docked with the space station core module Tianhe. It delivered supplies for the first crew, equipment, and propellant. The Long March-7 Y3 rocket, carrying Tianzhou-2, blasted off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site at 8:55 p.m. (Beijing Time), according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA). The launch was a complete success, the CMSA said.

The cargo includes more than 160 large and small packages, including supplies for astronauts, space-science equipment, and two tons of propellant, which are needed to keep the station in a stable orbit. After docking with Tianhe, Tianzhou-2 will replenish Tianhe’s propellant and help test equipment for space application projects.

Three astronauts will be launched on the Shenzhou-12 mission, and will stay in orbit for three months. It will be their job to unpack the goods stowed inside Tianzhou-2. In addition to supplies for the three-astronaut first crew, the gear delivered by Tianzhou-2 also includes two spacesuits for extravehicular activities, each weighing more than 100 kg, which will be needed on future “space walks.” This year, two manned craft will dock with the station.

Tianzhou-2 is also delivering space food, dubbed “space deliveries” by Chinese engineers, including many traditional Chinese dishes. From staple foods to non-staples, from meat to vegetables, the menu is appetizing for Chinese astronauts. Famous stir-fried Chinese dishes like shredded pork with garlic sauce and Kung Pao chicken are both on the menu. (The menu may be an added inducement for non-Chinese astronauts to visit the station.)

Later this year, another cargo vessel will dock with the station, as will a second manned mission. In 2022, the station will be complete, with the addition of the Wentian and Mengtian laboratory modules.

Then it will be open for other countries to send their experiments, their astronauts, or even their entire laboratories, to this truly international space station.

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