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Harley Schlanger Morning Update — Friday Questions: Where Do We Go from Here?

What happened to QAnon? What do you think of Joe Biden’s call for “unity” (what a hypocrite!)? What is our post-election strategy? Why did Trump not pardon Julian Assange? How can we develop an emotional connection to Reason?

Webcast: Call for “Unity” Is Not Enough: Development is the New Name for Unity!

In a wide-ranging and very provocative dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, she opened by commenting that if Joe Biden is truly committed to “unity”, as he said in his Inauguration Address, he should adopt Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, “Development Is the New Name of Peace”, as his policy. This would require dropping “identity politics” and the Green New Deal — which he shows no sign of doing — in favor of the LaRouche movement’s plan to create 1.5 billion productive jobs, including developing a modern health system in every nation to address the COVID pandemic.

She also asked whether the paranoia shown by Hillary and Pelosi toward Russia and Trump voters makes them the “Q” twins; provided insights into the psy-war operation of “QAnon”, which she described as sharing common traits with the romantic movement, which was created by the oligarchy after the Napoleonic wars to destroy classical modes of thinking, in favor of dissociative emotions; and why she believes the disunity of the EU on the Green New Deal, and the disastrous effects it will have on industry, open the door to defeating it; and the implications of the discovery of new variants of COVID 19.

Harley Schlanger Morning Update: Biden’s Inaugural Address—Fake Call for Unity from Those Who Divided the Nation

When Abraham Lincoln stated in June 1858 that “A House divided against itself cannot stand”, he was identifying the efforts of supporters of the British System, among southern planters and Boston-New York financial interests, to divide the U.S. 

More than 160 years later, we are again caught in a battle between those War Hawks and neoliberals, who would divide us around phony, narrow interpretations of “self-interest”, versus those committed to a national mission based on the American System.  Biden’s commitment to continue endless wars, while ramming through the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, represents the same devotion to the City of London that characterized the secessionists of Lincoln’s day.

Beethoven: Sparks of Joy — Opus 22 “Grande Sonata”

Opus 22 “Grande Sonata”
Notes by Margaret Scialdone

Although somewhat overlooked today, the Opus 22 “Grande Sonata” was a great favorite of Beethoven’s. He assured his publisher that “Die Sonate hat sich gewaschen” (literally, ‘the Sonata has washed itself’, or, ‘it takes the cake’). Composed in 1800 and published in 1802, it’s considered to be the last of the “early sonatas”, following which Beethoven abandoned 18th Century sonata forms and went in entirely new directions.

New Jersey native Felicia He gave an outstanding performance of this sonata at her senior recital last February.

Harley Schlanger Morning Update: Inauguration in the Midst of Deliberate Chaos

Those committed to removing Donald Trump from office have applied the tactics of regime change “Color Revolutions” for the last four years, with an agenda of removing any opposition to their plans for a global banker’s dictatorship called “The Great Reset”.

The tactics which were often used against foreign nations have been brought to the U.S. The damage which has been done thus far is only a pre-taste of what they intend under a Biden administration. As The LaRouche Organization has been fighting this for the last four years, you can count on us being in the forefront to defeat the criminal cabal behind it, and restore the American system, as articulated by Lyndon LaRouche in his championing of a Four Power Agreement to establish a New Bretton Woods, and in his Four Laws.

Harley Schlanger Morning Update: Crucial Economic Decisions Being Made Behind Closed Doors

As all eyes are focused on tomorrow’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., the world’s financial oligarchs are racing to put the Great Reset in place, i.e., a global banker’s dictatorship designed to preserve and deepen the control of an alliance of private Central Banks over national economies.

A new rule which the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency adopted last week under President Trump’s direction, the “Fair Access to Financial Services” rule, is a direct slap in the face of the globalist’s plans, and makes clear why they have worked so hard to get rid of him.

Harley Schlanger Morning Update: Defeat the ‘New Fascism’, Revive the American System with LaRouche’s Four Laws

The ‘Reichstag Fire’ False Flag event of January 6 provided a pretext for the imperial forces of the so-called Military Industrial Complex to shift to a New Fascism, to suppress opposition to its Schachtian austerity policies and new wars.

The absurd impeachment bill passed against President Trump, combined with Big Tech censorship, and warnings of violent uprisings, point toward a new, harsher Patriot Act, to criminalize opposition to a Biden regime, which is committed to using a “Great Reset” to impose an anti-human, fascist Green New Deal. We must use the vulnerabilities of the imperial forces, i.e., that they are bankrupt, to crush them with LaRouche’s Four Laws. Today, we can use the celebration of Dr. King’s birthday to enhance the spiritual strength needed to achieve true justice for all, as King intended during his earthly mission.

Video: Lyndon LaRouche, 2004 – The Immortal Talent Of Martin Luther King

In the wake of the events of January 6, 2021, Lyndon LaRouche’s truly inspired and startling 2004 presentation of January 19, 2004 is ever more important.

Will we react with fear, or with anger, or even worse indifference, or will take inspiration from the common vision of leaders so separated in time and space as France’s Joan of Arc and America’s Martin Luther King? Will we hear the voice of our common God in whose image we have been made as did Martin and Joan? Mr. LaRouche challenges us to “to tap into that power,” then you can act with “a sense of what your life means. You have a sense of obligation, a mission in life to uplift the nation, by uplifting” your nation’s people.

Lyndon LaRouche is introduced by Amelia Boynton Robinson, a hero in her own right and a former vice chairwoman of the Schiller Institute.

Harley Schlanger Morning Update: FRIDAY QUESTIONS — How to Remain Calm in the Face the Breakdown of the System

Events since the November 3 election, including the escalation of the ongoing coup in the U.S. and its effects on the world, have been a cause of tension and extreme anxiety. This is exacerbated by censorship, “Fake News”, rumors, gossip and the degrading effects of a “social media culture.” How do we deal with that? How can we elevate our level of thinking, in the midst of this chaos, to the “new plateau” advocated by Helga Zepp LaRouche?

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Chinese Researchers Present New Prototype for Maglev Train

Researchers at China’s Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu have presented a prototype for a maglev train, using  high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets, which they say could be made commercially available in six years. The researchers revealed their prototype at a test track in Chengdu on January 13th. The train is designed to travel at up to 620km/h (385mph) but researchers said they were working to stretch that speed to 800km/h (497mph). The Japanese are also working on a new generation of maglev using superconducting technology. The Japanese, however, are using liquid helium to achieve a low temperature for their maglev, while the Chinese will use liquid nitrogen, which is a much cheaper coolant. Involving an investment of 60 million yuan (9.3 million U.S. dollars), the HTS maglev project was jointly developed by Southwest Jiaotong University, China Railway Group Limited and CRRC Corporation Limited.

Compared with other maglev technologies, HTS tech is more suitable for the futuristic concept of superfast transportation in vacuum tubes, where trains could hit speeds of over 1,000 kph, according to experts. China is intent on using maglev technology for their inter-city travel. The present maglev prototypes which have been produced are scheduled for travel between Shenzhen and Guangdong or between Shanghai and Hangzhou, which would increase the time-of-travel in the new city-clusters that are being planned as a part of the new Five-Year Plan.

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