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Conference: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now

Conference: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now

Panel 1: Stopping the Doomsday Clock —
The Common Good of the One Humanity

Tuesday, November 22 — 9:30 am eastern

Moderators: Dennis Small, Stephan Ossenkopp, The Schiller Institute  

An International Chorus for Peace: Dona Nobis Pacem 
Video Address from Lyndon LaRouche  

· Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany); founder, Schiller Institute: “Principles of a New Security and Development Architecture” 
· Benjamín Robles Montoya (Mexico); Congressman: “A Call to Current and Former Legislators of the World: We Must Act Now to Stop the Danger of Nuclear War” 
· Col. Richard Black (ret.) (U.S.); former state senator for Virginia: “The Danger of Nuclear War After the U.S. Midterm Elections”
· Steven Starr (U.S.); retired director of the University of Missouri’s Clinical Laboratory Science Program, expert on nuclear war: “What Would Happen if a Nuclear War Started in the Black Sea?” 
· Karl Krökel (Germany); Founder of Craftsmen for Peace: “The Role of Artisans for Understanding Among Peoples”  
· Sister Ortrud Fürst (Germany), Dominican Missionary: “Thoughts on Current World Affairs” 
· Dr. Andreas Uhlig (Germany); Organizer of Citizens Initiative Peace Negotiations NOW,  Dresden:  “Peace Negotiations NOW” 
· Liane Kilinc (Germany); peace activist
· Scott Ritter (U.S.); former U.N. weapons inspector
· Patrice Kindt (France); Mayor of Chidrac, Puy de Dôme département;
· Patrick Gombault (France), Mayor of Viâpres-le-Petit: ““Support of French Mayors for the Stralsund Call for Peace”
· Antonio Ingroia (Italy); former anti-mafia Magistrate in Sicily; former candidate for Prime Minister: “Italy and Europe Are on the Front Line in the Danger of a Nuclear War”
· Julio de Vido (Argentina); former Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (2003-2015), former congressman (2015-2017): “The Necessary Conditions for the Development of the Third World”
· Paulo Cannabrava Filho (Brazil); journalist, Editor of Diálogos do Sul: “The Danger of Nuclear War: The Alternative Is Being Built by the BRICS” 
· Alberto Quintanilla (Peru); former congressman: “The End of Globalization and the Emergence of the BRICS” 
· Pedro Páez (Ecuador); former Minister for Economic Policy (2007-2008): Greeting
· Pino Arlacchi (Italy); former head of the UN Office for Drug Control (1997-2002), professor at Sassari University.

Question & Answer Session

Panel 2: Peace Through Development

Tuesday, November 22 — 2:00 pm eastern

Moderator: Dennis Speed, The Schiller Institute 

· Diane Sare (U.S.); 2024 candidate for U.S. Senate from New York State: “America’s Voice in the Emerging New Global Architecture of Peace Through Development” 
· María de los Ángeles Huerta (Mexico); former congresswoman: “The Role of the Media in Creating a World Movement for Peace and Development”
· Donald Ramotar (Guyana); former President and former member of parliament
· Jorge Robledo (Colombia); former senator: “The Only Positive Thing About this War Is for It to End” 
· Juan Pari (Peru); former congressman: “The Energy Crisis and the Ukraine-Russia War” 
· Mike Eby (U.S.); dairy farmer, Chairman, National Dairy Producers Organization (NDPO), Exec. Dir., Org. for Competitive Markets, V.P., Penn. Farmers Union: “Monopsony – the Other Silent Killer” 
· Dr. Rodolfo Ondarza (Mexico); former Representative, Mexico City Legislative Assembly: “Bacteriological Warfare and the Need for a Global Health System”
· George Koo (U.S.); retired international business advisor: “The Prospects for U.S. China Economic Cooperation” 
· Nick Brana (U.S.); National Chairman, People’s Party: “Citizens Action to Demand Congress Stop Funding the War” 
· Tony Magliano (U.S.); Internationally Syndicated Catholic Social Justice and Peace Columnist: “Compelling Catholic Church Reflections on Peace and Nuclear Disarmament” 
· Dr. Kirk Meighoo (Trinidad and Tobago); former senator: “Reviving the Bandung Spirit of the Non-Aligned” 

Question & Answer Session 

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