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Global Banksters Issue Orders in G7 Communique — Who Will Obey These Orders?

The G7 summit followed through with most of the plan composed by the City of London/Wall Street bankers and their allies among the Davos billionaires, adopting a Green agenda which will harm, if not eliminate, human life on the planet, and a call for increased economic warfare against China.  While there was some hesitation in adopting the most extreme language pushed by host Boris Johnson and his new buddy, Joe Biden, it is expected that this will be reinforced when NATO heads-of-state meet today in Brussels, to discuss transforming NATO into a global alliance, i.e., into the “Indo-Pacific” region, to “contain” China, which is accused of violating the sacrosanct Rules-Based Order.  But the Green New Deal took a hit, with voters in Switzerland rejecting a referendum which would have mandated Swiss adoption of the extreme energy austerity demands of the G7 communique, and support for the Green Party in Germany has fallen sharply in the last weeks. 

WHO Director General: G7 Health Declaration Is Insufficient

The World Health Organization (W.H.O) Director General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, applauded the intention of the Carbis Bay Declaration on Health released today by the G7 meeting near Carbis Bay in Cornwall, UK, but stated that it is insufficient to address the current pandemic crisis.

The Declaration signers pledged one billion doses of vaccine to the poorest nations; to decrease the approval time for new vaccines to 100 days, and to increase capabilities for the world to track and sequence new diseases, among other initiatives.

Dr. Ghebreyesus stressed, “‘Many other countries are now facing a surge in cases – and they are facing it without vaccines. We are in the race of our lives, but it’s not a fair race, and most countries have barely left the starting line. We welcome the generous announcements about donations of vaccines and thank leaders. But we need more, and we need them faster…Together we need to build on the significant scientific and collaborative response to the Covid-19 pandemic and find common solutions to address many of the gaps identified.’” He also emphasized that (even though it’s too little, too late) 11 billion doses are needed to vaccinate at least 70% of the world’s population by mid-2022.

His statements were underscored by Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, who said this weekend: “‘We have reached a grim milestone in this pandemic: There are already more dead from COVID-19 in 2021 than in all of last year. Without urgent action, this devastation will continue. Equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines represents the clearest pathway out of this pandemic for all of us — children included. 

“UNICEF thanks G7 member states for their significant pledges and continued support. However, much work remains to continue to ramp up both the amount and the pace of supply to the rest of the world, because when it comes to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, our best interests and our best natures align. This crisis will not be over until it is over for everyone.’” UNICEF Press Release

The upcoming two-day Schiller Institute International June 26-27 conference is part of a continuous process to build a stronger and stronger anti-Malthusian alliance worldwide, incorporating a network of people who understand the profound importance of a Renaissance of Classical culture.

For the Common Good of all People, not the Rules Benefiting the Few!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference, June 26/ 27, 2021

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World Food Program Director David Beasley Sounds the Alarm on Famine in Ethiopia

On June 10, David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Program (WFP), confirmed distressing new information that although it is are “deploying more than 180 staff and increasing food distributions to reach 1.4 million people,” these are less than half of the estimated 4 million people in the Ethiopian region of Tigray facing severe hunger. Of those, 350,000 are threatened with famine, representing the highest number in a single country over the past decade, the World Food Program said in a statement.

Beasley emphasized that “the brutal reality for our staff in Tigray is that for every family we reach with life-saving food, there are countless more especially in rural areas whom we cannot reach. We have appealed for humanitarian access but are still being blocked by armed groups…. Our teams tell me that in 53 villages they visited, 50% of mothers and almost a quarter of children they’ve been screening are malnourished. Millions of people urgently need food. Without it, many of them will die.”

According to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis, published by the UN and aid partners on June 10, “the conflict, which began last November between central government forces and regional forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, is the key cause of acute food security in Tigray,” The fighting has destroyed infrastructure—especially farms—killed or scattered livestock, and has caused massive displacement of the population.

Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Henrietta Fore stated that “without humanitarian access to scale up our response, an estimated 33,000 severely malnourished children in currently inaccessible areas in Tigray are at high risk of death. The world cannot permit that to happen.”  She also addressed a severe situation in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique in her June 11 briefing. UNICEF Press Release

Beasley appealed to world leaders, saying that “three things are needed to prevent hunger from claiming millions of lives in Tigray; a ceasefire, unimpeded access for WFP and partners to all areas, and the money to expand our operations to meet the growing numbers of people who desperately need emergency food assistance.” WFP Statement

The upcoming two-day Schiller Institute International June 26-27 conference is part of a continuous process to build a stronger and stronger anti-Malthusian alliance worldwide, incorporating a network of people who understand the profound importance of a Renaissance of Classical culture.

For the Common Good of all People, not the Rules Benefiting the Few!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference, June 26/ 27, 2021

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Live event: Sanctions Are Killers, and Are Driving the World Away from the U.S. and the Dollar

Join us live on Saturday at 2pm EDT. Harley Schlanger and Mike Billington will join Dennis Speed for the Saturday TLO Webcast, while the G7 leaders are meeting inside the belly of the imperial beast in Cornwall. While the UK and the U.S. (under the Biden/Blinken regime) will attempt to unite the G7 behind war mobilizations against Russia and China and the Green New Deal destruction of the industrial economies and depopulation of the developing nations, TLO is both exposing the crime of sanctions, of the Great Reset, and of NATO’s effort to turn itself into an imperial world government, while mobilizing those of good will around the world to counter this emerging Dark Age with a new paradigm of cooperation based on the common aims of mankind.

China Constructs a Mobile Covid-testing Lab in Ten Hours, Capable of One Million Tests/Day

The Chinese take their public health pretty seriously. When the coronavirus pops up in a locale, certainly there is quarantining, and then tracing all the contacts. But mass testing in a few days, whether of a confined neighborhood or of a metropolis of millions, is par for the course.  

Guangzhou, a city of 18 million, found their first case of the highly contagious delta variant two weeks ago. Prior to that, they had been averaging about 2 new cases/day of the regular strain, and zero cases on May 24. But on May 26, there was a ‘spike’ of 14 cases, and the public health authorities sprang into action. From May 26 to June 7, about 29 million tests were conducted, where 119 people were found to be infected, seven of which were asymptomatic cases. They are confident that they can surround and finish off the invading enemy virus. 

Their massive testing capacity, over two million tests per day, was achieved with the aid of a new, quick-to-assemble mobile testing lab, capable of a million tests per day. The “Huo-Yan Air Lab” can be flown in, transported on a truck, and erected/inflated in ten hours. (Note the time-lapse video) The P2-level lab has an automated nucleic acid extraction robot. 

Developed by BGI and Etopia, it has already been exported to a dozen countries, including Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Togo, Benin, Gabon, and Kazakhstan. BGI first used an inflatable structure for fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014. “Huo-Yan” means “fire-eye.” It refers to the power of the legendary Monkey King to detect evil hidden beneath covers – or, in this case, the presence of the coronavirus. A spray is being developed to ‘concretize’ the walls, in case it is desired to make the temporary structure more permanent. The same team is working on an inflatable COVID hospital ward design.

Meeting and beating a crisis can be an inspiration.

The required measures to defeat the enemy virus globally will be discussed at the upcoming international Schiller Institute conference.

For the Common Good of all People, not the Rules Benefiting the Few!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference, June 26/ 27, 2021

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Second “Dialogue on Climate” Webinar in Italy

The second “Dialogue on Climate” webinar took place in Italy yesterday, with professors Franco Battaglia and Franco Prodi as speakers. Prof. Battaglia is a teacher of physics and chemistry at the Modena University, while prof. Prodi, brother of Italy’s former Prime minister Romano, is teacher of Physics of the Atmosphere at the University of Bologna. 

Prof. Battaglia demonstrated in a conclusive way that all forecasts of the IPCC have been wrong. “Nobody can deny that human activity has produced CO2, but this is not the cause of climate change”, he said. We are in the end phase of a mini-glacial era, and global warming has already occurred in the past, when there was no anthropogenic CO2 production. 

Solar and wind energy will never be able to replace other energy sources, which today represent 80% of the energy mix. The insanity of renewables can be shown in Italy, where ca. 100 billion euro have been invested for photovoltaic parks that produce 2.6 GW of power, whereas one nuclear power plant would produce 3 Gw and would cost one tenth of it! Battaglia revealed that when he was advisor to Environment minister Altero Matteoli, the latter asked him whether he should sign the Kyoto protocol. Don’t sign it, Battaglia told him. Nobel prize winner Carlo Rubbia also told me so, Matteoli confessed – but eventually signed the Protocol. 

Prof. Prodi went into a long and detailed explanation on how the formation of clouds affects the climate. This is a complex and articulated system, but the IPCC focuses only on some aspects, neglecting some very influential factors. 

During the Q&A period, former minister Carlo Giovanardi asked why scientists who argue against the IPCC are excluded from the public debate. 

Prof. Alberto Prestininzi, who moderated the event, answered that “there is a direction. When economic leaders get together…. if the EU decides that one trillion Euro should go to decarbonization”. Prof. Renato Ricci, honorary chairman of the Italian Physics Society, commented that it is “big finance” behind the so-called climate emergency. 

Claudio Celani from EIR intervened in support of prof. Ricci explaining that the climate emergency is a pretext to create a new financial bubble in the attempt to save the bankrupt financial system. The origin of climate activism and environmentalism is neo malthusianism, and answering Sen. Giovanardi, Celani said that politicians have a responsibility for having accepted a decades-long slide into the current regime. 

Celani’s remarks were backed by prof. Mario Giaccio, an economist, who said that he agrees about neo malthusianism and went into a description on how liquidity has moved into energy assets, creating the bubble. However, he concluded with the pessimistic remark that you cannot do anything against it because they are too strong! 

Prof. Prodi intervened saying that he has been ostracized by media because of his “negationist” views, and the situation in the scientific community is “more rotten than you think”, almost as rotten as in the financial system. 

There will be a “Climate Dialogues” Webinar every other week between now and October.

The science of climate change is not settled, and much of what is presented is not based on science at all. Leading scientists with the integrity and courage to buck dangerous “popular” dogma will discuss so-called manmade climate change, and the most-advanced science including the galactic science of astronomical-scale oscillations at the upcoming Schiller Institute/ICLC conference. The suicidal trend in some European countries to stick with anti-nuclear attitudes will also be discussed.

For the Common Good of all People, not the Rules Benefiting the Few!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference, June 26/ 27, 2021

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Friday’s REALLY BIG Questions: Will British Geopoliticians Control Over Biden Lead to War with Russia? Can Peace Be Achieved Between Israel and Palestine?

With the week of three summits now underway, the question on everyone’s mind — at least those who are sane — is will the London/Wall Street/Silicon Valley War Hawks who control the Biden administration succeed in forcing Russia to give up its sovereignty, and submit to their unilateral order?  Or, if Russia does not submit, as I expect it will not, will that move the world closer to nuclear annihilation?  On the question of peace in the Middle East, it is not in the hands of either Israelis or Palestinians.  The issue is, can the hands of the same geopolitical forces pitting the U.S. against Russia and China, be removed from the throats of Israel and Palestine, so that a broader agreement for economic cooperation, encompassing the whole of southwest Asia, can be reached?

Stop the Swindles Run by the Fed and the “Too Big to Fail Banks” — Restore Glass Steagall Bank Regulation!

As we enter into a period of hyperinflation, which will steal the life’s work of middle-class families, while shutting down more industries and businesses than a year of lock-downs has, why not learn from the past?  The 1933 Glass Steagall bill reined in bank and financial speculation, by defending commercial banks and their depositors, while forcing the speculators in investment banks to eat their own losses.  Today’s varieties of speculative bubbles have created debt many times larger than world GDP — these debts can never be paid off, but the central banks continue to pump liquidity into the bubbles, while cutting off credit to good producers, dooming the manufacturing, agriculture and trade sectors, all to be enforced by a global central banker’s dictatorship.  Learn how restoring Glass Steagall can put an end to the bubble economy, and send the swindlers in the banks and shadow banking system, who keep producing new, bigger bubbles for their personal profit, to jail.

Will the Upcoming Summits Offer Solutions, or More Dangerous Crises?

Joe Biden is on his way to Europe today to participate in a series of summits, with his minder, Tony “Rules-Based Order” (RBO) Blinken, faithfully at his side.  What has been pre-scripted to occur —  if this week’s Congressional testimony by Blinken is an accurate foretaste — will be a disaster for humanity, as geopolitical provocations against Russia and China would most likely turn out badly for all.  But the G7 and NATO can’t presume to speak for everyone, as many nations are looking to Russia and China as defenders of the principle of sovereignty, against the arbitrary unilateralism espoused by the imperial authors of the RBO.

Are There Any Adults Left in the Room????

Joe Biden’s op ed in the {Washington Post} on June 6, outlining his “strategy” for the upcoming series of summits, shows the degree to which he is operating within the dangerous framework of British-scripted geopolitical axioms.  “Alliance of Democratic States”, “adherence to Rules-Based Order”, addressing the “challenges posed by Russia and China” are some of the phrases which reflect those axioms.  But at the same time, there is a growing recognition among some security and defense officials of the “growing risk of a security crisis…leading to nuclear use”, if these axioms are not changed.  We intend to change them!  Sign up for the Schiller Institute’s online conference on June 26-27 TODAY.

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