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Live Presentation: Sovereign Nations, or the Imperial Surveillance State? Lyndon LaRouche’s Battle For Justice

Join us at 2pm on Saturday, July 25 for a discussion between Bill Binney, Dennis Small and Mike Billington.

Is it true that the arc of the moral universe is long, but bends towards justice?

Thirty-seven years ago, Lyndon LaRouche was involved, with the full knowledge of the National Security Council, in a back-channel negotiation with the Soviet Union. That process led to the Reagan Administration’s thermonuclear war avoidance policy the termed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI.) Despite the fact that the senior director of the National Security Council, Norman Bailey, had met with LaRouche, and, as reported by the Washington Post in 1985, had “described LaRouche’s organization as “one of the best private intelligence services in the world,“ LaRouche was put through a federal prosecution by the United States Justice Department. Former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark described the persecution of LaRouche and his movement as constituting “a broader range of deliberate and systematic misconduct and abuse of power over a longer period of time in an effort to destroy a political movement and leader, than any other federal prosecution in my time or to my knowledge.”

That LaRouche prosecution from the years 1986-1994 and after, was the seed-crystal for the succeeding decades-long abuse of power carried out, under the guise of “national security,” through illegal surveillance, biased prosecutions, and judicial railroads. This was ultimately done not only against many innocent American citizens, but also against the United States Presidency itself, largely through the actions of British intelligence services and their American assets, as in the thoroughly discredited “Russiagate hoax. The recent visit of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to London, where he said, “it’s great to be back in London to reaffirm the special relationship we share with our closest ally,” illustrates the problem.

Now, through the courageous actions of “good Americans” such as William Binney, the former Technical Director the National Security Agency (NSA), it becomes possible to expose the snake-pit of corruption, duplicity and sedition that has prevented the policies of war-prevention and economic growth of Lyndon LaRouche. This is what is now preventing the Presidency from advancing the General Welfare of all American citizens through economic cooperation with other nations, particularly Russia and China, in the pursuit of peace through economic development and scientific progress.

Join us on Saturday at 2pm, as Bill Binney and friends continue their dialogue with the American people and others who wish to create a new just paradigm.

Room-Temperature SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Candidate Enters Phase 1 Trials

An article in {Cell} reports on an mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate that elicits T cell and antibody responses in animals and has been shown to create immunity in mice. While this is not the first vaccine of its type, its design gives it a one-week shelf life in liquid form at room temperature. This could be a significant advantage in achieving immunization in parts of the world without reliable access to electricity for temperature control — which is itself a situation that must be remedied!

In India, COVID-19 Sweeping Into Great Rural Heartland

COVID-19 is now spreading through the vast rural heartland of India, after it struck hard at large urban centers. India has the third largest number of COVID-19 infections in the world, at nearly 1.3 million, and just passed France for the rank of country with sixth most COVID-19 deaths, at 30,601. What is particularly concerning is the rate of new novel coronavirus infections; with 47,520 new infections on July 23, India ranks only behind the United States for new daily infections.

It is reported that the vector of migrant workers, who were working in larger cities until the work dried up, brought COVID-19 to India’s rural belt, home to 900 million Indians—70% of India’s 1.3 billion people. This rural region has health and hospital infrastructure that ranges from moderately to considerably inadequate.

West Bengal, a state of 100 million people—whose capital is Kolkata—has a rural town called Dokangora, The village has been distributing thousands of bottles of sanitizer and bars of soaps and masks, often limited to two masks per family—one family of eight shares two bars of soap—and basic food supplies including rice, dal and cooking oil. The local ambulance is little more than an SUV with no special medical equipment.  The driver ferries people with symptoms —  sometimes more than five at a time—to get testing and help. The July 23 {Wall Street Journal} reports that the regional health centers have “148 beds, but none equipped to look after coronavirus patients.”

Were coronavirus to spread through this area, the medical barriers for resistance would be minimal.

In the larger state of West Bengal, its capital, Kolkata,  has announced a bi- weekly lockdown, which appears to mean, in this setting, two days per week. Banks, post offices, and ration shops are not allowed to open. But in three districts—North 24 Parganas, Birbhum, and Bardhaman—total lockdowns have been imposed.

The success of these operations will depend on enforcement of the lockdowns, but also on a build-up of all the features of health and hospital infrastructure, greatly insufficient, which needs to be built on an emergency basis, as per the LaRouche plan to create 1.5 billion productive jobs.

Some Labs Testing for COVID-19 Experience Falling Four to Ten Days Behind Before They Deliver the Results

As the number of confirmed infections in the U.S. has surpassed 4 million, some labs testing for COVID-19 are handling a heavy load of cases, which they are taking longer to process, resulting in long processing delays from four to 14 days to deliver test results.

Jay Solomon, CEO of Aviva in Sarasota, a senior community with a nursing home and assisted living facility, said to AP on July 22 that results were taking up to 10 days to come back. ”It’s almost like, what are we accomplishing in that time? If that person is not quarantined in that 7-10 days, are they spreading without realizing it?”

The AP story, “US Labs Buckle Amid Testing Surge,” reported that health experts say that test results that come back after two or three days are deficient because by then, “the window for tracing the person’s contacts to prevent additional infections has essentially closed.”

Dr. Deborah Birx of the White house coronavirus task force said on Fox TV that “the turnaround times, particularly across the South, are too long.”

Dr. Leana Wen, a public health professor at George Washington University said it’s reasonable to tell people awaiting test results to isolate for 24 hours. “Imagine, you tell a parent with young children to self-isolate for 10 days or more without knowing they actually have COVID? I mean, that’s ridiculous.”

Quest Diagnostics, one of the nation’s largest testing chains, said it can’t keep up with demand and most patients will face waits of a week or longer for results. Quest’s pooled testing process will be rolling out in Virginia and Massachusetts next week. This technology (discussed in the Monday briefing) can allow more samples to be tested.


Testing capacity must be expanded. Defense Production Act, anyone?

Antibody Testing Results Raise False Hopes of Reaching Herd Immunity

A new study in India has raised hopes that the coronavirus may be significantly less lethal than thought (at least in India) and that achieving herd immunity through infection could be a viable strategy, but the enormous shortcomings of the study make such conclusions mere wishful thinking.

Coverage in the {Hindustan Times} is typical. An article headlined “15% Population May Have Virus Antibodies, Says Private Lab Data” begins “Thyrocare, a private diagnostic laboratory shared data from 60,000 antibody tests across 600 pincodes [postal codes] that it conducted over 20 days. Of those 15% tested positive for antibodies.” This figure suggests that far more people have already contracted and cleared the coronavirus than previously thought, and that the danger per infection is therefore significantly lower.

But such antibody tests have enormous problems, as has been seen in the article by Stanford Professor John Ioannidis, reported on in this publication some months ago, or the April 22 press conference by California doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, which received unmerited attention. The trouble with these studies is the selection of who goes to be tested.

People who think they’ve already had COVID-19 — due to symptoms or known exposure — are more likely to seek out antibody testing. Without a more randomized sampling, the resulting figures will be too high.


In contrast with levels of 15% or 20%, the Indian Council of Medical Research found that less than 0.73% of people sampled — chosen randomly across 83 districts — had antibodies in late April. The {Journal of the American Medical Association} published on July 21 an article describing antibody screening in blood samples taken for other reasons (cholesterol levels, general health checkups, etc.) from March 23-May 12. They found SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in 1% of samples from the San Francisco Bay area and in 6.9% of samples from New York City. While these levels are much higher than the number of confirmed cases, they do not support the wishful thinking that we are near herd immunity, or that the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 are low.

William Binney Makes His Case To The World: There Was No Russian Hack


Internet Press Conference with Bill Binney — Thursday, July 23, 11 a.m. EDT

Is there actually a way to know, and to then prove, that the “Russiagate” story of the 2016 elections—a story which resulted in massive federal prosecutions, escalating international tensions, national paralysis, and a presidential impeachment trial—was completely false?

William Binney, a thirty-year veteran of the National Security Agency and its former technical director, will expose the continuing suppression by British intelligence agencies and their American counterparts of his evidence disproving the entire “Russiagate” story. “We can prove, that all the data that Wikileaks published from the DNC, that was downloaded on the 23rd and 25th of May, and also the 26th of August of 2016; all of that carried the signatures of being downloaded to a thumb drive or a CD-ROM, and physically transported,” Binney says. “So, we can prove that in a court of law. In fact, I put that in sworn affidavits that I submitted in the Roger Stone case and also in the General Flynn case. And the judges would not let my testimony in. I’ve been hard pressed to find anything (Russia) did in the 2016 election, let alone anything they’re trying to do in the 2020 election,” Binney said.

Roger Stone, speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox TV July 13 in the aftermath of the commutation of his jail sentence by President Donald Trump, stated: “I could have proved at trial, using forensic evidence and expert testimony from fellows like Bill Binney, former NSA counter intelligence expert…that no one hacked the DNC, that there was no online hack of the DNC… But I wasn’t allowed to present that defense, because Judge Jackson would not allow it.”

Binney, whose work has been featured in documentaries such as PBS Frontline’s “United States of Secrets” and the movie “A Good American,” was the designer of the “ThinThread” security system, which could well have prevented the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center from occurring, had he and his associates not been deliberately prevented from deploying it. “But the problem also was that it was a system that would’ve uncovered all of the criminal activity of our government employees and our secret intelligence agencies, and also others in the world, too,” Binney said. Instead, “universal surveillance” capabilities that he personally designed to protect Americans from terrorist attack were deployed after 9/11 to illegally monitor virtually every citizen of the United States in possession of any electronic device.

You can register to have the YouTube link emailed to you, and to be kept up to date on our activities.

Russiagate Put to Rest? Time for Action

William Binney, the former technical director at the NSA, today put what should be the final nail in the coffin of the “Russiagate” coup attempt against the democratically elected government of the United States by the British and American intelligence agencies, their controlled and corrupt media, and the equally corrupt Congress. Appearing on an internationally broadcast event (sponsored by the Schiller Institute and EIR), Binney, together with his former associate at the NSA Kirk Wiebe and LaRouche PAC analyst Barbara Boyd, demonstrated not only that the entire three-and-a half-year Russiagate witch hunt was a manufactured hoax, but that it was known to be a hoax from the beginning by its perpetrators. The information presented in the event can and must be the launching pad for the American people, and international supporters of the American experiment, to make this pregnant moment in history the turning point in ending the oligarchical destruction of that experiment in republican government, “of the people, by the people and for the people.” see:

Binney demonstrated, as he has many times before, that the systems he designed for the NSA to root out terrorists and drug kingpins has been turned against the American people, creating the most massive surveillance system by a state against its own citizens (and in this case around the world) in human history. Boyd pointed to the irony that the Democrats and many of the war-mongers surrounding President Donald Trump, led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are prancing around the world denouncing China as a totalitarian state, while the U.S. itself is functioning as a totalitarian state. Not only is everyone’s entire private life available for view to dozens of U.S. government agencies, but also the nation is now going through a “culture war” in which anyone with even the slightest concern about the Jacobin mobs patrolling our streets is declared an “enemy of the people.” Many Chinese are openly expressing their astonishment that the U.S. is replaying the nightmare carried out in China during the last decade of Mao Zedong’s life, the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.”

All three speakers posed the critical point that the current existential crisis of civilization — the pandemic, the economic collapse, the cultural decay and the extreme danger of war — is also an incredible opportunity, if the patriots of the nation can cut through the induced pessimism that nothing can be done, and commit themselves to take action. Every leader, every candidate for office, must be informed, with passion, that they must stop the coup and join the fight to restore the nation, to bring the world together for cooperation in development in scientific and medical research, in space exploration — in creating a future fit for human existence — or be sent home.

There is a great irony in the fact that Mike Pompeo just visited London, lavishing praise on the U.K.-U.S. “special relationship,” taking credit for pressuring the Boris Johnson government in “joining the free world” by cutting off Huawei, and then presenting his disgusting lies about China at the Henry Jackson Society. Why ironic? That society has as a major sponsor Sir Richard Dearlove, the former MI6 chief who personally ran the “Russiagate” coup attempt against President Trump, together with his underling Christopher Steele. Add to that Bill Binney’s description today of his briefing of Pompeo, at President Trump’s request, while Pompeo was still head of the CIA, on the fact that the Obama intelligence team was lying about the Russian hacking of the Democrats’ emails. Not only did Pompeo suppress that information, but he then totally endorsed the lies of Clapper, Brennan and Comey about the Russian supposed hack.

Break this truth about the attempted coup everywhere. Free President Trump to do what he intended to do, for which he was elected: end the endless wars, restore the U.S. industrial infrastructure, establish friendly relations with Russia and China. There are no solutions to the many crises facing mankind on a one-at-a-time basis. The British and their U.S. assets are doing everything in their power to prevent the urgent meeting of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, even if it means war in this age of thermonuclear weapons. Do not be pessimistic — it is a rare and fleeting moment of opportunity, for those willing to fight, for victory.

Webcast: It Is Time For The Definitive Crushing Of Russiagate

In reviewing the strategic crisis, Helga Zepp LaRouche opened by citing a Russian strategic expert, Lukin, who warned that the world is approaching a cataclysmic moment, in which the only island of stability remaining is China.  That the British are escalating their attacks on China, through operatives such as Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Esper, makes it urgent that the voice of William Binney is heard during his press conference tomorrow. While Pompeo is cavorting with some of the British sponsors of Russiagate in London, and proclaiming his love for the “Special Relationship”, his operatives in the U.S. shut down the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  But Binney can show that Pompeo’s love affair with London goes back to his efforts to protect the made-in-London lies of Russian “hacking”, as he responded to a briefing by Binney on how there was no Russian hacking, by covering it up — is there any doubt now, after his disgusting performance in London, that he is doing the bidding of the Empire, against President Trump?  And that his activities are designed to sabotage the potential of the P5 summit being organized by Russian President Putin, by making it impossible for President Trump to participate?
This is a moment for truth, when the truth becomes the most powerful weapon.  Zepp LaRouche gladly welcomed the recent statements by Trump on the need to wear masks to protect against the CoronaVirus, saying it again showed the leadership qualities needed to bring the U.S. into the New Paradigm.  With his Chief of Staff Meadows announcing that the Durham investigation is nearing completion, and indictments are coming, the Binney press conference will provide the evidence to, once and for all, end the geopolitical targeting of Russia — and China — as enemies of the U.S.

The Transparent Game of the British Empire Against Russia and China By Helga Zepp-LaRouche

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

July 17—Not only will 2020 go down in history as the year in which the world was hit by the worst pandemic in 600 years, it may also be the year in which the Chinese economy overtakes that of the United States—and if things go wrong, it could also be the year in which humanity wipes itself out in a nuclear war. There is still time to take a different path, but it will require a dramatic change of course in international politics to avoid the trap of geopolitics, which led to two world wars in the 20th century.

The changing numbers are more than just economic data: after China’s gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by 6.8% in the first quarter as a result of the pandemic—the first time this has happened since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976—the Chinese economy grew in the second quarter by 3.2%. Mei Xinyu, a researcher at the Ministry of Commerce, commented “China’s GDP for 2020 could be slightly lower than that of the United States.… But if the domestic chaos in the United States escalates, China’s whole-year GDP could exceed that of U.S. this year.” 

This probable development forms the background against which U.S. Attorney General William Barr just gave a fire-breathing talk about geopolitical confrontation at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. That presentation definitely brought him into the ultra-Sinophobic company of Secretary of State Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Esper and FBI Director Wray.

For Barr, the phenomenal rise of China, which Deng Xiaoping initiated with his reform policy, that allowed China to lift 850 million of its citizens out of poverty, is not proof that the government is serving the common good, but rather it is only due to the Communist Party’s wish to prove that socialism is superior to capitalism. Barr could have asked these 850 million Chinese or U.S. citizens of color in Alabama and Mississippi for their opinions.

Barr calls China’s “Made in China 2025” program to become the world market leader in ten technological areas, such as artificial intelligence, robots, and telecommunications, the ultimate threat. This program of the People’s Republic of China was announced years ago. China has now achieved this status in some areas, such as 5G technology, high-speed rail and maglev systems, nuclear fusion technology, and aspects of space technology. These technological breakthroughs alone demonstrate the absurdity of Barr’s argument that China has only been able to accomplish all of its economic achievements by stealing them through industrial espionage or by influencing American companies.

China’s rise could have something to do with the fact that while this 5,000-year-old civilization has consciously revived its best cultural traditions, it is, at the same time, fostering innovation in production and excellence in education. It should come as no surprise that this successful combination, after 40 years of reform policy, has led to this nation of 1.4 billion people now claiming an equal rank among the world’s leading nations.

Definitely Not ‘The End of History’

The neoliberals’ calculation that China would also adopt the western model of democracy and free market economy when it joined the World Trade Organization has obviously not worked. Behind it was the idea of the “end of history” that Francis Fukuyama had expressed after the demise of the Soviet Union.

But instead of all states submitting to the dictates of the financial markets and the associated maximization of profits for the caste of speculators, there has been a tremendous counter-movement worldwide. Especially since China in 2013, with its offer of cooperation in its Belt & Road initiative—the New Silk Road—for the first time gave developing countries the chance to overcome their underdevelopment, and the poverty left behind by colonialism, through the development of infrastructure and industrialization. The secret services controlled by the City of London and Wall Street have increasingly characterized China as a threat.

China has repeatedly emphasized that it has no intention of replacing the United States as the sole superpower. China is, however, committed to international relations based on cooperation among sovereign states, which neither interfere in the internal affairs of other nations, nor attempt to change the others’ social systems.

When it became clear in March and April that China was not only much more able to curb the coronavirus pandemic, but also to get its economy going again faster than most western countries, the geopolitical attacks against China increased, but also against Russia. In his speech, Barr claimed that hackers associated with the People’s Republic of China were attacking American universities and companies with the intention of taking research results on vaccines and drugs against COVID-19. 

The British National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), for its part, claims that the Russian group APT29, also known as “Cozy Bear,” is trying to gain access to academic and pharmaceutical research facilities of all states that are researching vaccines.

The Roger Stone Case

An explosive turning point in this secret service war has now emerged from President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of his former campaign advisor, Roger Stone. Stone submitted a Declaration from William Binney, the former Technical Director of the NSA, in his court case. Binney and the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), a group of former U.S. intelligence agents, have provided forensic evidence that there were no Russian hacking attacks on the computers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the leadership body of the Democratic Party, to account for the publication of extremely damaging information on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign by WikiLeaks. Rather, these files appear to have been leaked by an insider using a thumb drive. This evidence challenges the entire basis for Russiagate and the three-and-a-half-year coup attempt against President Trump, as well as the charges against Roger Stone. 

Immediately after his imprisonment was prevented by the President’s action, Roger Stone highlighted, in an interview on Fox, that he had tried to prove in court that Russiagate was a hoax by seeking a hearing on Binney’s evidence, but was prevented from presenting the full story by a corrupt judge. 

The explosiveness of this story lies not least in the fact that the identity of the supposed hackers of the DNC servers had been the basis for the Russiagate affair. This Russian hacker group called “Cozy Bear” was originally named by the CrowdStrike company as responsible for the hack attack, and has now been blamed for a new alleged hack attacks in search of vaccine research. 

The very public surfacing of the statement by Shawn Henry, CrowdStrike’s main cyber-attack expert, who admitted on December 5, 2017, to the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, that CrowdStrike had no concrete evidence that any files ever left the DNC as the result of a hack, is another big factor. That testimony was only made public in May 2020. 

An additional element of the fraud of this outrageous conspiracy underlying Russiagate has now emerged from a British court, in a lawsuit against Christopher Steele. As the investigative reporter John Solomon reports,  the trial documents prove that the FBI was guilty of criminally deceiving the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court, by keeping silent on the fact that the person who ultimately commissioned the Russiagate story was Hillary Clinton. And that Steele closely coordinated his activities with Victoria Nuland of the State Department, who was a key figure in the Maidan coup against the Ukrainian government in February 2014.

Who Colluded with Whom

Taken together, all of these secret service operations that have been made public show that the “collusion” did not take place between Trump and the Russian government in 2016, but between the Obama administration’s secret service apparatus and the British secret service, first against presidential candidate Trump, and then against President Trump. And some of his cabinet members, who are now leading the campaign against China and Russia, have suppressed this information. Pompeo, at the request of President Trump, was personally informed by William Binney in detail about the forensic impossibility of the Russian hack attack story on October 24, 2017.

It remains to be seen whether Attorney General Barr will finally take action against the conspirators of the Russiagate affair, about which he has all the necessary information, or whether he will only advance the confrontation against China.

One thing is certain: the representatives of the old paradigm—the geopoliticians of the British Empire—will do everything possible to sabotage the summit of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council proposed by President Putin, by continuing to make such accusations against Russia and China. This summit has the potential to lay the foundation for a new paradigm—one of cooperation among the world’s major nations, the United States, China, and Russia—and that would be the end of geopolitical manipulation. As you read and hear the hate speeches against Trump, Putin, and Xi in the media, keep that in the back of your mind.

COVID-19 Soars in U.S. South and Southwest

Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise across sections of the United States, leading to crisis conditions in the South and Southwest, in particular. Arizona, Texas and Florida together reported about 25,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. In Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey (R) adopted statewide mask-wearing as daily deaths hit an all-time high. In Mississippi there are mandatory mask-wearing orders in 13 counties, and Gov. Tate Reeves (R) urged people to wear them statewide.

In Georgia, hospitalization has risen above earlier peaks from April, and there is concern that they may run out of critical care beds soon in a number of counties. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that “shares of open critical care beds in regions surrounding Athens, Dublin, Macon, Marietta, Savannah and Tifton have dipped into the single digits…. Disease experts at Georgia Tech and elsewhere have warned that Georgia is running out of time to prevent surges of cases that have overwhelmed hospitals in Florida, Arizona and other states that eased restrictions.”

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) added to a list totaling 22 states whose visitors will be required to quarantine for 14 days if they visit the tri-state region. Out-of-state travelers arriving in New York airports from those states face a $2,000 fine and a mandatory quarantine order if they fail to fill out a tracing form.

DC, Maryland and Virginia are all once again “trending up” in the last week as lock-downs have been eased, prompting warning from VA Gov Ralph Northam (D) on wearing masks in public. “Hospitals in [DC] have been running at just short of 80 percent capacity — a threshold that could trigger additional restrictions or measures to handle a surge of coronavirus patients,” according to the {Washington Post}.

The situation in nursing homes continues to be a dangerous hot spot in many states. The New York State Department of Health produced a report on nursing homes, tracking the source of spike in infections/deaths to the lack of testing: “approximately 37,500 nursing home staff members, or one in four of the state’s approximately 158,000 nursing home workers, were infected with COVID-19 between March and early June 2020… It is likely that thousands of employees who were infected in mid-March transmitted the virus unknowingly—through no fault of their own—while working, which then led to resident infection,” the NYSDOH report stated.

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