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‘No, There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power! Support the Brave Saviors of Germany!’ by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Jan. 12—The following statement was issued for mass circulation at the planned demonstration of farmers and supporters in Berlin Jan. 15 which culminates the week of action that began on Jan. 8. It was written by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, EIR Editor-in-Chief, and founder and leader of the Schiller Institute.

No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power!

When the oppressed man finds no justice,

When the burden grows unbearable,

He appeals with fearless heart to heaven,

And thence, brings down his everlasting rights,

Which there abide, inalienably his,

And indestructible as the stars themselves.

This is what it says in the Rütli Oath from Friedrich Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell.

German farmers are doing exactly that: They are opposing the arbitrariness and incompetence of a policy that pursues only the interests of international cartels and profit maximization by speculators, and ignores the population’s right to affordable, regionally produced food. Farmers represent the interests of all of us, and that is why it is of vital importance that all parts of society support them, as craftsmen, truck drivers, haulers, and others already do.

This courageous resistance must now also be mobilized by medium-sized industry and the trade unions, because the entire economy is in free fall due to the same policies. In Germany we are in danger of losing everything that was built over generations after the Second World War!

Why is that? Is it the result of a natural disaster? Absolutely not! The crisis is the result of wrong politics! When the Cold War was over and we no longer had an opponent, we could have easily built a new peace order that included Russia. But the West intended to subject the entire world to a “unipolar order” and the neoliberal economic model. These included increasing deregulation of financial markets to fuel speculation, which has led to the widening gap between rich and poor around the world; the relocation of production to so-called low-cost production countries, which did not benefit the countries of the Global South and harmed our own economy and agriculture; and finally the “Green Deal,” which was ultimately intended only to enable speculators to create a new bubble, which now threatens to totally destroy the economy and agriculture with its destructive bureaucratic rules.

Six NATO expansions to the East instead of a “common European house” have unnecessarily ruined the relationship with Russia, which is certainly not in Germany’s interest. The sanctions against Russia have become a huge boomerang, Russia is now the strongest economy in Europe, and Germany is going down the drain economically. Whoever is responsible for the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, it had the geopolitical purpose of driving a permanent wedge between Germany and Russia.

And who benefits from all the arms deliveries to the various war zones? The military-industrial-financial complex, which in turn is closely intertwined with the major investment firms of Wall Street and the City of London, which in turn are connected to the cartels that in turn benefit from the Green Deal. It is here that the prices for agriculture are set—and not in the interests of the farmers so that they can provide food for the population! We finally need a sovereign economic policy in the interest of the common good!

There is a solution! The nations of the Global South are in the process of finally freeing themselves from the epoch of a colonial era that has lasted for 600 years. They no longer want to be just exporters of raw materials, but rather to process these raw materials in their own countries, and thus increase value creation under their sovereign conditions, in order to finally overcome poverty and underdevelopment.

These nations, which have long since become the global majority—around 85% of humanity—are in the process of creating a new economic and financial system this year, 2024, based on sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, etc., and the right to determine their own development path.

It is the declared goal of many of these states to become middle-income nations with a flourishing common good as quickly as possible through economic cooperation with one another. They have long since begun to conduct trade with each other in their own national currencies. With the New Development Bank, led by former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, they have their own credit institution that is in the process of becoming the “great bank of the Global South.” Very soon they will create their own reserve currency.

China’s extraordinary civilizational achievement in lifting 850 million of its own people out of poverty, and the unprecedented economic miracle that has transformed China from a very poor country into the world’s largest economy over the last 40 years, means that the countries of Global Majority have found an economic alternative to the neoliberal model. The cooperation between the now 10 BRICS-Plus nations—to which more than 40 other states are applying for membership—embodies an economic model in which these nations can develop to their own advantage instead of simply being raw material exporters and U.S. military bases. And in all of these nations there are economic growth rates that we in Germany can only dream of.

Every sensible (reasonable) person should be happy that the Global Majority is developing into modern, thriving economies. Because that means that all children worldwide will soon have the chance of a productive life. And only with comprehensive development of the Global South will there soon be no more refugees!

The way out of the crisis, therefore, lies in cooperation between Germany and all of Europe with the nations of the Global Majority. That’s why we have to say no to Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s so-called “turning point.” Germany does not have to be industrious to prepare for an imminent war, as War Minister Pistorius is demanding, but rather be industrious for peace. If the militarization of households is now being demanded everywhere, and the Swedish Civil Defense Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin is now demanding that all Swedes must prepare for war, and Pistorius wants to station a “Lithuanian brigade” with around 4,000 soldiers on the Russian border, then it will happen that a path has been taken that will result in a third, this time nuclear, world war.

At a dramatic moment, farmers have taken over the political leadership for all of Germany because they know what is necessary to make the economy and agriculture work again. It is therefore of existential importance that all parts of society show solidarity with them, because they are fighting for the well-being of us all.

Therefore we demand:

The withdrawal of all the traffic-light (red-yellow-green) government’s cuts!

Parity prices for agriculture!

Cooperation among Germany and all of Europe with the BRICS-Plus, including Russia and China, and the nations of the Global Majority!

Support for the German farmers from Jacques Cheminade

Our French organisation, Solidarité et Progrès, fully supports your mobilization and fight for the first of all human rights, the right to eat.

Beyond your necessary demands against the destructive measures imposed by the European Union and your insane government, you embody the cause of humanity.

Because you are on the front line against the financial cartels and the international oligarchy and also because you are a united front supported by the population of Germany and, potentially, of all Europe.

Your tractors are rolling for all of us, world citizens.

We strongly believe that the alliance of the workers in our Western nations and the nations of the Global South are soon going to be, provided we keep fighting as you are doing now, the Global Majority inspiring the common destiny of Humanity.

You are opening the way, let’s walk together for the common good and our future generations.

Jacques Cheminade
Président de Solidarité et Progrès

Webcast: German Farm Protests Reveal the Actual State of the World: ‘This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg’

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 10, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

It used to be understood that governments exist for the benefit of the lives of their people, and were expected to enact policies to such effect. Imperial and geopolitical wars, and other such wasteful things were rightly seen as distractions from the true mission of government—to advance their nation and their people toward a better future.

The case of Germany has perhaps been the most extreme. It has turned from the world’s most advanced industrial power during the middle of the last century to a shadow of its former self after having shut down its nuclear power plants and its access to Russian gas and oil. Obediently, Germany has found itself more loyal to the dictates of the “rules-based order” and “going green”—some of the murmurings of the blob—even while its own people suffer as a result. This reached the height of absurdity when the Anglo-Americans blew up the Nord Stream pipelines on September 26, 2022, severing for good one of Germany’s most important energy lifelines from Russia they had spent years and billions of dollars building. This was made all the more embarrassing when President Biden admitted to Chancellor Scholz’s face that he would, in fact, “bring an end to it.”

Germany is today, along with most of the Western “democracies,” plunging headlong into a thermonuclear world war against Russia and China, and lining up for a case of criminal complicity in the genocide of Gaza—all while going bankrupt paying for it. And thanks to the Nord Stream bombing’s effects on energy prices and the overall commitment to “green” policies, Germany’s food producers have reached a point where they can no longer survive. All this, and not a peep in opposition.

It is in this context that one must see this week’s outbreak of nationwide demonstrations in Germany. It is not a protest against fuel subsidies or taxes, nor is it an outburst of right-wing extremist anger. A revolt is beginning, and in this case the protesters are being joined by other producers from across Europe to demand better—to demand a future.

In discussion with associates today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche insisted that this event is “An unbelievably important invent in Germany because it was stated very clearly by several of the farm leaders that they took the courage to step forward, to defend the interest of not only the farmers but all of Germany from the government, which many of them characterized as total junk … and now many voices are pointing to how the entire farm policy is not made by the government but by Silicon Valley, Wall Street, BlackRock, and the international cartels. So I’m pretty sure that the lasting impact will be that the naivety which they tried to artificially create as a parallel reality through the mainstream media, this has received a permanent crack. And whatever the government is going to do … it will not go away….”

With the current dynamic of the BRICS-Plus sweeping the world, and now the upcoming battle at the International Court of Justice brought by South Africa—at which not only Israel but also the blob-like complicity of the entire Western world will be on trial—all in the context of the recent massive eruption of protests across the world in solidarity with Palestine and against the policy of endless war, the opportunity for a breakthrough becomes obvious.

Therefore, Zepp-LaRouche concluded, it is urgent to push for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the full implementation of a two-state solution along with the Oasis Plan for lasting economic development in the region. “But at the same time, it is clear we need an even more general approach, which has to be a New International Security and Development Architecture, because this geopolitical conflict has to be overcome by changing geopolitical confrontation to instead cooperation between the countries of the Global North and the countries of the Global Majority.”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 10, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

The Military-Financial Complex Is Bloated on Blood Money from Wars

This report was prepared by an EIR Research Team · December 22, 2023

Taxpayers in the United States and NATO nations support vast sums of money thrown away annually to the military-industrial-financial complex, for economic waste and physical destruction. This provides a tremendous bonanza to four Wall Street financial giants and banks that are the dominant stockholders of all the biggest war producers, and the ones driving the perpetual wars to maintain their bankrupt financial system with its $2 quadrillion speculative bubble. They are picking your pocket to fund the wars, and keep their bubble alive – and they are engaging in genocide and population wars.

In the U.S., the defense budget was $858 billion in 2023, and it is rapidly heading towards $1 trillion per year. Meanwhile our highways and railroads, our bridges and tunnels, our hospitals and schools are crumbling. And the rest of the world also desperately needs American technology and capital goods to help their development, working with China and Russia, rather than driving the planet towards World War III against them.

Here’s the face of the enemy of mankind, the modern-day Military-Financial Complex:

They Are Owned by Wall Street Speculators

They Are Addicted to Blood Money For Wars

Those Resources Should Be Used For People, Not Wars

Related Material

It’s Time To Turn the Military-Industrial Complex into Peace Production · by Dennis Small

Turn the Military-Financial Complex to Useful Production · by Richard Freeman, Paul Gallagher, Carl Osgood, and Dennis Small

Eisenhower’s 1953 ‘Chance for Peace’ — War Producers Can Retool for Humanity · by Richard Freeman and John Scialdone

Webcast: The Great Crossroad of 2024

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her first weekly Live- Dialogue in 2024, on Jan. 3, 11 am EDT, and help to ring in the year of the New Paradigm for all of mankind. Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

The holidays and the turn of the year brought no peace for the population of Gaza, where the death toll now exceeds 30,000. The bombardments continue and the shortages of water, food, medicine and electricity are getting worse. For people in the West, the question of how their governments can tolerate or even condone such blatant barbarism is extremely worrying. And all this while they constantly talk about human rights and morally superior “Western values.”

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, addressed the issue forcefully in his sermon on December 23; an excerpt follows:

“We are tormented by the silence of the world. Leaders of the so-called “free” lined up one after the other to give the green light for this genocide against a captive population. They gave the cover. Not only did they make sure to pay the bill in advance, they veiled the truth and context, providing political cover. And, yet another layer has been added: the theological cover with the Western Church stepping into the spotlight….
The hypocrisy and racism of the Western world is transparent and appalling! …
We are outraged by the complicity of the church. Let it be clear: Silence is complicity, and empty calls for peace without a ceasefire and end to occupation, and the shallow words of empathy without direct action — are all under the banner of complicity. So here is my message: Gaza today has become the moral compass of the world…
If you are not appalled by what is happening; if you are not shaken to your core – there is something wrong with your humanity. If we, as Christians, are not outraged by this genocide, by the weaponizing of the Bible to justify it, there is something wrong with our Christian witness, and compromising the credibility of the Gospel!…”

There have not been many, if any, years that began as tumultuously as the current one. As 2024 commences, we see wars across the globe, indescribable amounts of suffering and destruction, combined with dysfunctional governments and institutions at every turn.

Despite how dramatic these events may seem, they are actually less significant than the much larger process which they betray: The end of the modern neocolonial world system. As EIR has pointed out since the 1970s proposal of Lyndon LaRouche’s International Development Bank idea as the core of a new, anti-colonialist system, this process is the actual play on the stage of history, despite most others’ failure to recognize this fact.

In this New Year, it is important to remind ourselves, and consciously rediscover if need be, that the problems in the world can be solved. Human beings were created in the living image of the Creator, Imago Viva Dei, and are not simply beasts of the field that are destined to accept whatever fate is bestowed upon us. Today, more than ever, the future must be created, as a conscious action by at least a significant margin of society. It’s our job to do just that, and a good place to start is the urgent need to retool and repurpose today’s bloated military-financial complex, before the next war becomes our last.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche writes this in her Christmas Message “Turn Swords into Plowshares!”:

“Technically speaking, it would be relatively easy to re-tool these capacities for civilian purposes, and rather than producing bombers, fighter jets, and missiles, to produce modern high-speed rail systems, inherently safe nuclear reactors of the 4th generation, and nuclear fusion reactors, as well as space stations for international space travel. In other words, all the industrial capacity currently used for the destruction of actual physical value—what else are weapons systems good for?—could serve the production of useful goods that promote the common good. Instead of tanks and ammunition, they could produce schools and hospitals, and help our nations to have prosperous economies once again!”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her first weekly Live- Dialogue in 2024, on Jan. 3, 11 am EDT, and help to ring in the year of the New Paradigm for all of mankind. Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Christmas Message from Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Turn Swords into Plowshares!

Christmas Message from Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute December 21, 2023

No one will be able to claim, as historians said of World War I, that we sleepwalked into World War III. The war cries today are so deafening that they threaten to awaken from the dead all of the victims of previous wars, including the First and Second World Wars.

Tax money is poured into military spending of all kinds, while civilian economies collapse, infrastructure decays, and schools and hospitals are closed or fall apart. In the United States, the Pentagon’s defense budget for 2024 amounts to nearly one trillion dollars, while the entire EU budget and all national budgets in Europe are slated for militarization. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is demanding that society become “war-ready” and has asserted that we only have five to eight years before a major military confrontation with Russia. American think-tanks are working feverishly on “war games” for a major war with China, which should, in their view, take place sooner rather than later. See the article by the Council of Foreign Relations magazine, Foreign Affairs, “The Big One: Preparing for a Long War With China.”

How did we end up on this trajectory, which can only take us to a Third World War, a global nuclear war between the U.S. and NATO on the one side, and Russia and China on the other, and thus nuclear Armageddon?

President Eisenhower, at the end of his mandate, warned in 1961 against the explosion of the power of the military-industrial complex (MIC), saying: 

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

Since then, history has unfortunately shown that Eisenhower’s advice was not followed, and that this “unwarranted influence” has spread throughout society and reduced governments to institutions doing the bidding of that MIC.

The decisive turning point occurred when the Soviet Union dissolved. Instead of establishing a new global order of peace, as Lyndon LaRouche had envisioned with his proposal for the Eurasian Land Bridge, which would have integrated the Eurasian continent economically and ensured close ties between East and West, the neocons opted for Anglo-American dominance over a unipolar world. The Wolfowitz Doctrine of 1992 stipulated that no country or group of countries would ever be allowed to surpass the U.S. in political, economic or military power.

Contrary to promises made to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at the time of German reunification, that NATO would not expand an “inch” eastward, NATO did just that. There were five NATO expansions extending 1,000 km eastward toward Russia’s borders, including the installation of potentially offensive missile defense systems in that area, which all preceded the Russian special operation of February 24, 2022 in Ukraine. A new Cuban Missile Crisis at a snail’s pace, so to speak.

The U.S. and NATO countries went for political control, for the idea that all countries in the world had to adopt the Western neoliberal model, i.e. regime change, color revolutions; interventionist wars in which many millions have died; military bases built around the world; war training for their foreign allies; imperial expansion of the EU and NATO up to the point of creating a global NATO as a means to contain real and potential rivals; sanctions aimed at affecting regime change; and finally weaponization of the dollar. All this under the banner of the “rules-based order,” liberal democracy, and human rights.

China, on the other hand, went for economic development and overcoming poverty for 850 million of its own citizens, initially, and then increasingly for win-win cooperation with the nations of the Global South through the New Silk Road Initiative. Thanks to this cooperation, those nations were given the chance for the first time to free themselves from the poverty and underdevelopment dating back to the colonial era. Today, 150 countries of the Global South are working together with China on thousands of New Silk Road projects, building roads and high-speed railroads, ports, airports, development corridors, industrial parks and more.

In the past ten years since China put the Belt and Road Initiative on the agenda, unbounded cultural optimism has spread among nations of the Global South, which has long since become the Global Majority, with the idea that they will soon become fully developed nations. They are responding to the weaponization of the dollar with de-dollarization, i.e., by trading in their own currencies and eventually planning their own reserve currency, by deepening the strategic partnership between Russia and China, creating their own organizations, such as the BRICS Plus, which will include ten members as of January 1, 2024, and dozens more very soon. 

Conclusion: the attempt to respond to the disintegration of the Soviet Union with the utopia of a unipolar world order, held together by military power, has been a monumental failure. It has led to an unprecedented strategic blowback.

Therefore, the most crucial question is: Can we in the West, the U.S. and European nations, correct our political course in time, and choose cooperation with the Global South instead of confrontation? China and Russia have repeatedly emphasized that the Belt and Road Initiative and the BRICS countries are open to cooperation with the West!

The main difficulty lies in the fact that much of the economic capacities in the United States, and a growing share of those in Europe, have been taken over by the MIC, and are so closely entwined with the big investment firms and asset management companies of Wall Street and the City of London, that a better term is the military-industrial-financial complex (MIFC). (See this package of material on the MIFC.) 

Technically speaking, it would be relatively easy to re-tool these capacities for civilian purposes, and rather than producing bombers, fighter jets, and missiles, to produce modern high-speed rail systems, inherently safe nuclear reactors of the 4th generation, and nuclear fusion reactors, as well as space stations for international space travel. In other words, all the industrial capacity currently used for the destruction of actual physical value—what else are weapons systems good for?—could serve the production of useful goods that promote the common good. Instead of tanks and ammunition, they could produce schools and hospitals, and help our nations to have prosperous economies once again!

Russian economist Sergei Glazyev put it in a nutshell in a message on the occasion of what would have been Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday, which he unfortunately did not live to see. LaRouche not only forecast with farsightedness the crisis of the neoliberal system, but also proposed solutions to overcome this crisis. The countries that rejected his solutions are in crisis today, while those that implemented his ideas are prospering, Glazyev stated: 

“In practically all the major countries in the world that today are developing successfully—above all India, and China—there are partisans of LaRouche. They have used his thoughts and ideas, for creating their economic miracles. It is the principles of Physical Economy championed by LaRouche, that today underlie the Chinese economic miracle and are there in the foundations of India’s economic development policy. The supporters of LaRouche in those countries exert a fruitful, very positive, and constructive influence on economic policy-shaping in these leading nations of the new world economic paradigm.”

It’s not yet too late. We need to replace the war cries for ever “more weapons” with a return to diplomacy and the idea that we can—and must—resolve all conflicts through negotiation, if we are to avoid ending up in global nuclear war and a nuclear winter, which would wipe out all memory of humanity’s existence.

Instead of the greed of the speculators of the MIFC, Wall Street, and the City of London, whose high rates of profit rely on taxpayer money pouring into new wars, we must defend the existential interest of the population: The interests of farmers, small and medium-sized businesses, train drivers, bakers, etc.

Swords to plowshares! 

We are many, they are few! 

For cooperation with the nations of the Global South!

Webcast: Reality Is Stronger than Ideology; Stop Warfare, Build the Physical Economy

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 20 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

The toll of death and misery rises by the hour in Gaza, with the latest official count of 19,500 dead, dozens of thousands wounded, and over two million suffering.

Yet the United States continues its lone stance in the UN Security Council, to oppose a ceasefire, talks and rebuilding in Palestine/Israel. The UAE is submitting a new resolution this week, and reports are that the U.S. is already cavilling, and opposing it.

Similarly, the U.S., UK and NATO decree there can be no negotiations and ceasefire for Ukraine, where the population is already down by half.

Behind the disgusting pretense cited by the Global NATO bloc of defending Western “values,” in these and other cases, two things stand out: First, the military-financial-industrial-complex of Wall Street/London is supported off the backs of everyone. And secondly, the actual social and economic conditions of the Trans-Atlantic NATO zone are rapidly falling apart.

A dramatic example of protest against this, is the mass farmer action today at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Farm protests are occurring in many cities in Bavaria and other states. Farmers are demanding affordable gas for their machinery, and other measures, in order to continue to produce food. But the German government’s policies, following the leader after the U.S., are backing warfare, and destroying the German physical economy, even food.

Schiller Institute founder and leader Helga Zepp-LaRouche, reviewing these situations with associates today, summed up the strategic picture with these remarks:

“I think it’s not so difficult if you look at the strategic situation from the top. Why are we in the crisis we are? Because–as by the way, Sergei Glazyev had said so pointedly in his letter for Lyn’s 100th birthday–the countries that follow Lyndon LaRouche are doing well; and those that don’t, don’t. I think it’s really as simple as that, because if you look at why it is that Asia—above all China, but also other Asian countries and also now the BRICS, the BRICS+, the SCO, and other such organizations tend to do much better in terms of growth rates, it is because they have been applying innovation. They may not call it with the same terms like Lyn would discuss it in physical economy, but the entire Chinese economy is based on innovation, innovation, innovation. This is why they didn’t have a cycle of boom and bust; because they have been continuously applying the breakthroughs in new discoveries into the economy. That’s why they had a steady curve upwards while the West was collapsing.

Why is the West collapsing? Because they are wasting all productive capacity in what used to be called “primitive accumulation” in the Soviet Union. The West is doing the same thing. Do you think the almost $1 trillion military budget in the United States is not a waste, and primitive accumulation against the actual physical assets of the economy? Has it done any good for the United States to have built almost 1000 military bases around the world, when all they offer to these countries is to become training grounds for wars? They offer “security,” they offer training in the war against terrorism; but they don’t offer development. That’s why these countries have turned away from the United States and the West towards the Belt and Road Initiative which offers development.

It’s really not that complicated at all, and all this military build-up, all these interventionist wars to keep up the American way of life, as Bush Sr. said in the case of the Iraq War, has not done anybody any good. So, it’s a failed approach. You cannot build an economy by building military fortresses to protect your privileges when the rest of the world is no longer going along with it because they have an alternative.

So, I think it’s very important that we somehow say, look, this whole military-industrial-financial complex is doing the wrong model. They should stop it and agree to be peacefully turned into plowshares before they ruin all of us. I think this intervention– it’s very clear that this is not functioning and ideology is crashing against the wall of reality.

For example, look at what happened in Germany right now, where the Constitutional Court made the long-overdue decision that this fraudulent accounting had to stop. Now, what happened to the big transformation of the economy, the Green Deal? It flops because the pots are empty. The Constitutional Court said you cannot use money anymore for purposes you have not declared. They had to stop the e-car subsidies from one day to the next. So, all the people who bought an e-car with the idea that they would get a several thousand euro subsidy, [Finance Minister] Lindner just said, “Sorry, the pot is empty.” That will happen to a lot of things.

So, I think this idea that reality is stronger than ideology, [reality being] otherwise called natural law, or the mandate of heaven, or however you want to call it [is true.] There is a higher lawfulness which you cannot bend forever, without the laws of the universe bending back. They swing back to where things belong, and I think that’s a very clear demonstration of this principle.

The way out obviously is that we have to go back to the idea of physical economy, the American System, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, Henry Carey, Count Witte, all of these people who knew how to build an economy. They have been proven right, and Lyndon LaRouche has carried that philosophy and physical economic theory a lot further. That is what it comes down to. If you want to survive, go back to LaRouche; if you want to go under, go the way of military spending until you are dead, one way or another.”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 20 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Webcast: Intensify Efforts for LaRouche’s Oasis Plan to End War in SW Asia

Join the initiatives of Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute to urgently mobilize for an immediate ceasefire, a comprehensive Middle East peace conference, a two-state solution, and the implementation of LaRouche’s Oasis Plan.

Webcast: Days of Decision – Build a Mass Movement for Peace Through Development

A series of diplomatic meetings occurred yesterday, with more scheduled for today and the coming days ahead, of leaders seeking a strategy to find an exit from the vicious cycle of violence, which did not begin on October 7, but has proceeded continuously since the British left Palestine in 1948. An agreement for an extended ceasefire is a crucial first step, which could be enforced by the U.S., which would be supported by most nations.

A two-day extension of the “Humanitarian Pause“ was announced Monday evening, Nov. 27, thereby extending the pause until Thursday morning, Nov. 30. The question lingering in front of the world, however, remains: Can this temporary pause be turned into a real, lasting peace? And what’s required to actually achieve that?

Nov. 29 will see the convening of a high-level meeting of United Nations Security Council in New York, to be specially chaired by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. In addition, members of the Arab League and Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), whose foreign ministers have recently visited most members of the Security Council, will be in attendance, likely making the event another step forward in the flurry of global diplomatic activity underway.

In discussion with associates on Nov 27, Helga Zepp-LaRouche reminded people that this conflict in Gaza, as with the war in Ukraine, are pawns of today’s reigning unipolar world order, and are thus being pushed in ways to further a much larger geopolitical agenda. This is also why it is so dangerous, because as the system continues to collapse before the eyes of the world, there are some who are willing to go to the end of the Earth to maintain their control—even if that includes world war.

Therefore, the United States and other Western nations must be brought to see other nations, particularly rising powers such as Russia and China, not as threats to “our system” but as allies in an effort to improve the whole world. Those who are stuck in a geopolitical confrontation are like “robots,” Zepp-LaRouche said, “they have no idea of culture nor of justice,” and they have no respect for the cultures of other nations.

“It is high time that the United States goes back to its foreign policy of John Quincy Adams, and that Europe likewise really starts to overcome the remnants of colonialism,” she continued. These underlying axioms are the biggest obstacle for Western societies’ ability to see a solution out of this crisis, Zepp-LaRouche said: “They do not really take into consideration the fact that the Global South has a fundamental right to overcome poverty, and that their decision, which was reinforced by China’s rise and the economic power of China … that they have the absolute right to control their own resources, increase the value chain in their own countries by reprocessing and the creation of semi-finished and finished products, and by building up real, full-fledged economies in their own country to increase the living standard of the entire population.”

Therefore, the way to shift the world today is to “get Europe and the United States to really understand that cooperation with the Global South, and not confrontation, is the easy way to get out of this whole war danger and establish a new paradigm among the nations of the world.”

The principles that are the key to mutual security based on common economic development were exemplified by Lyndon LaRouche in his Oasis Plan. These principles can be applied globally within the framework of a New Security and Development Architecture and the underlying Ten Principles of Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

Join the Schiller Institute in these crucial days and help build a mass movement for peace through development.

Emergency Forum: No More War Crimes! Economic Development, Not Depopulation!


  • Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Founder and Chairwoman, Schiller institute
  • Ray McGovern, co-founder, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
  • Questions and Answers

A Nov. 5 article titled “Israel Minister Suspended after Calling Nuking Gaza an Option” Politico reported that “Israel’s Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu was suspended indefinitely after he said in an interview that dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip was ‘one of the possibilities,’ the government announced on Sunday.”

It would be supremely irresponsible to {not} take this threat seriously. Already, between 25,000 and 30,000 tons of bombs have been detonated by the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza since October 7. This far exceeds the bomb tonnage dropped in the most lethal air raids of the Second World War, including Hamburg (4 raids, 9,000 tons) Dresden(4 raids, 3900 tons) and Tokyo (1,665 tons.) War crimes are afoot.

Türkiye’s Anadolou Agency reported October 12 that “The Israeli Air Force (IAF) said …that it has dropped ‘about 6,000 bombs against Hamas targets’ in Gaza since Saturday’s attack, which nearly matches the number of bombs the US used in Afghanistan in one year. The Washington Post, citing Marc Garlasco, a military adviser at the Dutch organization PAX for Peace, reported that Israel is ‘dropping in less than a week what the US was dropping in Afghanistan in a year, in a much smaller, much more densely populated area, where mistakes are going to be magnified.’” War crimes are afoot.

Has the 1930s era of publicly advocated and justified war crimes returned? Has the decision been made, contrary to ratified UN resolutions, to the 1993 Oslo Accords, to the Geneva Conventions and the Nuremberg code—as well as to the “mutually assured destruction” of thermonuclear weapons—to reintroduce mass murder in warfare as a “legitimate” practice?

“According to the Gazan Ministry of Health, as of Nov 7, 2023, 10,328 people in the Gaza Strip have been killed, including 4237 children, 2719 women, and 631 older people. In addition, 25,956 people have been injured and 2450 are missing, including 1350 children, mostly covered by some of the 262,000 damaged housing units. So far, 192 medical staff have been killed,”reported the Nov.17 edition of the British medical journal, The Lancet. These deaths—real people with real aspirations, not “collateral damage”—cannot be either necessary, right, or justified.

Consider a recent interview given to the BBC by senior British MP and Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps, when asked if he believes Israel is acting disproportionately in its military actions against Gaza: “I think it’s kind of forgotten that in war, very sadly, people lose their lives. When Britain bombed Dresden, 35,000 people apparently lost their lives. People die in war.” Then, recall the infamous statement reported by correspondent Peter Arnett on February 7, 1968, regarding the American bombing of the Vietnamese village of Ben Tre: “‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,’ a U.S. major said Wednesday….. regardless of civilian casualties, they must bomb and shell the once placid river city of 35,000 to rout the Viet Cong forces.” Same war crimes, different country, different decade, different people, different “unassailable righteous cause.” Are we all going to stand for this all over again?

When, in 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was pressured by hardliners within his own administration to launch a military invasion of Cuba “ in defense of America,” after the Soviet Union had placed ballistic missiles there—missiles which, unknown to Americans at the time, were armed with nuclear warheads—he refused, and saved the world from nuclear war, perhaps at the cost of his own life. Like Israel’s prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated November 4,1995 by Israeli extremists that opposed Rabin’s “Oslo Accords”collaboration with Yassr Arafat for peace in Gaza and the West Bank, JFK had the courage to change America’s axioms. In his June 10, 1963 American University speech, he proposed this:”Let us examine our attitude toward peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable – that mankind is doomed – that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not except that view. Our problems are man-made – therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.”

On November 26, at 11 a.m. EST, International Peace Coalition members Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, and Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, will present an alternative to madness, and call on the world to make a shift towards sanity, on the brink of annihilation. Following their presentations and discussion, the film, “8:15 Hiroshima: From Father to Daughter,” directed by J.R. Heffelfinger and written and produced by Dr. Akiko Mikamo, will be shown. It is a first-hand account of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima City by U.S. forces. Dr. Mikamo will be available for discussion at the film’s conclusion.

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