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Webcast: World Mobilization for Ceasefire in Gaza, LaRouche ‘Oasis Plan’ for Development and Peace

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Feb. 14., 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

The LaRouche Organization’s excellent new video on The Oasis Plan—LaRouche’s Solution for the Middle Eastprovides for world dialogue of the program and method for peace in Palestine and Israel, based on development. The LaRouche Organization in the United States released 14-minute video on Feb. 10, which presents an illustrated update to the “Oasis Plan” approach put forward by the late statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in the 1970s. Had it been implemented at the September 1993 opportunity presented by the Oslo Accords signed between Israel and Palestine, there would be no genocide and world emergency now. But it was sabotaged by the anti-development London-Washington axis of geopolitics.

The release of this new video for international circulation is profoundly fitting, coming on the eve of the fifth anniversary of Mr. LaRouche’s death today (Sept. 9, 1922-Feb. 12, 2019). His widow, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and leader of the Schiller Institute, said today, that the “best way to celebrate the life and contributions of Lyn, is to end the genocide in Gaza and use the new video as an instrument to intervene for peace.” The video presentation by Jason Ross, leader of The LaRouche Organization and science liaison, is now being dubbed into many languages.

Over the next two weeks, there are important points of expanding action to stop Israel’s escalating genocide in Gaza. On Friday, Feb. 16, the International Peace Coalition will convene (online) for its 37th weekly meeting, representing wide international circles. On Feb. 18 in New York, the Sare for Senate of Diane Sare, running for U.S. Senate, will hold a day-long event, Sare for Senate National Presidents Day Conference America’s Next Fifty Years,” (by registration, in person or online). Sare will host reports on the crisis in Gaza and how it must be stopped.

From Feb. 19-26 will be an international platform at The Hague for nations and groups to tell the truth, and demand action about what Israel is doing—which the whole world is watching, and how the United States, Britain, Germany and other nations are complicit. The International Court of Justice is taking testimony in its review of the legality of Israel’s conduct in its occupation of Palestinian territories over the recent decades. The hearing is pursuant to a request from the UN General Assembly in December 2022.

So far, 52 countries and groups are scheduled to speak at the ICJ next week, including the African Union, the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and dozens of nations.

These are just a few indications of the context in which it is clear that the actions of every person and every group right now counts enormously, for the momentum to succeed for a ceasefire in Gaza, restoration of funding to UNRWA, and the Oasis Plan approach. In the United States, some 50 local municipal councils, including that of Chicago, the third largest U.S. city, have passed ceasefire resolutions, and there are hot battles underway in hundreds more locations. A statement of endorsement of the new “Oasis Plan” presented in the video, will be made available.

Jason Ross concludes the Oasis Plan video presentation with the personal question: “How about you? Will you act to give meaning to the lives of those who have perished? Will you be a voice for peace and development?”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogueFeb 14., 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

Webcast: Urgent Mobilization Against the Unipolar War Machine

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 31., 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

If historians will have the opportunity to look back on the human race in 2024, they will undoubtedly identify this period as a defining moment in history. No, not because of a showdown between “democracy” and “autocracy,” nor over “liberal” versus “traditional” values. Nor because of a “culture war” or a fight over our national or personal identities. This moment will be a defining period because it’s the end of a system which can no longer continue to exist, no matter which culture, ideology, or political system takes power. The oligarchical system is dying, and resistance to it, along with a passionate commitment to build a better future, is growing.

The political and moral failure of this system has never been in more of a stark, if horrific, relief, providing a window of clarity for those prepared to act. The special statement released yesterday, “‘Knew or Should Have Known’: Governments Complicit in Genocide Will Not Be Able To Plead Ignorance at the Coming Nuremberg Tribunal,” is the leading edge for the kind of political action needed now.

Citizens of the world are encouraged to organize for the following immediate actions:

1) Demonstrations should be held worldwide in front of the embassies or consulates of the 18 countries which have frozen funding for UNRWA, demanding that they immediately restore that funding, vastly increase the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza, bring about an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and convene an international conference to develop concrete steps towards establishing a two-state solution for the region based on mutually-beneficial economic development;

2) City Councils and state legislatures across the United States, and elected bodies in all countries around the world, should follow the example of the City Council of Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S., which on Jan. 31 passed a resolution which stated that they “support the United Nations implementation of Resolution 377, known as ‘Uniting for Peace,’ which called an emergency session of the General Assembly which voted in favor of ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’ in Gaza.”

3) Every Congressman and Senator in the U.S. should be told that they will be thrown out of office if they do not publicly express their adherence to both the Constitution of the United States and to international law to which our nation has subscribed (including the decisions of the ICJ), both of which now demand action to stop the genocide before it goes any further. Elected officials in other countries should also be called on to abide by their corresponding legal and moral obligations.

What will you be able to answer when you’re asked: What did you do in the great crisis of 2024?

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 31., 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

IPC Statement: Gaza Genocide Denounced at the World Court; Now We Must Stop It!

The government of Algeria announced over the weekend that it has requested that the UN Security Council be urgently convened this coming Wednesday, Jan. 31, to give “binding effect” to the historic Jan. 26 decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the matter of South Africa’s charges of Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. UN Security Council resolutions—if they can get past U.S. and British vetoes—are in fact internationally legally enforceable. ICJ decisions are legally binding on the parties, but the Court has no enforcement mechanism of its own.

The perpetrators and accomplices of the ongoing Gaza genocide are now loudly whistling past the graveyard, trying to convince the world of the lie that the ICJ somehow gave Israel a green light. The Wall Street Journal called the World Court’s decision “a rare win for Israel”; the Jerusalem Post said it was “a big win for Israel”; and the State Department announced that “the ICJ did not make a finding about genocide or call for a ceasefire in its ruling,” and that “we continue to believe that allegations of genocide are unfounded.”

But the reality is that, with South Africa’s presentation of its airtight legal case against Israeli genocide in Gaza, along with the ICJ’s finding that there are sufficient grounds to fully investigate that charge of genocide, the veil has finally been lifted for all to see. For that, the world owes a debt of gratitude to the Republic of South Africa, and perhaps to Nelson Mandela personally, whose life continues to give meaning and strength to millions who have come after him. The role of the BRICS nations, of which South Africa is one of the original members, in supporting and strengthening South Africa’s resolve, should also be noted.

But ours is not to comment on the ins and outs of the ICJ’s ruling, but rather to escalate the fight to actually stop the genocide. Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche addressed the broader implications of the ICJ ruling in her remarks to the 34th weekly meeting of the International Peace Coalition (IPC) on Jan. 26, which led to a discussion of the next steps to be taken.

Participants expressed their gratitude for the ruling of the International Court of Justice, which was quite remarkable, and took note of the fact that this is an enormous step forward. No matter what Israel is now intending to do, they have to take into account what was stated by the Court, because they have international friends that also have to live with the consequences of it. The big question is what the effect will be on the United States and Germany, for example, that had argued that the South African case was “meritless.”

The wording of the Court’s ruling was in fact very strong, even if it did not call for an immediate total ceasefire. Furthermore, the final document repeated large parts of South Africa’s charges, and therefore it is necessary to get the exact text of what was read out in The Hague by the presiding judge Joan E. Donoghue of the United States, and get that out to all social media, all city councils, churches, mosques and synagogues, with the demand that they should pass resolutions that there must be an immediate ceasefire, acting on the basis of the ICJ ruling. This is all the more urgent because the mainstream media will have a tendency to play it down, and try to get it out of the news cycle as quickly as possible.

The participants in the IPC meetings, and all others who want to end the carnage, should make a commitment to get the word out about the ICJ ruling as widely as possible. This will send a message of support to the South African government, and it will keep a maximized sense of mobilization internationally.

Israel has one month before they have to report back to the ICJ on what they have done to ensure no genocide occurs. Every single day, every single hour and minute, people are still dying in Gaza. Maximizing our efforts, especially now, is more important than ever before.

Further Reading:

Pamphlet: Peace Through Development for Palestine and Israel — The LaRouche Oasis Plan

Webcast: Dying Tricks of a Dying System

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 24, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

‘You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time. But you can never fool all people all the time.’ Abraham Lincoln

“We are in a period of tectonic changes, and when you are in a period of the collapse of one system and the emergence of a new one, the rules of the so-called ‘rules-based order’ somehow don’t function anymore. The method of manipulation of the population is quickly reaching the point which Lincoln talked about, that you cannot fool all the people all of the time, and this is one of those moments coming true.Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Jan 22nd 2024

A contrived protest movement has now broken out across Germany, with hundreds of thousands of people coming out to protest the threat of “fascism” and a supposed right-wing takeover—the same narrative that has recently been used against the completely justified protests by farmers and producers. The trail of this smelly operation leads back to some of the worst oligarchic networks and governmental operations in the world, and is a clear attempt to stop the groundswell against the policies of death and collapse which are gripping Western countries.

Despite that, the wave of farmer protests is continuing to sweep across Europe, and over the past few days, there have been demonstrations in Austria, Italy, and France, with more on the way in Spain and the Netherlands soon. In each case, the farmers have actual popular support, as they contribute to the true well-being of all citizens in their countries, and are demanding that they be allowed to continue to do so. Despite dirty operations against it, it is not something that is going to be swept under the rug.

In the same category is the attempt by the British to cordon off American policy to an inevitable war with Iran, as a Jan. 21 article in the City of London’s infamous mouthpiece The Economist tries to do. The Biden Administration is facing an intractable dilemma in the region, it writes: “do nothing and America looks weak; retaliate and the President risks a new war in an election year.” Notably, The Economist insists that it is “a problem without a solution,” completely ignoring the fact that there is an ongoing genocide occurring in Gaza which is inflaming regional tensions (and which could certainly be stopped), nor the fact that two previous enemies—Iran and Saudi Arabia—signed an agreement last year with China for a restart of relations under China’s different approach of diplomacy. Peaceful relations on the level of a win-win paradigm is not an option for the British, who insist only that, eventually, “the administration is going to have no choice but to strike at the IRGC,” Iran’s Islamic Republic Guard Corps…

However, as the situation in Germany and Europe shows, the failure of this system is becoming increasingly difficult to hide, and the old tricks are not working as well anymore—including in NATO-land itself. The challenge is to get people to understand the connection between the collapse and the emergence of a new system increasingly taking shape around the world, as is being spearheaded by the BRICS and the Global South….

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 24, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

Webcast: BRICS on the Move To Replace the West’s ‘Law of The Jungle’, Jan. 17, 11am

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 17, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

BRICS on the Move To Replace the West’s ‘Law of The Jungle’

The world is in the throes of a tectonic shakeup, which is not about to come to a halt anytime soon, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche told associates on Jan. 15. We are at the end of an era, and 2024 will be decisive in determining what the outcome will be.

The open calls for preparing full-scale war against Russia and China are growing in the NATO nations, she said, as seen in the recent comments of German, Finnish and Swedish authorities who have announced that their countries must prepare for war with Russia on European territory in the next few years….

… In Southwest Asia, not only is the brutal war in Gaza escalating, despite the stunning legal case against Israeli genocide that South Africa presented last week at the International Court of Justice in The Hague (see info box below), but it now threatens to spread to the Red Sea, with the United States and the United Kingdom launching missile and other strikes against the Houthis in Yemen. As an editorial in China Daily put it: “Washington should rein in the bloodlust of Tel Aviv if it wants to stop the attacks on ships in the Red Sea. The fact that it hasn’t already done so … suggests that Washington intends to take advantage of the Gaza conflict to create turmoil in the region once again.”

Unchecked, this trajectory will take mankind back to the law of the jungle, to the war of each against all—which, in the nuclear age, means the likely annihilation of the human species.

That trajectory, however, is not proceeding unchecked. With London and Washington on a rampage for further wars, as they discredit and dismantle essential world institutions such as the UN and its ICJ, the BRICS process is on the march, creating and strengthening new institutions to meet the common needs of Mankind. And that is intersecting unprecedented political ferment in Germany, with the farmers’ protests, and growing anti-war demonstrations in other Western nations, and in fact across the world….

… Contrary to Henry Kissinger’s racist dictum that “history is not made in the South,” the leading force for global change is now coming from that very Global South.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated in her remarks with associates, our task is to get forces that are in motion into a full strategic discussion of the solutions to the crisis. British geopolitics must come to an end, and the West must sit down to negotiate and reach agreements with the Global Majority—not try to impose the law of the jungle upon them.

An entirely new paradigm must be forged, using the Ten Principles proposed by Zepp-LaRouche as a jumping off point for the kind of in-depth policy discussions required.

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 17, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

We encourage you to watch the presentations made by South Africa and Israel to the ICJ, or to read the transcripts.

‘No, There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power! Support the Brave Saviors of Germany!’ by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Jan. 12—The following statement was issued for mass circulation at the planned demonstration of farmers and supporters in Berlin Jan. 15 which culminates the week of action that began on Jan. 8. It was written by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, EIR Editor-in-Chief, and founder and leader of the Schiller Institute.

No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power!

When the oppressed man finds no justice,

When the burden grows unbearable,

He appeals with fearless heart to heaven,

And thence, brings down his everlasting rights,

Which there abide, inalienably his,

And indestructible as the stars themselves.

This is what it says in the Rütli Oath from Friedrich Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell.

German farmers are doing exactly that: They are opposing the arbitrariness and incompetence of a policy that pursues only the interests of international cartels and profit maximization by speculators, and ignores the population’s right to affordable, regionally produced food. Farmers represent the interests of all of us, and that is why it is of vital importance that all parts of society support them, as craftsmen, truck drivers, haulers, and others already do.

This courageous resistance must now also be mobilized by medium-sized industry and the trade unions, because the entire economy is in free fall due to the same policies. In Germany we are in danger of losing everything that was built over generations after the Second World War!

Why is that? Is it the result of a natural disaster? Absolutely not! The crisis is the result of wrong politics! When the Cold War was over and we no longer had an opponent, we could have easily built a new peace order that included Russia. But the West intended to subject the entire world to a “unipolar order” and the neoliberal economic model. These included increasing deregulation of financial markets to fuel speculation, which has led to the widening gap between rich and poor around the world; the relocation of production to so-called low-cost production countries, which did not benefit the countries of the Global South and harmed our own economy and agriculture; and finally the “Green Deal,” which was ultimately intended only to enable speculators to create a new bubble, which now threatens to totally destroy the economy and agriculture with its destructive bureaucratic rules.

Six NATO expansions to the East instead of a “common European house” have unnecessarily ruined the relationship with Russia, which is certainly not in Germany’s interest. The sanctions against Russia have become a huge boomerang, Russia is now the strongest economy in Europe, and Germany is going down the drain economically. Whoever is responsible for the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, it had the geopolitical purpose of driving a permanent wedge between Germany and Russia.

And who benefits from all the arms deliveries to the various war zones? The military-industrial-financial complex, which in turn is closely intertwined with the major investment firms of Wall Street and the City of London, which in turn are connected to the cartels that in turn benefit from the Green Deal. It is here that the prices for agriculture are set—and not in the interests of the farmers so that they can provide food for the population! We finally need a sovereign economic policy in the interest of the common good!

There is a solution! The nations of the Global South are in the process of finally freeing themselves from the epoch of a colonial era that has lasted for 600 years. They no longer want to be just exporters of raw materials, but rather to process these raw materials in their own countries, and thus increase value creation under their sovereign conditions, in order to finally overcome poverty and underdevelopment.

These nations, which have long since become the global majority—around 85% of humanity—are in the process of creating a new economic and financial system this year, 2024, based on sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, etc., and the right to determine their own development path.

It is the declared goal of many of these states to become middle-income nations with a flourishing common good as quickly as possible through economic cooperation with one another. They have long since begun to conduct trade with each other in their own national currencies. With the New Development Bank, led by former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, they have their own credit institution that is in the process of becoming the “great bank of the Global South.” Very soon they will create their own reserve currency.

China’s extraordinary civilizational achievement in lifting 850 million of its own people out of poverty, and the unprecedented economic miracle that has transformed China from a very poor country into the world’s largest economy over the last 40 years, means that the countries of Global Majority have found an economic alternative to the neoliberal model. The cooperation between the now 10 BRICS-Plus nations—to which more than 40 other states are applying for membership—embodies an economic model in which these nations can develop to their own advantage instead of simply being raw material exporters and U.S. military bases. And in all of these nations there are economic growth rates that we in Germany can only dream of.

Every sensible (reasonable) person should be happy that the Global Majority is developing into modern, thriving economies. Because that means that all children worldwide will soon have the chance of a productive life. And only with comprehensive development of the Global South will there soon be no more refugees!

The way out of the crisis, therefore, lies in cooperation between Germany and all of Europe with the nations of the Global Majority. That’s why we have to say no to Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s so-called “turning point.” Germany does not have to be industrious to prepare for an imminent war, as War Minister Pistorius is demanding, but rather be industrious for peace. If the militarization of households is now being demanded everywhere, and the Swedish Civil Defense Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin is now demanding that all Swedes must prepare for war, and Pistorius wants to station a “Lithuanian brigade” with around 4,000 soldiers on the Russian border, then it will happen that a path has been taken that will result in a third, this time nuclear, world war.

At a dramatic moment, farmers have taken over the political leadership for all of Germany because they know what is necessary to make the economy and agriculture work again. It is therefore of existential importance that all parts of society show solidarity with them, because they are fighting for the well-being of us all.

Therefore we demand:

The withdrawal of all the traffic-light (red-yellow-green) government’s cuts!

Parity prices for agriculture!

Cooperation among Germany and all of Europe with the BRICS-Plus, including Russia and China, and the nations of the Global Majority!

Support for the German farmers from Jacques Cheminade

Our French organisation, Solidarité et Progrès, fully supports your mobilization and fight for the first of all human rights, the right to eat.

Beyond your necessary demands against the destructive measures imposed by the European Union and your insane government, you embody the cause of humanity.

Because you are on the front line against the financial cartels and the international oligarchy and also because you are a united front supported by the population of Germany and, potentially, of all Europe.

Your tractors are rolling for all of us, world citizens.

We strongly believe that the alliance of the workers in our Western nations and the nations of the Global South are soon going to be, provided we keep fighting as you are doing now, the Global Majority inspiring the common destiny of Humanity.

You are opening the way, let’s walk together for the common good and our future generations.

Jacques Cheminade
Président de Solidarité et Progrès

Webcast: The Great Crossroad of 2024

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her first weekly Live- Dialogue in 2024, on Jan. 3, 11 am EDT, and help to ring in the year of the New Paradigm for all of mankind. Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

The holidays and the turn of the year brought no peace for the population of Gaza, where the death toll now exceeds 30,000. The bombardments continue and the shortages of water, food, medicine and electricity are getting worse. For people in the West, the question of how their governments can tolerate or even condone such blatant barbarism is extremely worrying. And all this while they constantly talk about human rights and morally superior “Western values.”

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, addressed the issue forcefully in his sermon on December 23; an excerpt follows:

“We are tormented by the silence of the world. Leaders of the so-called “free” lined up one after the other to give the green light for this genocide against a captive population. They gave the cover. Not only did they make sure to pay the bill in advance, they veiled the truth and context, providing political cover. And, yet another layer has been added: the theological cover with the Western Church stepping into the spotlight….
The hypocrisy and racism of the Western world is transparent and appalling! …
We are outraged by the complicity of the church. Let it be clear: Silence is complicity, and empty calls for peace without a ceasefire and end to occupation, and the shallow words of empathy without direct action — are all under the banner of complicity. So here is my message: Gaza today has become the moral compass of the world…
If you are not appalled by what is happening; if you are not shaken to your core – there is something wrong with your humanity. If we, as Christians, are not outraged by this genocide, by the weaponizing of the Bible to justify it, there is something wrong with our Christian witness, and compromising the credibility of the Gospel!…”

There have not been many, if any, years that began as tumultuously as the current one. As 2024 commences, we see wars across the globe, indescribable amounts of suffering and destruction, combined with dysfunctional governments and institutions at every turn.

Despite how dramatic these events may seem, they are actually less significant than the much larger process which they betray: The end of the modern neocolonial world system. As EIR has pointed out since the 1970s proposal of Lyndon LaRouche’s International Development Bank idea as the core of a new, anti-colonialist system, this process is the actual play on the stage of history, despite most others’ failure to recognize this fact.

In this New Year, it is important to remind ourselves, and consciously rediscover if need be, that the problems in the world can be solved. Human beings were created in the living image of the Creator, Imago Viva Dei, and are not simply beasts of the field that are destined to accept whatever fate is bestowed upon us. Today, more than ever, the future must be created, as a conscious action by at least a significant margin of society. It’s our job to do just that, and a good place to start is the urgent need to retool and repurpose today’s bloated military-financial complex, before the next war becomes our last.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche writes this in her Christmas Message “Turn Swords into Plowshares!”:

“Technically speaking, it would be relatively easy to re-tool these capacities for civilian purposes, and rather than producing bombers, fighter jets, and missiles, to produce modern high-speed rail systems, inherently safe nuclear reactors of the 4th generation, and nuclear fusion reactors, as well as space stations for international space travel. In other words, all the industrial capacity currently used for the destruction of actual physical value—what else are weapons systems good for?—could serve the production of useful goods that promote the common good. Instead of tanks and ammunition, they could produce schools and hospitals, and help our nations to have prosperous economies once again!”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her first weekly Live- Dialogue in 2024, on Jan. 3, 11 am EDT, and help to ring in the year of the New Paradigm for all of mankind. Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Webcast: A New Paradigm in the New Year

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 27 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Read or watch the searing sermon delivered on Dec. 23, 2023 by the Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem. Dr. Isaac, a Palestinian Christian pastor and theologian, designed and placed a now-famous creche of Christ in the Rubble in his church, and was part of a delegation of religious leaders from Bethlehem who visited Washington, D.C. in late November carrying an open letter to President Biden and U.S. congressmen demanding: “We want a constant and comprehensive ceasefire. Enough death. Enough destruction.”

In his traditional “Urbi et Orbi” blessing at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican on Christmas day, Pope Francis demanded the world’s public be informed of the countless billions spent on weapons, called for beating “swords into plowshares,” and again insisted on a lasting ceasefire in tortured Gaza.

To know what you and others can do to stop this ongoing crime against Humanity, and not be complicit with it, re-read Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Christmas message, Turn Swords Into Plowshares!, the Schiller Institute’s exposé The Military-Financial Complex Is Bloated on Blood Money from Wars, Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Ten Principles for a New Security and Development Architecture and join her in her weekly Live-Dialogue Dec 27.

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 27 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Webcast: Reality Is Stronger than Ideology; Stop Warfare, Build the Physical Economy

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 20 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

The toll of death and misery rises by the hour in Gaza, with the latest official count of 19,500 dead, dozens of thousands wounded, and over two million suffering.

Yet the United States continues its lone stance in the UN Security Council, to oppose a ceasefire, talks and rebuilding in Palestine/Israel. The UAE is submitting a new resolution this week, and reports are that the U.S. is already cavilling, and opposing it.

Similarly, the U.S., UK and NATO decree there can be no negotiations and ceasefire for Ukraine, where the population is already down by half.

Behind the disgusting pretense cited by the Global NATO bloc of defending Western “values,” in these and other cases, two things stand out: First, the military-financial-industrial-complex of Wall Street/London is supported off the backs of everyone. And secondly, the actual social and economic conditions of the Trans-Atlantic NATO zone are rapidly falling apart.

A dramatic example of protest against this, is the mass farmer action today at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Farm protests are occurring in many cities in Bavaria and other states. Farmers are demanding affordable gas for their machinery, and other measures, in order to continue to produce food. But the German government’s policies, following the leader after the U.S., are backing warfare, and destroying the German physical economy, even food.

Schiller Institute founder and leader Helga Zepp-LaRouche, reviewing these situations with associates today, summed up the strategic picture with these remarks:

“I think it’s not so difficult if you look at the strategic situation from the top. Why are we in the crisis we are? Because–as by the way, Sergei Glazyev had said so pointedly in his letter for Lyn’s 100th birthday–the countries that follow Lyndon LaRouche are doing well; and those that don’t, don’t. I think it’s really as simple as that, because if you look at why it is that Asia—above all China, but also other Asian countries and also now the BRICS, the BRICS+, the SCO, and other such organizations tend to do much better in terms of growth rates, it is because they have been applying innovation. They may not call it with the same terms like Lyn would discuss it in physical economy, but the entire Chinese economy is based on innovation, innovation, innovation. This is why they didn’t have a cycle of boom and bust; because they have been continuously applying the breakthroughs in new discoveries into the economy. That’s why they had a steady curve upwards while the West was collapsing.

Why is the West collapsing? Because they are wasting all productive capacity in what used to be called “primitive accumulation” in the Soviet Union. The West is doing the same thing. Do you think the almost $1 trillion military budget in the United States is not a waste, and primitive accumulation against the actual physical assets of the economy? Has it done any good for the United States to have built almost 1000 military bases around the world, when all they offer to these countries is to become training grounds for wars? They offer “security,” they offer training in the war against terrorism; but they don’t offer development. That’s why these countries have turned away from the United States and the West towards the Belt and Road Initiative which offers development.

It’s really not that complicated at all, and all this military build-up, all these interventionist wars to keep up the American way of life, as Bush Sr. said in the case of the Iraq War, has not done anybody any good. So, it’s a failed approach. You cannot build an economy by building military fortresses to protect your privileges when the rest of the world is no longer going along with it because they have an alternative.

So, I think it’s very important that we somehow say, look, this whole military-industrial-financial complex is doing the wrong model. They should stop it and agree to be peacefully turned into plowshares before they ruin all of us. I think this intervention– it’s very clear that this is not functioning and ideology is crashing against the wall of reality.

For example, look at what happened in Germany right now, where the Constitutional Court made the long-overdue decision that this fraudulent accounting had to stop. Now, what happened to the big transformation of the economy, the Green Deal? It flops because the pots are empty. The Constitutional Court said you cannot use money anymore for purposes you have not declared. They had to stop the e-car subsidies from one day to the next. So, all the people who bought an e-car with the idea that they would get a several thousand euro subsidy, [Finance Minister] Lindner just said, “Sorry, the pot is empty.” That will happen to a lot of things.

So, I think this idea that reality is stronger than ideology, [reality being] otherwise called natural law, or the mandate of heaven, or however you want to call it [is true.] There is a higher lawfulness which you cannot bend forever, without the laws of the universe bending back. They swing back to where things belong, and I think that’s a very clear demonstration of this principle.

The way out obviously is that we have to go back to the idea of physical economy, the American System, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, Henry Carey, Count Witte, all of these people who knew how to build an economy. They have been proven right, and Lyndon LaRouche has carried that philosophy and physical economic theory a lot further. That is what it comes down to. If you want to survive, go back to LaRouche; if you want to go under, go the way of military spending until you are dead, one way or another.”

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