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Webcast: The Moral Collapse of the Western System Cries Out for a New Paradigm

In her weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche made an impassioned appeal to viewers to join with her in addressing the dangerous moral collapse which characterizes virtually every western government, including the United States. This collapse poses a threat to everyone, as the crisis in Ukraine continues to build toward a war between Russia and the forces of the U.S. and NATO. The possibility of a Biden-Putin summit is a positive development, but at the same time it was announced, his foreign policy team was voicing full support for the fanatical extremist wing of domestic forces in Ukraine, which is pushing to cross the “red line” announced years ago by Moscow, that of placing NATO troops on the Russian border of Ukraine.

She also emphasized the urgency of lifting the so-called Caesar Sanctions against the people of Syria, citing the appeal of Cardinal Zenari to end the sanctions. There is nothing “humanitarian”, she stated, in starving children and shutting down hospitals and medical care, based on another fraudulent narrative cooked up by U.K.-U.S. regime change networks. We must insist that every policy maker who does not speak up against this fraud is complicit in every death which occurs in Syria, and in Yemen.

Webcast: How a Collapsing Global Economy is Fueling the War Drive

In reviewing the global strategic situation today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche commented that the degree of lying coming from governments, official institutions and the media has reached the point where the stated goal of British propagandists, of being able to “out-Goebbels Goebbels”, has been achieved. The provocations against Russia and China, which have the intent of regime change, are backed by shameless lying. The IMF report on the economy, which proclaims the U.S. as the “economic engine” for a world boom, skips over their own figures which show growing impoverishment in both the formerly advanced and developing sector nations.

She pointed out that the lies behind the war drive and systemic economic collapse are an effort to hide the fact that an alternate system, based on a New Paradigm, is emerging, and can become a global reality now. The rejection by India of the “net zero” climate policy is part of this — a clear rejection of the global Green New Deal — as is the acknowledgement in an article in “Atlantic” ​magazine that the slander that China is imposing a “debt trap” on poorer nations with its Belt-and-Road Initiative is a lie. As for the danger from the COVID pandemic, it cries out for a modern health system in every nation, as the Schiller Institute has insisted from the start.

Webcast: Expose the Real Human Rights Violators, the Neocons and Neolibs of London and Wall Street

Asked about the just-released State Department report accusing China of genocide against the Uyghur minority population in Xinjiang province, Helga Zepp-LaRouche declared that this is a “very serious matter…a complete lie.” This is a deliberate effort aimed at regime change against the Chinese government, and they are aware of the intent, as Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying has indicated.

The real human rights violations are perpetrated by those imposing sanctions in Syria, as part of a continuing effort at regime change there. She ridiculed U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, who spoke in favor of the deadly sanctions against Syria, who is continuing the Pompeo policy of sanctions to shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and she stated that these policies are not different in intent from the use of triage in poor areas of the U.S. in the treatment of minorities suffering from the COVID virus.

In discussing the escalating attack on classical culture as a form of racist oppression — a reference to a recent attack on Mozart and Beethoven initiated from Oxford University — she made the connection between this CCF-type ideology to the anti-human outlook of the German Greens, who are hoping to win the chancellorship in the coming elections. The Greens “marched through the institutions”, she said, backed by the Military Industrial Complex — but they are still “’68ers”, Maoist “cultural revolutionaries” in many ways, in their outlook.

Webcast: Collapse in Relations with Russia and China Increases the Danger of War

In reviewing the aggressive diplomacy of Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken in the last days, Helga Zepp LaRouche pointed to the collapse in relations between the U.S., NATO and the EU with Russia and China as an extremely “worrisome” situation. The push for a “global NATO” is fed by the ongoing lies, such as those about the alleged suppression by China of the Uyghurs and the “anti-democratic” attack on the British agent Navalny, which then become the justification for sanctions. While the west is touting its “shared democratic values” and support for a “rules-based order”, the Russians and Chinese are moving closer together, as a point of opposition to the dangerous geopolitical provocations aimed at them.

Mrs. LaRouche counterposed the ongoing anti-Russia, anti-China campaign with the conference held by the Schiller Institute, which was centered on a real dialogue among many nations and leading citizens seeking solutions, rather than seeking political advantage.

Webcast: Helga Zepp LaRouche Takes on the False Axioms of the War Party and Neo-liberals

Register for the upcoming March 20-21 Schiller Institute conference:

In her weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp-LaRouche developed how open dialogue, rather than profiled reaction, is key to taking on the crises confronting humanity. The three major themes she addressed are: growing opposition to the Great Reset/Green New Deal; how the mistakes made in western countries in dealing with the pandemic — including denial — have led to a deepening crisis, as the “third wave” is now hitting western Europe; and how the anti-China propaganda of the unilateralist War Hawks is putting the west into a dangerous flight forward, based on false propaganda coming from the Military Industrial Complex.

She urged viewers to participate in the upcoming two-day online Schiller Institute conference, which will open with a panel on reversing the decline of classical culture in the West, which has contributed to the gullibility of many to the lies coming from the war hawks and neolibs.

Webcast: As War Danger Grows, There is No Alternative to U.S.-China Cooperation

While there are still questions about where the Biden administration is heading in strategic policy, there are some very real reasons for concern. There is the threat of mass starvation in Yemen, and the growing danger of food shortages in Syria, due to sanctions; last week’s U.S. military strike on a base in northeast Syria; new sanctions against Russia over the fake human rights issue of Navalny; and the intent to expand NATO into the “Indo-Pacific region”, as part of a plan to “encircle and contain” China.

In discussing these concerns, Mrs. LaRouche emphasized that these crises could be addressed through cooperation. Instead of starving children in Yemen and Syria, a program of immediate food relief could be done, with a longer-term plan for reconstruction. As for the response from China to the threats from the West, “Global Times” called these measures “evil”, describing the attacks on China as part of an obvious overall plan to prevent development in all poorer nations.

Instead of tactics leading to heightened confrontation, the U.S. should begin to address the collapse of its platforms of infrastructure. A modest plan from the American Society of Civil Engineers calls for $2.5 trillion in investment over the next ten years. In reality, a much greater amount is needed — why not fund major infrastructure projects in the U.S., she asked, rather than pouring hundreds of billions into the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex, for wars and destruction around the world?

Webcast: Houston We Have a Problem, But We Can Fix It!

As the Texas Deep Freeze has exposed the deadly consequences of mixing the low energy-flux-density policies of the Green New Deal with the neoliberal policies to deregulate and privatize electricity production, to increase the profits of private corporations, the “air space” surrounding Mars is full of inspirational promise for scientific discoveries to define the future.

We are also seeing the first hints that the Biden administration may move away from the British geopolitics of Pompeo and his allies, who undermined the potential of the Trump administration for friendly cooperation with Russia and China. In her weekly dialogue, Zepp LaRouche said that it is still too early to determine if the new administration may act to end the endless wars of the Bush and Obama years, but there were signs from Biden’s talk to the Munich Security Conference that change is possible. It is also becoming more evident that the insistence of the Schiller Institute that the fight to overcome the COVID pandemic requires a global commitment for a new standard of health care for all countries is being taken seriously, though the commitment to provide vaccines to poor countries is still lagging among the relatively rich nations.

Webcast: Deaths From Power Outages in Texas Foretaste of Things to Come with Green New Deal

In her weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche warned that the totally unnecessary deaths and suffering in Texas and other U.S. states, due to a polar cold front, offer a sign of what will happen if the Great Reset and its Green New Deal are not stopped. These deaths are not the result of a “natural catastrophe”, but a warning for the future if the takedown of coal and nuclear power electricity production is not reversed. The new EIR Report, “The Great Leap Backwards” provides both an analysis of the dangers explicit from adopting a Green Agenda, and an alternative based on the scientific ideas of her late husband, Lyndon LaRouche.

She also discussed how the drive for confrontation with Russia and China exposes humanity to the threat of nuclear war, at a time when cooperation is not just imperative, but also achievable. If NATO insists on sanctions against Russia over the much-hyped Navalny affair, nations such as Germany, France and Italy should leave NATO. Similarly, the failure of the European Union to protect its citizens from the COVID pandemic, by botching the delivery of vaccines, demonstrates again that this kind of supranational institution is incapable of providing for the needs of the citizens — a failure seen also in the likely devastating effects of its drive for a European Green New Deal, which could lead to a breakdown of the European energy grid.

She contrasted the unfolding tragedies of economic and strategic policies of the Trans-Atlantic nations with the optimistic potential of the three concurrent missions to Mars. That the United Arab Emirates initiated its space program only six years ago offers hope that, with international scientific cooperation, nations can move toward the peaceful exploration of our universe, with enormous benefits for all.

Webcast: “We Have So Much to Discover” About Our Universe

In her weekly dialogue today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche contrasted the exciting horizons opened by three near-simultaneous space flights arriving at Mars, with the polarizing circus underway in the U.S. Senate trial of former President Trump. The Mars’ missions, she said “show where mankind should be going….We have so much to discover.” She pointed to the successful development of COVID vaccines by Russian and Chinese scientists, and their willingness to share them, as another example of the kind of cooperation required at a moment of crisis like this.

Instead, look at the unbelievable situation in the U.S. around the targeting of Donald Trump and his supporters. The latest revelations which show that leaders of the riot from the “Proud Boys” and the “Oath Keepers” were tied to the FBI makes it clear that the assault on the Capitol on January 6 was not incited by Trump, but was actually a “sting operation.” And while the show trial continues, there is an escalation for regime change against Putin and Xi, run on behalf of those pushing for the Great Reset. She urged viewers to study the upcoming EIR Special Report on the Great Reset/Green New Deal, and to join us for the Round Table discussion on Russia this Saturday, as necessary steps to becoming the educated citizens required to bring about a New Paradigm of cooperation among sovereign states.

Webcast—Neocons Move to Box Trump In, While Italy Points Toward the New Paradigm

The ongoing battle between two paradigms was center stage in Italy this week, as the conference cosponsored by Movisol and the Lombard Region, demonstrated the potential for the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) to break the power of the London-run geopoliticians in Europe. Helga Zepp LaRouche’s report on the conference, at which she spoke, and was joined by Michele Geracci, an Undersecretary of the Italian Finance Ministry and head of the government’s China Task Force, highlighted the significance of the upcoming trip of Xi Jinping to Italy, and the signing on an MOU for Italy to join the BRI. If Italy and fifteen other EU member nations can participate, for mutual benefit, with the BRI, what of France and Germany? Why are the EU bureaucrats and the London neo-liberals so distressed by this development?

Contrast this potential to the hysteria coming from EU bureaucrats, from NATO officials such as Gen. Scaparroti, and from U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, which is part of a neocon contingent trying to rein Trump in. Helga presents a clear picture of how the neocons are moving, aiming at sabotaging the trade talks with China, denuclearization of North Korea, and pushing for regime change in Venezuela, to force Trump to move away from his campaign promises.

She appealed to viewers to use the mobilization to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche as a means of bringing down the war party, which is continuing its efforts to destroy the potential of the Trump presidency.

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