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A Community of Shared Future for Mankind: The Strategic Perspective of China until 2050

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s address to the RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies Academic Council for Comprehensive Studies of Contemporary China, 23rd International Academic Conference: “China, Chinese Civilization and the World: Past, Present, and Future”

Moscow, October 24,2018

The big question which should concern all human beings on this planet, is essentially the same which was hotly debated in the young American republic as reported in the “Federalist Papers”; is human society capable of an efficient form of self-government, only that this time it is not a question of one nation, it concerns all of humanity: The need for a new paradigm in the world order.

Tensions in a world plagued by multiple crises seem to increase towards a breaking point. The danger of a new this time systemic financial crash of the financial system, an unprecedented polarization inside the United States around the ongoing coup attempt against the President of the United States, false flag operations, Goebbels-like deception operations against entire populations, drug epidemics which are a new form of Opium Wars, the global migration crisis, terrorism and Nazism, an increase of centrifugal forces in the EU, the re-emergence of aggressive geopolitically motivated efforts to defend an order, which no longer exists — just to list some of the challenges. The world is in disorder.

In light of such a complex and seemingly completely disunited world, how realistic is then the perspective laid out at the 19th National Congress of the CPC by Chinese President Xi Jinping where he defined the goal for China until the year 2050 is to become a “strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful” fully modernized country and even spoke at some point of the building of a “beautiful world” for all nations to participate in?

If one looks at the crises and challenges listed above as unrelated individual problems, one ends up in a “bad infinity,” where the solution to many of them seems impossible. But if one recognizes, that all of these problems have common threads in that they are the derivatives of the old paradigm of an epoch going under, one can find the solution by being informed by the principles of the new epoch.

There are two “game changing” topics in the near future, which will create totally opposite pathways for the future. The first one concerns the monumental battle fought out at this point in the United States where either the coup attempt against President Trump will be successful and he be driven out of office by one way or the other; or, if the collusion of the heads of intelligence agencies of the Obama administration with the British intelligence GCHQ and MI6 in orchestrating “Russiagate” against Trump, in order to prevent him from realizing his intention to put the relationship between the U.S. and Russia on a good basis, will lead to the criminal prosecution of the perpetrators. Were the Democrats to win the House of Representatives in the mid-term election, they will try to bury the ongoing investigation in the Congress, and the confrontationist policies we have seen in the sanctions against Russia and the trade war against China and the recent speech by Vice President Pence, will be escalated instantly. If Trump can consolidate his position, despite the many hawkish tones coming from the U.S. now, there does exist the potential that he will be able in the second half of his first term to improve relations with Russia and return to his initial positive attitude towards China.

The second related game-changing issue is a perspective to overcome the “Thucydides Trap,” the apparent conflict between the power dominating the world up to now, the U.S., and the rising power, China, by defining a solution which goes way beyond the bilateral situation of the two and which addresses the existential dangers for {all} the nations and thus shifting the level of discussion and thinking to a higher plateau.

What my husband, Lyndon LaRouche, has already proposed several years ago is still valid: The four most powerful nations in the world — the U.S., Russia, China, and India — supported by others like Japan, South Korea and others, must set up in the short-term a New Bretton Woods system, to avoid the potentially devastating consequences of an uncontrolled financial collapse. This new international credit system must correct the flaws of the old Bretton Woods system, which was not carried out in full by Churchill and Truman as intended by Roosevelt. It must guarantee the unconditional sovereignty of each and all nation-states participating in it, and it must promote their unlimited opportunities to participate in the benefits of scientific and technological progress to the mutual benefit of each and all. This New Bretton Woods system must have as its most important feature a profound change in the monetary, economic, and political relations between the dominant powers and the so-called developing nations. Unless the inequities lingering in the aftermath of modern colonialism are progressively remedied, neither can there be peace, nor can such challenges as the migration crisis or terrorism be overcome.

The basic conception for such a new credit and economic system already exists in principle in the Belt and Road policy of President Xi Jinping. In the five years of its existence, it has created an unprecedented dynamic of hope and optimism among the approximately 100 countries participating in it. And given the rate of progress in such a short time, it is obvious that the goal defined by President Xi Jinping, of a “beautiful world” by 2050 for all of humanity is absolutely achievable.

The new set of relations required for the New Paradigm is already in the process of being built. The increasing integration of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, and the Global South organizations, are progressing successfully and are already creating completely new strategic alliances for the mutual benefit of all participating in them. The “New Silk Road Spirit” has caught on in most countries of Asia, Latin America; it has given for the first time hope to Africa. Many in Europe are participating, despite the reluctance of the European Union and the present Berlin government, there are an increasing number of people in Europe, who want to be fully integrated in the New Silk Road.

The biggest, and unavoidable challenge, however, will be to find a solution, which includes the United States. Given the actual level of militarization of the United States, both in terms of the armed forces as well as the arming of the population domestically, the chance that the United States would disintegrate or accept to be excluded from an alternative world system as peacefully as it happened with the Soviet Union is probably tending towards zero. The military policy of President Putin, announced on March 1, regarding Russian military science and the strategic alliance between Russia and China, shows the Russian and Chinese clarity on this. So, if the Thucydides Trap is supposed to be avoided, there has to be a design of a solution, which integrates the United States in a higher order of organization of the world order.

The common political platform offered must be conceptualized from the standpoint of what Nikolaus Kusansky defined as a completely new form of thinking, in his famous {Coincidentia Oppositorum}; the One, which has a higher order of reality than the Many. This is already implicit in President Xi Jinping’s conception of the “Shared Community for the Future of Mankind.”

Rather than approaching the question of the new set of relations among the nations of the world from the standpoint of proceeding from the status quo, the vision, how the human species will have grown into adulthood in 50 or 100 years from now must provide a concrete set of policy cooperation proposals. By that time, according to the scientific theory of Vladimir Vernadsky, the Nöosphere will have advanced its dominance over the Biosphere qualitatively, and new generations of scientists and classical artists will communicate with each other based on the search for new physical and artistic principles.

As the German rocket scientist and space visionary Krafft Ehricke elaborated, the extension of infrastructure into nearby space, as a precondition for interstellar space travel, is the necessary next level of the evolution of the human species. As the collaboration on the International Space Station and the eye opening findings of the Hubble Space Telescope have demonstrated, the emphasis on mankind as a space-faring species completely changes the sense of identity of all astronauts, engineers, and scientists involved. It has also completely replaced the notion that we are living in an Earth-bound system, where opposing geopolitical interests have to quarrel about limited resources; with the idea that Mankind has just begun to make the very first baby steps into a universe, in which there are an estimated two trillion galaxies.

The Chinese space program will soon provide another unprecedented game-changer by leading the world into a new scientific and industrial revolution. The ongoing Chang’e lunar missions include an ambitious program to bring back helium-3 from the Moon as fuel for controlled thermonuclear fusion on Earth. Once the human species can control thermonuclear fusion, we will have energy and raw material security for the entire human kind for the foreseeable future to come.

Going in the same direction, the Chandrayaan-2 mission of the Indian Space Research Organization will analyze the lunar crust for traces of water and helium-3. President Trump declared manned space travel, the return to the Moon, and missions to Mars and “worlds far away,” to be back as a national mission. These, and related missions by other space nations, will not only benefit the countries involved, but all of Mankind. Space science will transform every aspect of life on Earth, as the same general technologies and approaches to create habitable conditions in “wastelands” on the Earth, as with Umka, the Russian city planned for the Arctic, will be used to create villages on the Moon. Space technology will completely revolutionize the access to advanced medical care on every spot on Earth, agriculture will benefit from many aspects of space research. The combination of a fusion economy and the industrialization of the Moon, as the next steps in an unlimited process of mankind’s continued mastery of the laws of the universe, will mean an entirely new economic platform in the sense defined by Lyndon LaRouche.

If the many human beings in distress in the world — be it fleeing as refugees from the scourges of poverty and war, or seeing society falling apart with an increase of violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, or depression, or any other expression of desperation — knew about the immediate potentials for a breakthrough to a new era of mankind, the New Silk Road Spirit would catch on and become the beacon of hope for everybody.

The ordering principle for a disunited world today can become the basis for joint leadership of the Presidents of China, Russia, India and the United States. I’m convinced that this vision of a shared destiny for mankind is absolutely possible; because mankind is the only creative species known in the universe so far.

Hong-Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, World’s Longest Sea Crossing, Now Open

Oct. 23-Chinese President Xi Jinping officially opened the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB), the world’s longest sea-crossing today, nine years after its construction began, with the leaders of Macao, Zhuhai and Hong Kong present.

Including its access roads, the bridge spans 55km (34 miles)connecting Macao and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai to Hong Kong across the Pearl River Delta, BBC reported today.

The bridge was built to withstand earthquakes and typhoons, with 400,000 tons of steel used — enough to build 60 Eiffel Towers.

About 30km of its total length crosses the sea of the Pearl River delta. To allow ships through, a 6.7 km section in the middle of the bridge dips into an undersea tunnel that runs between two artificial islands built for this purpose. The remaining sections are link roads, viaducts, and land tunnels connecting Zhuhai and Hong Kong to the main bridge. It cuts travel time between Macao and Zhuhai on the west side of the delta to Hong Kong to less than an hour, from what used to be four hours; travel time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong International airport will now take 45 minutes.

The bridge is part of China’s plan to create a Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong, Macao, and nine other cities in southern China, BBC reports.
The bridge, which cost $20 billion, will open to traffic a 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct.24.

Chinese Vice-Premier Han Zheng, who is in charge of China’s affairs with the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao, said, “As the first massive infrastructure project cooperation between the three cities, the opening of the bridge helps with the interaction between residents in the area, has economic benefits, helps push the Greater Bay Area vision forward and is beneficial to the combined competitiveness of Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao.”

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the bridge will create an ideal living environment, where the three cities are within one hour’s reach from each other. The bridge structure features a dual three-lane main bridge 30 km long, two artificial islands, and link roads totalling 25 km. The Hong Kong part of the bridge starts with the Hong Kong Port east of the city’s international airport and north of Lantau Island. It connects with a link road, followed by a 6.7 km sub-sea tunnel on one of the world’s busiest waterways, a main bridge, and a link road to Zhuhai.

Progressive socialists appeal to UN over government repression and neo-Nazis’ terrorism

Oct. 3, 2018

Delegates to the XXXII Extraordinary Congress of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) voted up an appeal by the Congress to the United Nations Organization (UN), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), and the European Parliament, in connection with government repression against the PSPU, terrorism carried out by neo-Nazis, and the threat of election fraud in Ukraine.

PSPU Press Service

To UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

The OCSE Office on Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)

The European Parliament

Stop terrorism and repressions! Defend democracy in Ukraine!


Of the XXXII Extraordinary Congress

of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine

October 3, 2018

Dear members of human rights organizations, dear Members of the European Parliament,

The delegates of the XXXII Extraordinary Congress of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU), a systemic opposition party, urgently request that you investigate the political, informational, inter-ethnic, interconfessional, and socioeconomic processes taking place in Ukraine, in order to make an objective evaluation of their correspondence to the norms and principles of international law; the Ukrainian government’s fulfillment of its obligations with respect to defense of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens; and the correspondence of the current reform policy to European values.

We are forced to appeal to you because many facts, including ones concerning the opposition PSPU and its leaders, demonstrate that, in place of the promised European democracy in Ukraine, what is being carried out is political, moral, psychological, physical, and informational terrorism against opposition political parties and public organizations. Taking part in this terrorism are agencies of the state, as well as Nazi fighters who enjoy protection from Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. Under conditions of socioeconomic catastrophe and civil conflict, which has crossed the boundary into civil war, a way out, and into a peaceful democratic process, may be found in the process of honest, competitive elections of the President and Parliament of Ukraine, scheduled for 2019. Under current conditions, however, in which democracy and democratic procedures are absent, we believe that it will be impossible for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections to realize the fundamental democratic principle of the free expression of the will of the citizenry, because politically motivated repression is being carried out against opposition parties and politicians.

Our Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, in particular, has been a victim of such repressions. Specifically:

  1. On October 28, 2016, bandits, among whom were fighters from the Azov organization,seized the central office of the PSPU, the party’s documents, the party archive, its symbols, and the personal dataof party members. The editorial office of the party newspaper Predrassvetnyye ogni was seized simultaneously, including its computer equipment and archive. Property belonging to the party’s leader Natalia Vitrenko and to the editor-in-chief of Predrassvetnyye ogni Vladimir Marchenko was also seized: their large libraries, personal belongings, and computer equipment.

The criminal cases opened on this crime have practically not been pursued for two years. And this has remained the case despite court rulings, which obligated the raiders to remove impediments to the use of this office.

  1. The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has blocked the activity of our party(an opposition party!) by illegally failing to acknowledge (i.e., to register) the resolutions of three Congresses, so far, of the PSPU, which took place in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In compliance with the requirements of new Ukrainian laws, these Congresses amended the Charter and Program of the party and the membership of its leading bodies. Thus, since 2015 the PSPU has been deprived of the possibility of taking part in elections.

The Kyiv City Appeals Court, in a decision dated July 4, 2018, in case N82618543/17, ruled that the actions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with respect to the documents of the XXXI Congress of the PSPU were illegal. To this day, however, the Ministry continues to throw up obstacles to registration of the party’s documents, and the PSPU has been forced to conduct the present XXXII Extraordinary Congress, in order to fight for its right to participate in the upcoming 2019 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ukraine, and to conduct full-fledged, lawful political activity.

  1. 3.Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are not making a proper investigation and are not calling to accountthe Nazis from the National Corps, S-14, and other rightwing radical organizations for violations of the law in regard to peaceful actions conducted by the PSPU. The violent attack on a peaceful, lawful PCPU demonstration on March 17, 2016 has also not been investigated. The prevention of the PSPU’s holding a peaceful action on May 9, 2016 has not been looked at.

Also not properly investigated is the terrorism committed by the National Corps against the party’s leaders—People’s Deputy of Ukraine (1995-2002) and candidate for the Presidency of Ukraine in 1999 and 2004 Natalia Vitrenko, and People’s Deputy of Ukraine (1990-2002) Vladimir Marchenko—when the militants attempted to break into their apartments on May 9, 2017. The police have refused to open criminal cases on instances of crimes by the neo-Nazis. Attempts to force the police to open such cases and conduct investigations, in accordance with court decisions, is de facto being sabotaged for political reasons. And this is happening despite the decision of the Kyiv Administrative Appeals Court, dated September 5, 2018, in case N826/6463/17, which ruled that the non-action of the National Police of Ukraine regarding these events was illegal.

The S-14 Nazis’ attack on the PSPU leaders outside the building of the Kyiv City District Administrative Court on April 26, 2018 is not being properly investigated.

There are many instances of thorough violation of European values and the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as of preparation for falsifying the outcome of the elections. The question arises: Do such processes correspond to the values you declare and defend? Does this correspond to the norms and principles of international law and the responsibilities of the government of Ukraine to obey them?

We are counting on you. We are counting on you to read our Appeal, study the facts stated here, and others, and make public your evaluation of them.

Political rights are inalienable for every person, every citizen. Without respect for them, life will not change for the better.


On behalf of the delegates of the XXXII Extraordinary Congress of the PSPU

Chairman of the PSPU Natalia Vitrenko

Concerning the Fate of the Nation

The following talk was given to an audience in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday, September 29th.  It is being specially released for distribution at the United Nations, for the purpose of inoculating responsible diplomats, elected officials, members of the press and representatives of NGO and other organizations against being “bamboozled” into supporting the ongoing attempted coup against the Presidency of the United States and its duly elected representative, Donald Trump. 

Urgent matters of war and peace, including the danger of thermonuclear conflict, are being successfully addressed for the first time in recent history, in an extraordinary diplomatic process involving Russia, China and the United States. This is best expressed in the momentous developments involving the ending of the 65-year-old Korean conflict, and the advance of a treaty between Russia and Japan to end the Second World War. These developments are due to the Trump Presidency, and are the first substantive victories in a campaign to reverse the doctrine of “preventive war” first launched by Great Britain’s Tony Blair “Responsibility To Protect” speech at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1999. Similar actions have been proposed for other areas of the world, but are being prevented through the means, “legal and otherwise,” detailed in the presentation by author Barbara Boyd below. The Presidencies of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama advanced that war agenda, which, had it not been interrupted by the Trump administration, would have inevitably led to a thermonuclear World War Three.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, not actively supporting the ongoing process involving the Trump Administration’s successful campaign to break with the Bush and Obama-era “preventive war” policies, as implemented in Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011), for example, reveals himself or herself to be an advocate of that “preventive war” policy, including “winning thermonuclear war,” as expressed in the “Prompt Global Strike” doctrine adopted by both the Bush and Obama Administrations. Responsible persons and observers in the international arena were reminded of this very real danger of “ultimate war” by the March 1 address of Vladimir Putin to the Russian Federal Assembly. Anyone calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States, at this time, is either a foolish or witting advocate of the impending self-extermination of the human race, through war. All responsible persons on the planet, regardless of political affiliation, or “personalized” view of Donald Trump, must therefore act to prevent such a foolish course of action.

The fairy tale of collusion by Trump with Russia to win the election, was also concocted against the Trump Presidency, well before Trump was even elected, by British Intelligence operatives, particularly “former agent” Christopher Steele and his controllers, including MI6’s Sir Richard Dearlove. This has been thoroughly exposed in previous LaRouche PAC publications readily available. There is, in short, no factual basis for any continued support for that lie, which will, as documents are declassified, become clear even to the morally opaque. The visceral prejudice voiced against President Donald Trump is not based on his faults. One can have many policy disagreements with his administration without claiming that it is illegitimate—which would mean that the U.S. Constitution itself were illegitimate. 

The truth is, that the treasonous “anti-Trump” opposition—as opposed to legitimate disagreement, expressed both outside and inside the United States—is fueled by banking and financial interests that are dead set against a US–Russia–China–India partnership dedicated to removing the shadow of British colonialism, and British shadow banking from the planet. As the Trump–Kim “Singapore Model” successfully negotiated and essentially resolved the decades-old Korean conflict, could not the same be done in Southwest Asia, including in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Israel, and Palestine? True, each situation is different; but, who thought a year ago, at the United Nations, that the Korean situation would have been resolved as it has, along with the cooperation that is emerging between Japan and Russia?

For such negotiations, nations need to know that the President of the United States can deliver on his intentions. This President has proven his intention to stop war. A “Four Powers” agreement, proposed by the United States, for world economic development, to include Russia, China, and India (as well as Japan and other nations where appropriate) simultaneously resolves the American debt and employment crises, prevents war, enriches many other nations, and advances the goals of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative in ways completely congruent with the “Make America Great Again” mission of the Trump Presidency. That done, any legitimate contenders against Trump, or his Presidential legacy, will have to offer their alternative to this vision of the world, in the proper way: in the electoral arena.

Recognizing the puzzling picture that American domestic politics may present to outside observers, the following report is supplied. The author states:

“Many have told me that there is much confusion in the international community about the situation in the United States and the Trump Presidency.  They are bombarded every day with the British and EU generated propaganda image of Donald Trump: an unhinged bully, an abuser of women, a racist tearing mothers from babies, and, most of all, an authoritarian personality who loves other such alleged monsters. I will tell them that the LaRouche movement is not defending everything Donald Trump says or does; but, it does support the unprecedented opportunity this Presidency represents by attacking and seeking to change the institutions which have enslaved the world in the wake of the death of Franklin Roosevelt. That opportunity will be lost, however, if Trump’s battle against failed globalist institutions is not lifted to the higher level found in the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche.

“I would also ask my international friends, at the same time, why they fell for the positive image of Barack Obama floated endlessly by the same propagandists now attacking Donald Trump… Obama’s disdain for the forgotten men and women of the United States, people destroyed by the Wall Street bailout, which he supported before he was President, and implemented after he was President. He echoed the hatred expressed by Hillary Clinton for the working men and women and those in the middle classes in the United States—“deplorables,” tribalists, people unworthy to engage in public discourse, when he said, “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” It was Barack Obama who killed people throughout the world in sanitized targeting sessions every Tuesday, using CIA-produced baseball cards for easy reference.  It was Barack Obama who mocked the black citizens of Flint, Michigan whose water had been poisoned with lead. It was Obama who told a South African assembly of students in Johannesburg that if they sought to possess the same automobiles and air conditioners—that is, to consume the same amount of electricity and the world’s resources—as existed in Europe or the United States, “The planet would boil over.” It was Barack Obama who signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law in 2012, mandating indefinite military detention of anyone anywhere in the world, without charges or trial.

“Trump, because he was completely outside the establishment, had to use the leftover intellectually bankrupt shards of the Bush and Obama Administrations to form his government.  That is why you very often see Trump declaring one thing and his government sticking to simple extensions of the views of Bush and Obama—that, and the insurrection which has been run against the President since he began his term. Those citizens of European and other nations who have suffered through regime-change operations should readily understand what this is all about.

“The way to help the Presidency of the United States make the breakthrough it needs is by defeating the coup and building the movement around Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws. Further, we need a New Bretton Woods monetary system to create the breakthroughs in science and technology which will put humankind on its next development platform. If we don’t defeat the coup here, God help the United States and the rest of the world, because you will have put the anarchy and insanity, which I describe below, into power, in the most powerful nation on earth.”

Conference: Towards a Four Power Agreement For a ‘New Paradigm’ of Development — Panel Two

The second panel includes State Senator Richard Black (R-VA10), James George Jatras, former U.S. diplomat, Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Rep of the Russian Federation to the UN, Roger Stone, adviser to the Trump faction of the Republican Party and Helga Zepp-LaRouche.  Senator Black and James Jatras deliver sharp warnings about the risk of the U.S. intervening on the side of al-Qaeda in the conflict surrounding Syria’s Idlib province.  Mr. Polyanskiy delivers a brief but poignant message ensuring that talks are continuing between the U.S. and Russia.  Roger Stone presents his unique background in the Republican Party and admiration of the LaRouche’s fight for a just economic system.  A couple lively Q&A sessions involving Mrs. LaRouche, Jason Ross of the first panel, Roger Stone and audience participants ensues throughout the panel.

Conference: Towards a Four Power Agreement For a ‘New Paradigm’ of Development — Panel One

Helga Zepp-LaRouche keynotes the first panel of the conference providing her unique insight into the dynamic fight between the “New Silk Road Spirit” sweeping the globe typified by the recent India and Pakistan developments, or at the summits between the U.S., the Republic of Korea and the DPRK, versus the adherents of the Old Paradigm of geopolitics that continue to foment conflict.  Jason Ross follows next proving China’s massive investment into infrastructure into the nations of Africa are truly beneficial for both parties.  The conference firmly establishes the capability to avert tragedy in this momentous occasion in human history and create a ‘New Paradigm’ in human relations.

Bilateral Economic Agreements Are Made at FOCAC 2018

Sept. 4, 2018  — With over 50 African countries represented at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit, there was an opportunity for these countries to sign bilateral economic agreements, make political statements in support of the Belt and Road Initiative, and have bilateral meetings among the leaders. The following are a few reported in the African media.

* A Chinese consortium comprising The Dongfang Electric manufacturing company and Shanghai Electric, and the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, signed a $4.4 billion agreement to build a clean-coal power station in Egypt, China Central Television reported. It will be located 500 miles from Cairo and made up of six units with a total capacity of 6.6 gigawatts. Construction is planned to be completed in six years.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi held meetings with heads of Chinese firms operating in Egypt.
* Nigerian President Muahammadu Buhari heads a large delegation of ministers, governors, and heads of parastatals who have been negotiating agreements on behalf of their states and ministries on the sidelines of the summit. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. has been assured by China National Petroleum Corp. that it is committed to securing up to 85% of $2.8 billion needed to build the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) pipeline project, a statement from the corporation on Monday disclosed. The pipeline would enable connectivity between the East, West, and North that is currently non-existent. Funders would include the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, and
Infrastructure Bank of China, with Sinosure, China’s Export Credit Agency, providing insurance cover. The remaining 15% will be provided by the contractors.

* The President of Namibia, Hage Geingob, acting chairman of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), appealed to China’s investment community to support the SADC region in developing its manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation, agriculture, and tourism sectors. Geingob said that, due to their extensive knowledge in industrial development and technology, Chinese will help SADC in realizing its dream.

* The Namibian delegation is negotiating a deal for the  Chinese to finance a new national airport, while elevating their relations to that of a Strategic Partnership.

* Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa said, at the summit, that the BRI is important to support Zimbabwe’s plan to be a middle-income country by 2030.
“Zimbabwe was only lucky,” he said, to the extent that 800 to 1,000 years ago there was trade between the Munhumutapa Kingdom and China when we imported porcelain and silk from here and in turn you got our ivory. But today the Road and Belt Initiative has taken everybody onboard so that our economies can talk to each other, so that our economies can help each other modernize and mechanize. We are getting connected and benefiting from each other.”

Mnangagwa said, “We are happy that this is a country that has never colonized anybody, who today is giving us a helping hand to grow. As a matter of fact, China is helping us to become a middle-income country. As a result of that helping hand we leapfrog and go into a modern economy. Left alone it will take us more years to develop with our domestic investment, but given the technology, given the assistance, the financial know-how, we leapfrog and become an important cog in the global economy.”

Xi Jinping: Aesthetical Education Develops Beautiful Minds

Aug. 31, 2018 –Chinese President Xi Jinpig sent a letter in reply to professors at China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) on the occasion of CAFA’s celebrations of its centennial, in which he stressed the importance of “aesthetical education” for the development of the individual and society. Xinhua reported this in its lead news story this morning. Xi’s letter stressed the importance of “strengthening aesthetic education to ensure the healthy growth of the country’s youth, both physically and mentally…. Noting that aesthetic education plays an important role in shaping a more beautiful mind, Xi said that it is necessary to improve it,” Xinhua reported.

CAFA is China’s first modern school specializing in fine arts, founded by “renowned Chinese educator Cai Yuanpei” in 1918, the news agency reported. The eight senior professors had written the President on the subject of aesthetical education. In his answer, Xi called on CAFA to “implement the CPC’s education policy to foster students with love and create great works of art,” Xinhua said.

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche responded with great happiness today to this report that President Xi had endorsed the ideas of the German classical poet Friedrich Schiller, for whom the Schiller Institute is named. One of Schiller’s most profound works is entitled “Letters On the Aesthetical Education of Man.”

The World Must Unite To Stop the British False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria

The Russian and the Syrian governments have exposed over the past three days the intention of the British-backed terrorists in Syria, together with their “White Helmet” terrorist support apparatus, to stage a fake chemical weapon attack, film the White Helmets “saving” the victims, blast the videos around the world on fake news outlets, and induce President Trump to allow the war party to unleash a missile and air assault on Syria. It worked twice before, although Trump restricted the attacks to minor, limited attacks, with few casualties. However, with ISIS largely defeated by the Syrian army, the British intend to provoke a wider war, both to prevent President Trump from carrying out his intention to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, and to destroy the effort by both Presidents Trump and Putin to bring the U.S. and Russia into a friendly and cooperative relationship. In the eyes of the British Empire, the Helsinki Summit between Trump and Putin marked a deadly threat to the Empire itself.

Let there be no doubt: The British would vastly prefer a thermonuclear showdown, or even a thermonuclear war, between the United States and Russia, rather than see the imperial division of the world between East and West torn down. The power of the City of London and its Wall Street subsidiary depends absolutely on that division.

The first fake chemical attack in Syria took place while Trump was meeting with Xi Jinping in Florida in April 2017, aimed at undermining Trump’s personal cooperation with China’s leader. The second attack came in April of this year, based on a White Helmet video which was proven by multiple witnesses, and even the testimony of the supposed “victims” themselves, to have been completely staged by the White Helmets.

The difference now is that the Russians and the Syrians have the evidence ahead of the fake chemical weapons attack, and have made it public, calling on the world to stop it. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov told the press on Aug. 25: “To carry out the alleged `chemical attack’ in the city of Jisr al-Shugur in the province of Idlib, militants from the Tahrir al-Sham [Jabhat al Nusra in Syria]…, had delivered eight tankers with chlorine to a village a few kilometers from Jisr al-Shugur. This provocation, with the active participation of the British special services will serve as another pretext for the U.S., U.K., and France to conduct a missile strike on the Syrian government and economic facilities.” He identified both the White Helmets and the Olive Group, a 5,000-strong British mercenary organization based in Abu Dhabi, as active participants in preparing the provocation.

When the British claimed that Assad was using chemical weapons in 2013, without evidence, President Obama ordered preparation for a full-scale military assault on Syria. Only the mass mobilization of the citizenry forced Obama to back down, after an outcry against yet another illegal and genocidal war against a Southwest Asian country which was no threat the West, and which in fact was staunchly anti-terrorist.

A similar mobilization today can and must prevent the current British plan for war. The fact that President Trump, unlike Obama, is opposed to regime change, wants to pull out of Syria as soon as ISIS is fully eliminated, and wants the U.S. and Russia to collaborate in this and other tasks, means that exposing this British provocation will also greatly contribute to stopping the British coup attempt against Trump through the Mueller Russiagate witch hunt.

In fact, President Trump was elected precisely because he is intent on breaking the “Special Relationship” with the British, a relationship which has turned the U.S. into a post-industrial junk heap, with a drugged up and demoralized population and a policy of permanent warfare. The LaRouche movement knows what is needed to make Trump a great President and to truly make America great again: He must be liberated from the coup attempt, freeing him to join with Russia and China and India in a New Bretton Woods agreement, to put the Western financial system through bankruptcy proceedings and restore the industrial economies of the West, in league with the New Silk Road development of the entire world. Without the United States taking that dramatic step, there is no possibility of the world avoiding disaster, and no possibility of the United States taking that step if Trump is brought down by the war party.

The New Paradigm is within our grasp, if we rise to the moment as a human race, to end geopolitics and Empire from the face of the Earth.

Italian Government Launches “Task Force China”

Aug. 21  — In a press release last week, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (Industry, Trade, Fishery etc.), has announced the creation of a “Task Force China” under the direction of Undersecretary of State Michele Geraci.   The release, which has been posted also in English, says among other things:

“Among the Task Force’s main objectives are that of strengthening the relationship between China and Italy (in the fields of trade, finance, investment, R&D and co-operation in third countries), and that of guaranteeing Italy a position of leadership in Europe vis-à-vis China’s Belt and Road and Made in China 2025 initiatives.”

In a long Appendix, the Ministry states:

“Helping Italian companies to participate to Chinese investment programs, financed by the Belt and Road Initiative both in China and along the entire route of the New Silk Road, at the same time stimulating investments and transfer of Chinese know-how to develop infrastructure, energy and transport networks in Italy. With 25,000 km of high-speed trains already built and 21,000 km more planned, to just mention one of the many possible examples, China is currently the country that more than anyone else in the world has the best knowledge in the sector of infrastructural development.”
Another  point in the Appendix says:

“China can help Italy to solve the immigration problem by helping Africa: China is the country that has invested the most in Africa (already $340 billion, many more than the just $70 billions normally estimated by analysts), with effects that are already visible in terms of impact on poverty rates and which in the long term should gradually help diminishing migration flows towards Europe. China’s involvement in Africa offers Italy a historic opportunity of international cooperation for the socio-economic of stabilization of the continent, crucial not only for a sustainable and solidarity solution of the immigration problem, but also for the economic opportunities that will arise in the continent for Italian firms.”

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