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Greetings to International Peace Day Rally at the United Nations

Below are the greetings sent in for the Humanity For Peace “Special Musical Operation” at the United Nations on International Peace Day.

Twenty-four hours of nonviolence and cease fire is the least we can ask for at this crucial time in our shared work for world peace.  Let this day of commitment inspire us to make every day a day of peace.

Frank Kartheiser, Worcester. Ma. Catholic Workers Movement.

September 21st is International Peace Day!  Today we a are faced with growing tensions around the world from Europe and Asia to the Middle East and Africa.  Many of these tensions include the involvement or support of Great Powers and have brought us perhaps to closest to an open nuclear conflict.  Let us take time this day to step back from the potential abyss, to think, to respect each other, to show leadership and true diplomacy, to resolve our disagreements and work together in joint collaboration for the betterment of all.

Earl Rasmussen,  Lt Colonel (ret) U.S. Army, business consultant.

“The 17.5 million Guatemalans support peace in the world and the proposal made by Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche of the Schiller Institute, where she proposes the CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW JUST WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER!”

RAÚL ANÍBAL MARROQUÍN CASASOLA, proud member of the IPC and Humanity for Peace, and Coordinator of “The Pupil of Heaven” Observatory for Peace in Guatemala


“Brothers of the nations of this shared world.

“Today, September 21, we join in a fraternal and unanimous call of solidarity for peace. In the midst of turbulence, discord and global conflict, we raise our voices to reaffirm our commitment to peace…

“Peace, in its essence, is the fabric that binds humanity together. It is the path to coexistence, justice and well-being for all. But in these times of uncertainty and divisions, it is vital to remember that peace is not an automatic gift; it must be built through the efforts and dedication of all the peoples of the world.

“We declare that peace is not just the absence of war, but the presence of justice, social equality and mutual understanding….

The five signers on behalf of

Central American and Caribbean Critical Thought proclaim the need to

Foster Empathy.

Resolve Conflicts Peacefully, rather than by violence and confrontation.

Promote a Culture of Peace through Education:

Combat Social Inequality and Injustice: We pledge to work together to eradicate poverty, discrimination, social and economic injustice.

Protect the environment: and

Support those vulnerable peoples who suffer the consequences of conflict and displacement, to alleviate their suffering.

We affirm that peace is not a utopian dream, but an attainable goal. We must remember that each of us has a role to play in the quest that together we can weave a more peaceful world for present and future generations. Peace is not just a word, but a collective action. Let us raise our hands and hearts to be peacemakers…

For Peace, today and always!

Signing on behalf of Central American and Caribbean Critical Thought are

from Nicaragua: Bolívar Téllez Castellón, Professor, and Fernando Vargas, editor of the Newspaper Socialist Voices;

and from El Salvador’s Universidad de El Salvador:

José Guillermo Campos, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy;

Luis Alberto Guzman, Chair of Marxism and Methodology of Materialism; and

Ivis Barrera, Master in Human Rights and Education for Peace.


Rejoice and stand together, for we are winning in this struggle for humanity and for peace. This struggle is far from over, but we are winning!

I grew up in former Yugoslavia and lived through the wars of succession which broke out in the early 1990s. The experience was almost surreal as we saw the society polarize almost from one day to the next, from a firm belief that war was unthinkable and impossible to fighting the war as the society’s central obsession. That experience made me so worried about a repeat of this social transformation in the buildup of war between Russia and the west that in 2017 I published a book in which I tried to warn about it and call attention to those parts of the ruling establishment in the west who were deliberately dragging us into this World War 3 scenario. They were planning the big wiar, that much was clear. But what they did not and could not plan with is us, humanity, simply rejecting war and demanding peace.

There is no question that Russia was absolutely provoked into its intervention in Ukraine. When President Putin launched the special military operation, the west responded with a total embargo on all Russian sources of information and with heavy-handed censorship of any pro-Russian views. Recall, some universities in the west even cancelled Russian literature classes, and some theaters cancelled performances of Russian composers like Tchaikovsky. 

They wanted to make sure that the western narrative about that conflict couldn’t be challenged and that we all embraced the belief that Russia’s aggression was unprovoked and that the collective west was valiantly standing up for democracy, freedom and the rule of law. They wanted us to fear and loathe Russia and to give our consent for that all-out World War 3. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, it became clear that behind the facade of unity kept up by the officialdom and corporate media, a silent majority in the west rejected the official narrative. I encountered a number of informal polls in social media where a large number of respondents expressed very contrary views – allow me to share some of them with you.

On 31 December last year, Twitter account NovElection 2022 simply asked, “Which side are you on? Russia or Ukraine?” Out of the nearly 37,000 people who responded, 78.8% said that they were on Russia’s side!

On 24 January this year, Chase Geiser asked on Twitter, “Which would you rather see win? Russia or Ukraine?” Out of the 15,670 votes, 73.6% said that they wanted Russia to win.

On 2 February David Vance asked, “…if you had to choose between Putin and Zelensky, which would it be?” Out of nearly 41,000 respondents, 77.2% preferred Vladimir Putin.

A few weeks later, George Galloway asked, “Is the west to blame for the Ukraine war?” Out of more than 15,000 respondents, 95% said, yes – they thought that the west was indeed to blame for the war.

In spite of the very large numbers of respondents, some people might object that these are not scientific polls. Well, let me share some further evidence that these polls are broadly correct. As I learned from a NATO official who shared this information with me, NATO itself has been monitoring public mood among member nations very closely. They found that in most Eastern European nations, as many as 3 out of 4 people sympathise with the Russian side in this conflict. In countries like France, Spain, Italy and Belgium 2 out of 3 individuals sympathise with Russia. And when the French polling organization IFOP (Institut Français d’Opinion Publique) asked the average Frenchman about their views on the war only two weeks from its start in February 2022, they found that 52% of the French people believed Russian justifications for war.

The silent majority in the west might indeed be silent, but it seems nevertheless to be a very large majority. That majority is us, people who have awakened and opened our eyes wide to what is truly going on in the world. The war between Russia and Ukraine did not escalate into a nuclear World War 3. For that we can thank the patience and restraint of the Russian Federation, but we should also celebrate the political awakening of the populations of western countries who have rejected the official narrative and the relentless demonization of Russia and her leadership. By withholding our consent for an all-out war against Russia we may have prevented that war and preserved peace. We have not yet prevailed in our struggle for peace, but we are prevailing so do rejoice and stand together! It may just be that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and thus far we’ve come through!

Alex Krainer, Blogger, author, financial analyst

We need a global move towards de-escalation and away from the accelerating militarisation of international politics. Humanity is becoming increasingly trapped in a security dilemma. The Political West has been negligent in understanding the security concerns of others, thus prompting responses that only escalate the conflict. We must break this cycle, otherwise we will be on the increasingly slippery path to catastrophe. There is another way, and that is a return to the founding principles of the United Nations, above all sovereign internationalism – whereby sovereign states commit to work together to resolve the common problems facing humanity. This is the vision that inspired the creation of the UN in the first place, and we must now resist the attempt by those who wish to substitute the agenda of peace and development with their own agenda of endless deterrence and militarism. The Global South has had enough of the interminable conflicts provoked by the attempts of the Political West to maintain its pre-eminence. Its voice is demanding to be heard, and it is a view that many in the Global North share. On that basis a new peace and development movement is taking shape. There is an alternative, and we are part of it, reaching across continents and cultures. That is the only way forwards, if we are to have a future at all.

Prof Sakwa is the recently retired Emeritus Professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent in the UK. He is the author of many books on Russia, and a widely read book in 2022, Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands. 

The Pillars of Peace

The philosophical position which says the engagement of war is always inevitable, is contrary to the concept of peace. God’s imparting of peace is stated in John 14:27 where it says “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” This indicates that peace is in conflict with a troubled heart. It also indicates that God desires us to be at peace with one another at all cost. That cost of war is troubled spirits of people who are engaged directly or indirectly with the actions of war. Therefore I would like to offer the pillars of peace that help us to avoid physical conflicts of war. These pillars are reason, understanding and temperance.

The pillar of reason helps avoid conflict because it helps to exhaust all avenues that lead to peace. When the wheels turn to war, reason should turn also, following the war and standing in the midst ready to continue talks of reason and peace.

The pillar of understanding is a two-way street. Both sides of a conflict should be open to make all attempts to understand the stance and feelings of the opposite side from themselves. Somehow wearing the shoes of someone else helps us to be selfless and seek to show empathy. This is the position of understanding even when we do not understand. In other words, understanding should be sought before we act on the emotions of anger and control. This leads us to our final pillar of temperance.

Temperance is simply self-restraint or self-control. This suggests that self-control over control of others is our main line of defense against war. The age-old Biblical principle found in Luke 6:31 says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” No country desires to be drawn into war or to be the provocateur of war. Every time a war begins there is a first shot is fired which begins the conflict. It is at that moment that temperance should be exercised because remember the time to talk about peace is before a war begins. That talk must not just be had with one another, but also with the self-individual or self-country to maintain the self-control.

It is my hope that the talk of peace in relation to reason, understanding and temperance would help avoid the need for war. And in the event of conflict beginning, these would be tools utilized in the midst of conflict to minimize the impact and longevity of the conflict.

Rev. Dr. Terri Strong, Senior Pastor at Mt. Sinai AME Church, Arlington, TN

On this day while we commemorate International Day of Peace we ought to

reflect and point out root causes of Wars and aggressions that challenge

the humanity establishing the peace across the globe. We learn from past

and contemporary history that some of the reasons have been; superiority

complexes and difference of social and civic classes, racism, racial and

National arrogance, thirst of power over others and the most importantly

grabbing the material resources and economic exploitation.

Today the economic exploitation and deprivation is the main and central

root cause of Wars and military aggressions. We need to struggle and urge

that world global financial Groups such as World Bank, IMF and WTO

reconsider the terms and conditions that keeps under-developed countries

oppressed, continue to choke their economies and inflated debts.

International community of Nations need to work together in the spirit of

collective human progress and establish peace on the principals of equality

and respect for Human lives. The body of world nations shall mediate

between parties bringing the parties on the negotiating table.

American Muslims and Muslims across the globe strongly support any and all

moral and material efforts to bring the lasting peace in this planet.

Muhammad Salim Akhtar
National Director American Muslim Alliance

Pax Christi UpState New York totally supports the economic uplifting of all 

peoples and nations. BRICS, now greatly expanded, will have the natural and 

human resources to end poverty in the most populated regions of the world.

All nations, North and South must rally behind this just and egalitarian plan.

Jack Gilroy, Pax Christi & multiple peace and justice organizations

How Can Peace, Toppled by War, Nonviolently Reclaim

the Golden Age Mission?



In English:

In Russian:


          Erasmus of Rotterdam, a Dutch philosopher, theologian and humanist, more than 500 years ago wrote the world-famous “Complaint of Peace, Expelled and Defeated Everywhere” o­n Latin language: “Querela Pacis undique gentium ejectae profligataeque”, [s.l.], 1517, which became the pacifism humanistic pillar. But over 5 centuries, the situation with peace has practically not changed, if it has not become worse under the humanity and nature in nuclear Armageddon threat of complete incineration.

          Peace remains today, as before, an outcast “everywhere expelled and defeated” by war, nullified in all infrastructural vectors of all society spheres. “The expelled and defeated peace” today is its science zero and its academies. This is its schools and universities zero. This is its professional personnel zero, if you don’t count its spontaneous and sporadic amateur-pacifists. This is its material and technical base zero. This is funding zero for it, with zero peacemaking governments and parties that would not o­nly in words but also in practice, assert peace, creating all the necessary, permanent infrastructure for it. The most governments and parties frankly do not want peace, which prevents them from the war profiting and self-establishing themselves. Others want peace but do nothing real for it, do not know what to do and do not want to listen to those who know HOW to achieve true peace and not just another temporary truce that has filled all of history instead of true peace. The governments do not know true, eternal peace, out of ignorance recognizing as peace any temporary truce, any respite between wars.

          Unlike peace, from its gaping zero infrastructurewar today is provided with an excellent, rich infrastructure of resources in abundance. It is a military science started by Adam von Bülow since 1799, more than three centuries ago, and equipped today with hundreds of military academies in all countries. These are priority budget and private investments in the war and arms race, amounting to trillions of currencies of all lears. These are thousands of military schools and universities around the world. These are hundreds of millions of professional armed forces and paramilitary forces, the total number of which is bashfully kept silent in all sources. This is a countless and innumerable material and technical, primarily weapons, military platform with thousands of military bases and an endlessly accelerating arms race. This is practically all, 99%, of governments and parties in the world that openly or silently, under o­ne or another plausible pretext, serve the god of war. Now, the reigning war left to rogue-peace o­nly o­ne day a year, September 21, giving it a meager mercy-alms to remember, talk about, forget about again and return to itself for the rest days captured by war o­n subsequent years.

          With similar ratio of zero infrastructure of the rogue peace-life and 100% infrastructure of the reigning war-death-mass murder, brought to 100% nuclear, scientific genocide and ecocide, true peace will never be established o­n Earth, not in any new 500 years, if first it is not finally killed by the war along with all of humanity and its o­nly planet.

          Where, when and HOW can the humanity true, eternal peace come from and BY WHOM be established not in empty endless appeals and pacifist wishes but really, practically and tangibly in the priority peacemaking infrastructure in all spheres of every country and nation? This possibility and foundation are laid in social genetics, in the eternal actors of humanity substance, discovered by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 in its “varna-spherons”. In prehistoric times, they provided India with a “golden age” of prosperity and world cultural leadership and will create it for the future of humanity, when it masters the Gandhian science of spherons, the peacemaking science of spheronics. The Golden Age, for all its utopianism, in historical examples like India, was “golden” o­nly thanks to the kingdom of peace, which is real as the o­nly sociogenetic way of life for people and whole humanity.

          The initial, fundamental pillars of this science, based o­n the Gandhian eternal actors of the true peace – spherons, ensuring the humanity survival as genetically peacemaking “mole of history”, in the form of an initial system of eight structural macro-sociological laws. They were first theoretically formulated, historically substantiated and statistically verified by world statistics in the GGHA during 18 years of hit scientific innovative research. Unfortunately, they remained unheard by anyone who could provide the development of this science with resources.

          The results of scientific research of the Gandhian spherons are presented in many publications in different languages, of which the last two, the most concise and generalizing, should be mentioned, presented o­n their paired banner:


          Their scientific, fundamental conclusion: no o­ne partial, class or national actor is capable to provide true, eternal and global peace. o­nly the humanity spherons can provide it covering all people from birth to death and acting o­n every social object and ensuring its peaceful life. Without the peace science, without its schools, academies and universities, there can be no peace. It can o­nLY begin since the OBJECTIVE, SCIENTIFIC TRUTH OF PEACE, o­ne, necessary and binding for all people and nations, like Newton’s law. Without the peace science and its infrastructure, peace cannot begin. This requires, for the start, for the experiment, a meager investment of $2 million, which we, the GGHA, offer to the newly born consolidated historical actor of peace – BRICS+, which unites the global South, which makes up the majority of humanity. No other historical actor of true peace is visible today.

          There is no better purpose for the International Day of Peace than to realize this simple, basic truth: “WHERE DOES TRUE PEACE START?” that will trigger the conscious construction of its entire systemic and global infrastructure. Everything else, as they say, is “All Is Vanity and Vexation of Spirit” for peace, with which the past is filled but in which the true peace grains were born and which are integrated by spheronics. o­nly with this fundamental science will the rogue-peace revive its and the Divine providence “Golden Age” mission for the humanity.


         With the hope of understanding and recognizing this basic simple truth for peace,


Dr. Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of 750 coauthors of the Gandhian “Spherons Global True Peace Megascience”, spheronics during 18 years,

Philosopher, macro sociologist and peacemaker from the spherons harmony,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Skype: leo.semahko,



Dr. Leo Semashko, Founder and Honorary President, Gandhian Global Harmony Association

International Peace Coalition (IPC) holds 8th meeting: Build the Aug. 6 Peace Rallies Internationally: End the Age of Colonialism Once and For All

July 28—The International Peace Coalition (IPC) held its eighth weekly meeting, on Friday July 28. The spirit of changing the course of history, as current developments are taking the world closer and closer to a nuclear Armageddon, was palpable in the reports from every speaker, with everyone focused on the Humanity for Peace rallies to be held on August 6, the 78th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear destruction of Hiroshima in 1945. The central rally on that day will be held outside the United Nations building in New York City, with sister rallies to be held across the U.S., in Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Malaysia, among other locations.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who initiated the IPC, opened the discussion, emphasizing that the danger of nuclear war is increasing, as the U.S. and its NATO allies escalate the shipment of military arms into the war zone, lyingly asserting that Ukraine is “winning” the war. Even some of the whorish U.S. press are now acknowledging that the military “counteroffensive” by Ukraine has been a thorough failure. Zepp-LaRouche emphasized that there must be a total break from this disastrous policy somewhere in the West – be it Germany, France, or the U.S. – to end the confrontation and begin cooperation between the nuclear powers, to create an architecture of security and development for all nations. Such a break appears to be a remote possibility. That means that we must expand our efforts to break through the wall of lies about Russia and China.

Ray McGovern, the former CIA analyst who used to give the daily briefing to the President of the United States, and who co-founded the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), then noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has for years asserted that U.S. domestic policy determines U.S. foreign policy, said that the Biden family is in deep trouble, due to the revelations about the Hunter Biden laptop and the global corruption now exposed, but that President Joe Biden simply continues the insane assertion that Russia has “already lost the war” in Ukraine. The neocon policy now promoted by the Biden Administration, and his leftover Obama gang (Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland) – who should be facing jail time for their multiple crimes – are more likely to launch a nuclear war than face incarceration. In his long career in intelligence, McGovern said that he had “never seen this level of danger.”

Oliver Boyd-Barrett, a professor at California State University, provided a detailed study of the actual battlefield situation in Ukraine, noting the “sheer scale of numbers dying in this infuriating and unnecessary war.” The effort to deny the failure of the Ukraine “counteroffensive” has failed, but there is still the “fog of war” which can be used to justify the escalation to a nuclear launch. The promotion of Victoria Nuland to the number two at the State Department demonstrates that the regime is “either too stupid or too evil” to stop the madness.

Anastasia Battle, who moderated the event, reported on massive outreach to independent journalists. She also reviewed the current list of scheduled speakers for the August 6 rally at the UN, which will be live-streamed from 1-4 p.m.

Former President of Guyana Donald Ramotar said that the West terribly miscalculated when they thought the sanctions would destroy the Russian economy and that modern NATO weapons would crush them in Ukraine, but that the danger of nuclear war is now even greater. He recommended that we recruit scientists to join in the peace effort.

The next speaker, scientist Steve Starr, author of “The State of the Nuclear Danger” and other articles and videos on the effects of nuclear weapons, quickly agreed to write a public letter to other scientists to join the movement, as Mr. Ramotar had proposed.

Reports by organizers from several of the planned international sister rallies provided a sense of the global nature of the movement.

Diane Sare, the founder of the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus briefed the meeting on the plan to perform the Mozart Requiem in a New York City church following the rally at the UN, to honor the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed by the U.S. nuclear bombing of two Japanese cities in 1945. A guest conductor from Türkiye, who has conducted music for several other rallies for peace, volunteered to conduct the event. There has been a surge of choristers joining, and an orchestra is being mobilized as well.

Bernie Holland, an activist from the UK, suggested that even if nuclear weapons were to be abolished from warfare, that the bombs themselves should be re-designed to serve as defense of the Earth from asteroids, a plan known as the Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE). He encouraged everyone to read the book written by Mike Billington, Reflections of an American Political Prisoner—The Repression and Promise of the LaRouche Movement, and referenced that the Chinese character for “crisis” is made up of both the characters for “danger” and “opportunity,” which he also compared to Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche’s reference to the “coincidence of opposites” from Nicholas of Cusa. He added that this is also coherent with Buddhist teaching. We must take full advantage of the opportunity of the current crisis, he said, to create a “critical mass of consciousness” among the people.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche closed the meeting, noting that the recently released movie about Robert Oppenheimer was bringing attention to the horror of nuclear weapons, and that the Schiller Institute had prepared a leaflet to distribute to audiences at the film, encouraging them to join the August 6 rallies. She supported the call for scientists to join the movement, but suggested that the letter be addressed to “scientists and artists,” since scientists and artists share the love of the positive vision of mankind’s future. She called for participants to spend the remaining days before August 6 mobilizing everyone, especially youth and the Global South, which is experiencing a revolutionary upsurge, turning against the call to war coming from the NATO countries in favor of peace and development in cooperation with Russia and China, convinced to end the age of colonialism once and for all.

Webcast: Ukraine War Threatens to Escalate — a discussion with Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Send your questions for Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche to:

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche tomorrow in her weekly dialogue for a discussion about building an International Peace Coalition.

#worldwar3 #newparadigm #peacemovement #decoupling #nuclearwar #russia

Seventh Weekly Meeting of International Peace Coalition: Humanity Must Overcome Differences To Prevent Nuclear War

If you would like to join in the International Peace Coalition, please contact

July 21, 2023 (EIRNS)—The International Peace Coalition (IPC) held its seventh weekly international meeting on Friday, July 21, with representatives of 17 nations, most of whom reported on the mobilizations taking place in their countries, targeting the August 6 international Day of Action on the anniversary of the genocidal U.S. nuclear destruction of Hiroshima.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of the Schiller Institute, opened the call by emphasizing that the madness of the warmongers at the July 17-18 NATO summit is still escalating towards full-scale war, which will not be stopped until the truth about the cause and the intention is understood by the broad public around the world. The fact that two systems now exist, one based on the unipolar world of Global NATO, and the other based on the BRICS and nearly all of the Global South nations moving to a new system committed to ending colonialism for good.

Zepp-LaRouche held up the case of Germany, where sovereignty is completely lost, where the “rules-based order” (with no one knowing who makes these so-called “rules”) is destroying the economy. Everything that Germans built up after the destruction of World War II is now being destroyed, with businesses fleeing the country in droves—and this despite the fact that 70% of the population think that the government is doing a terrible job. The sovereignty of every country is under attack by the U.S.-U.K.-Global NATO war party—she reminded people that the sovereignty of every country is the first of her “Ten Principles.” We must make August 6 a “clarion call” for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine. To do that we must live up to the call by Steve Leeper, the former head of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, that organizations worldwide must put aside any differences and unite on August 6 at the UN or elsewhere to stop the war drive.

Reports on organizing efforts came in from around the world:

Nicaragua: Bolívar Téllez Castellón of Nicaragua reported that a committee is being formed to mobilize support for August 6 and beyond, and several of the leaders are making short videos to rally support, which he is sharing with the IPC for worldwide use in Spanish-speaking nations. He noted that the country had been subjected to a fratricidal war for over 20 years, but is now working with Russia and China to achieve real development.

Malaysia: Chandra Muzaffar, founder and director of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), announced that he had sent out the release announcing the August 6 event, and the Steve Leeper letter, to the 20-25,000 strong JUST mailing list. [] He also reported that he had written to a number of peace organizations in Asia, calling on them to join the IPC. JUST is sponsoring its own event on August 6, which is under discussion as to the format. He said that getting a million people out on the street, either in New York City or worldwide, is a very large target, but a necessary one given that what is at stake is the human race itself. The current danger is the greatest in history—in 1945 only one side had nuclear weapons, now many countries have them, and they are far more deadly than the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombs. We owe it to history, and to future generations, to succeed in our task. It is “flourish or perish.”

Germany: Jimmy Gerum, who is serving as the press secretary for Humanity For Peace coalition, declared that “every war is started with a lie,” and we must mount massive pressure from individual independent journalists to break through the lies in the mainstream media.

Guatemala: Raul Marroquin, of the Observatory for Human Peace in Guatemala, said he has been associated with Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute for many years. Now we see that the oligarchs of the world want to see the end of humanity, which we must act to prevent.

France: Karel Vereycken, a leading member of the Schiller Institute in France, described the July 8-9 Schiller Institute Conference in Strasbourg, the first in-person Schiller conference since before the pandemic, where 250 people heard from leading people from Russia, China, India, Africa, Europe, and the U.S. The French Schiller Institute is planning three events: August 6 at Notre Dame; August 9, the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing, at the offices of UNESCO; and a later date on science, exposing the role of John von Neumann as the person who encouraged President Harry Truman to use the atomic bomb on the civilian cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Austria: a peace activist described the long-standing pride in Austria that they have maintained their status as a neutral country, opposed to war but advocating active nonviolent neutrality, which is now under enormous pressure from NATO and the NATO-influenced media. He said his associates have held demonstrations for years on August 6 and August 9, and they will again this year as part of the International Day of Action.

Sweden: Ulf Bejerstrand, who started the “Voice of the People” to allow the people to break through the media lies, said that they have 50,000 followers on social media. He said that if the people come together they can defeat the warmongers.

Sweden: Ulf Sandmark, the President of the Schiller Institute in Sweden, said they were planning an event in Stockholm on August 6. He said the collapse of the Black Sea Grain Initiative was a severe blow, orchestrated by NATO and the oligarchs, precisely because it was a small but significant step towards cooperation and peace.

Mexico: Carolina Dominguez of the Schiller Institute in Mexico, described their organizing in support of President John Kennedy’s June 10, 1963 speech seeking for U.S.-U.S.S.R. cooperation for peace and development. She said that the youth in Mexico do not believe the NATO narrative, and that they respect Russia and the BRICS countries. She quoted Mexican hero, President Benito Juárez, who defeated the Habsburg occupation of Mexico, and who insisted that “Respect for the rights of others means peace.” She said the organization had distributed thousands of copies of the “Urgent Appeal by Citizens and Institutions from All Over the World to the (Next) President of the United States!” issued by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, calling for a return to the principles of peace advocated by JFK.

United States: Elliot Greenspan, the head of the LaRouche Movement’s Outreach Task Force, described the efforts to bring the “hyphenated-Americans” from Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Guineans, and others, as well as Christian organizations, together for the August 6 demonstrations, further insisting that the differences which certainly exist between these layers must be put aside to prevent a nuclear war. Dennis Speed, a U.S. national leader of the Schiller Institute, said that to get a million people out on the street, as Chandra Muzaffar had indicated, is a difficult but essential task if the genocidalists are to be stopped. He noted that the NATO sabotage of the Black Sea Grain Initiative was yet another case of these Malthusians working to starve millions of people to death, and that JFK’s “Food for Peace” concept is crucial today.

Germany: Barbara Spahn, Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität (BüSo), reported about a coalition of small parties that has already held 2 peace rallies in Frankfurt. For August 5, another rally is planned, where, among others, Bundeswehr colonel (ret.) Florian Pfaff, will speak.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche closed the meeting, praising the progress made thus far in the IPC, but insisting that it must grow faster to reach the goal. Each member must take the responsibility to reach out to other organizations—peace, religious, democracy and other groups—to join the movement. She encouraged the use of the video by scientist Steven Starr on the devastation of a nuclear war, and also promoted reading Friedrich Schiller on how to “bend the tyrant’s arm.”

Attendance IPC#7:
Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), founder and leader, Schiller Institute
President Donald Ramotar (Guyana), Former President of Guyana
Chandra Muzaffar (Malaysia) JUST International/SHAPE
Abdoulaye Balde (US), Guinean and American League of Friends for Freedom
Oliver Boyd-Barrett (US), Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey (India) President of the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental Protection
Barbara Spahn (Germany), BüSo Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität
Mamadou Dathe Diallo (USA/Guinea) Guinean American League of Friends for Freedom
Beatriz Solórzano León (Guatemala), Lawyer, Parliamentary Technician
Bernie Holland (UK) No2NATO
Fr. Robert Cushing (U.S.), Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP), Pax Christi GA, former priest
Bolívar Téllez Castellón (Nicaragua), Lawyer and university professor
Carolina Domìnguez Cisneros (Mexico) 
Raul Marroquin (Guatemala)
Peter Weish (Austria)
Verena Konig (Austria)
Udo Leibmann (Poland) United for Freedom
Boubacar Sidy (US/Guinea)
Ilker Özyavuz (Germany) Team Todenhöfer
Hondo Tonumaa (Estonia)
Martin Schotz, (US) author, “History Will Not Absolve Us: Orwellian Control, Public Denial, and the Murder of President Kennedy”
Ruben Dario Guzzetti (Argentina), Argentine Institute of Geopolitical Studies (IADEG)
Christine Bierre (France), Solidarity and Progress
Fr. Harry Bury (US), Archdiocese of Saint Paul in Minneapolis, MN
Jacques Cheminade (France), head of Solidarity and Progress
Jimmy Gerum (Germany), Lighthouse Media
Juan Carrero (Spain), President, S’Olivar Foundation
Juan Gómez (Chile)
Martha Rollins (US/Costa Rica) Int’l Peace Delegations: Ibero America, Columbia, Cuba and Palestine
Ulf Bejerstand (Sweden), Party leader, Musician
Liz Augustat (Germany), Peace Through Culture
Simon Miller (US) LaRouche Youth Movement
Robert Castle (US) LaRouche Youth Movement
Karen Ball (US) Pax Christi – Texas
Mike Billington (US) Executive Intelligence Review Magazine
Muhammad Selim Akhtar (U.S.) Muslim Alliance
Ulf Sandmark (Sweden), President Schiller Institute, Sweden
Wolfgang Lieberknecht (Germany) Internationale Friedens Fabrik Wanfried
Meshack Maxongo (South Africa)
Marianne Liljeholt (Sweden), Party Board member, Freedom Movement
Joyce Hall (US) Pax Christi
David Andersson, (US) Coordinator of NYC bureau for Pressenza Press Agency and hosts a talk-show, Face 2 Face, broadcast on Youtube and Facebook
Jurgen Wolf (Scotland), No2NATO UK, Workers Party BG
Mark Rolofson (US) 
Chris Fogarty (US/Ireland), Irish American Leader
Fredrick Weiss (US) Classical musician
Ronald Betag (US) Schiller Institute, Texas
Dennis Small (US), Schiller Institute, Virginia
Dennis Speed (US), Schiller Institute, New Jersey
Diane Sare, (US) U.S. Senate Candidate, New York
Jose Vega, (US) Interventionist, Organizer Schiller Institute
Anastasia Battle (US) Organizer, Interventionist and Editor-in-Chief, Leonore Magazine

**Affiliations for identification purposes only

PRESS RELEASE: International Peace Coalition Holds Sixth Meeting

July 14—The International Peace Coalition (IPC), initiated by Helga Zepp- LaRouche, held its sixth weekly Zoom meeting today, chaired by the Schiller Institute’s Anastasia Battle, with 38 guests from 15 countries and peace organizations, in addition to members of the Schiller Institute.

At their fifth meeting, in an impassioned presentation, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), had described he just concluded July 4–5 conference sponsored by JUST and the Save Humanity and the Planet (SHAPE) centered in Malaysia, titled “Asia-Pacific NATO: Fanning the Flames of War.” The target was AUKUS, the Australia-U.K.-U.S. security pact whose purpose, Dr. Muzaffar said, is to “contain China.” Most Asians oppose this pact, but the political leaders want to “assure the domination of Asia by the British and the U.S.,” and undermine any peace movement. The meeting was quite successful, with speakers from Australia, China, Malaysia, the U.S China and South Korea, with several new organizations participating in the event. JUST and SHAPE will get the news on the IPC to their mailing lists. Dr. Muzaffar thanked Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute for building the IPC, which he said he “hopes will grow and flourish, as it is key to our future.” [Read IPC#5 Press Release Here]

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder and leader of the Schiller Institute, opened the sixth meeting by noting two globally important events in the week since the IPC’s fifth meeting on July 7: the two-day international conference of the Schiller Institute in Strasbourg, France on July 8-9; and the NATO Summit of July 11-12 in Vilnius (referred to as the “villainous Vilnius Summit” by one speaker at the IPC meeting). While the NATO Summit was a war cry for more escalation of the surrogate NATO war against Russia centered in Ukraine, the Schiller Institute conference provided ideas and discussion on the urgency of substituting cooperation for confrontation, preventing the current rush to an outbreak of global nuclear war, and bringing the world’s nations together in a paradigm of development.

Zepp-LaRouche pointed to the newly-announced decision by President Joe Biden to deploy cluster bombs to Ukraine—altogether 300 million bomblets—a madness that will cause thousands of deaths of innocents, as has already been demonstrated by the death and maiming of children and other civilians in Cambodia and Vietnam from the landmines and cluster bombs deployed during the Indochina war of the 1960-70s—deaths and injuries continuing even today. There is international opposition to this genocidal act, including from within the United States, but Biden is going ahead regardless.

The ugly irony of this move, Zepp-LaRouche added, is that Biden has admitted that even though he once opposed the use of cluster bombs as a war crime, now the U.S. and its NATO allies are running out of ammunition to continue the bloodletting in Ukraine, and therefore will use the cluster bombs to keep the war going. She pointed to the decision to deploy F-16s to Ukraine as yet another insane act, noting that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia will have no way to know if the nuclear-weapon capable F-16s are armed with nuclear weapons or not, and must therefore treat them as being nuclear armed.

Zepp-LaRouche also pointed to the NATO Summit’s embrace of a policy to expand the domain of NATO to the Asia-Pacific region, targeting China with the same war-policy as deployed against Russia in Europe.

As to Ukraine, she reported the intention presented at the NATO Summit to turn the country into a military production center, with the West’s major military-industrial companies setting up production facilities in Ukraine for a “forever war.” In the process, there was no discussion by any NATO participants of a peace plan, or even for negotiations for peace. At the rate of destruction of the Ukraine economy and the death of thousands of young men in the bloody cauldron of war, there will be no way for the country to rebuild even if the war can be stopped.

The lesson, Zepp-LaRouche concluded, is that the International Peace Coalition must grow and create a massive public outcry against the madness. The plan for international demonstrations on Aug. 6, the 78th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima by U.S. President Harry Truman, must be the basis for expanding this effort.

Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst and a co-founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), gave a situation report on the war in Ukraine, asserting that while Biden is declaring that Ukraine is winning, even that Putin has “already lost” the war, that simply demonstrates that Biden is living in an “alternative reality,” since it is abundantly clear that the opposite is the case. The much-heralded “counter-offensive” by the Zelenskyy government forces has been a colossal failure, with the mass destruction of tanks and other military equipment, as well as yet more thousands of lives sacrificed.

Col. Richard H. Black, a retired Marine officer and former Army Joint Advocate General (JAG) lawyer who headed the Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon before retiring from the military and serving in Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate, reviewed the failure of Kiev’s “counteroffensive,” suggesting that the idea of a perpetual war of attrition is a losing proposition for Ukraine, and that they may not be able to sustain the current pace even through the end of August.

Regarding the cluster bombs, Col. Black remarked that the world agreed to ban mustard gas and other chemical weapons as war crimes, and for the U.S. to simply declare that cluster bombs are to be accepted because “Ukraine needs them” does not change the fact that their use is a war crime. Are we to declare later that nuclear weapons will stop being illegal if “Ukraine needs them,” he asked? We are heading for nuclear war, he warned, and there is far too little resistance to it in the U.S., so this Coalition must grow.

Joseph Boyd-Barrett, a professor (emeritus) at California State University and an expert on the uses of propaganda, gave further evidence of the falsification in the mainstream media about the war in Ukraine. Ukraine and its Western backers in NATO have already essentially lost the war, as their munitions are running out and the NATO countries are not able to sustain the supply, while Russia “can produce multiples” of the munitions produced by the combined NATO backers of Kiev. He also estimates that the supply of weapons to Ukraine will run out by the end of August.

The problem remains that the Ukraine government, and its backers in NATO, don’t care that the country and the population are being destroyed by the war policy, and refuse to negotiate. Zelenskyy was elected on a pledge to bring peace, but now it must be said that the Kiev regime’s policy is to see their own population murdered by continuing a war which cannot be won. The Democratic Party in power in Washington appears to believe that the only way to win the next general election in November 2024 is to keep the war going through next year.

Juan Carrero, a peace activist from Spain, said that the Western elites are suffering from dementia, as they repeat without any evidence that Russia will lose the war. He said that he had lived in Hiroshima for a year and a half, and saw the effects of the destruction, calling for the Aug. 6 demonstrations worldwide to be a turning point to stop the madness.

Moderator Anastasia Battle read four demands which the IPC will issue on its website
They are:

  • 1. End the supply of weapons to Ukraine.
  • 2. Begin unconditional peace talks with all parties to the war
  • 3. End the NATO alliance.
  • 4. Establish a new security architecture for all nations, ending the division of the world into warring “blocs.”

Bernie Holland, a peace activist from the U.K., asked Helga Zepp-LaRouche to discuss her concept of the “Coincidence of Opposites” which is the eighth of her Ten Principles of a NewInternational Security and Development Architecture.

Zepp-LaRouche replied with an in-depth discussion of the concept, developed by the 15th-century genius Nicholas of Cusa, who discovered the idea as a method of thought based on the truth that the “One” is superior to the “Many,” that only by recognizing that there is a common principle which unites all human beings, whatever their faith or ethnicity or nationality. This method of thinking made it possible for Cusa to bring about the unity of the Roman and Orthodox Christian religions at the ecumenical Council of Florence between 1431 and 1449, and later was the basis of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ending the Thirty Years’ War in Europe. In the current age of nuclear weapons, that principle of creative thought, based on love rather than hate, is the only basis for world peace. Other speakers reported on their organizing efforts for peace in Argentina, Chile, England, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Nicaragua, Scotland, and across the U.S. All agreed to build an even larger attendance, including representatives from the Global South, for the next meeting on Friday, July 21.

Rally and Concert:
Humanity for Peace is hosting a “Global Rally for World Peace and an End to All Wars!” On Sunday, Aug. 6 from 1-4 pm at the Dag Hammerskjöld Plaza (United Nations Plaza) in New York City, 47th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, followed by an evening concert from 6-8 pm at the Unitarian Church of All Souls, 1157 Lexington Ave. at East 80th Street, of Mozart’s Requiem, performed by a combined chorus and orchestra which will include the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus and musicians. It will be free and open to the public.

A full report on the fifth meeting of the International Peace Coalition, held on July 7, is here:

In Attendance:

  • Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), founder and leader, Schiller Institute
  • Colonel Richard Black (U.S., ret), former head of the Pentagon Criminal Law Division, former Virginia State Senator
  • Oliver Boyd-Barrett (U.S.), Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
    Alessia Ruggeri (Italy) Trade Unionist
  • Anton Winter, (Austria) Nouvelle Alliance, UZG – Initiative Zivilgesellschaft
  • Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey (India) President of the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental Protection
  • Barbara Spahn (Germany)
  • Beatriz Solórzano León (Guatemala), Lawyer, Parliamentary Technician
  • Bernie Holland (UK) No2NATO
  • Fr. Robert Cushing (U.S.), Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP), Pax Christi GA, former priest
  • Bolívar Téllez Castellón (Nicaragua), Lawyer and university professor
  • Boubacar Sidy (USA/Guinea)
  • Christer Lundgren, (Sweden)
  • Ruben Dario Guzzetti (Argentina), Argentine Institute of Geopolitical Studies (IADEG)
  • Christine Bierre (France), Solidarity and Progress
  • Fr. Harry Bury (U.S.), Archdiocese of Saint Paul in Minneapolis, MN
  • Ingo Scharpff (Germany)
  • Jacques Cheminade (France), head of Solidarity and Progress
  • Jimmy Gerum (Germany), Lighthouse Media
  • Juan Carrero (Spain), President, S’Olivar Foundation
  • Juan Gómez (Chile)
  • Karen Ball (U.S.) Pax Christi – Texas
  • Liliana Gorini (Italy), Movisol
  • Mike Billington, (U.S.) Executive Intelligence Review Magazine
  • Muhammad Selim Akhtar (U.S.) Muslim Alliance
  • Ray McGovern (U.S.) former senior analyst, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); founding member, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
  • Rev. Dr. Terri L. Strong (U.S.), AME minister from Memphis, TN Chair of the Actions and Global Concern Committee of the Church Women United
  • Ulf Sandmark (Sweden), President Schiller Institute, Sweden
  • Wolfgang Lieberknecht (Germany)
  • David Andersson, (U.S.) Coordinator of NYC bureau for Pressenza Press Agency and hosts a talk-show, Face 2 Face, broadcast on Youtube and Facebook
  • Jurgen Wolf (Scotland), No2NATO UK, Workers Party BG
  • Jack Gilroy (U.S.), Organizer, Pax Christi, NY State/Pax Christi International; Board Member, New York Veterans for Peace
  • Sonja Van den Ende, (Netherlands/Russia) Independent Journalist, covers Russia/Ukraine conflict, for Katehon 
  • Chris Fogarty (U.S./Ireland), Irish American Leader
  • Fredrick Weiss (U.S.) Classical musician
  • Dennis Small (U.S.), Schiller Institute, Virginia
  • Dennis Speed (U.S.), Schiller Institute, New Jersey
  • Diane Sare, (U.S.) U.S. Senate Candidate, New York
  • Jose Vega, (U.S.) Interventionist, Organizer Schiller Institute
  • Anastasia Battle (U.S.) Organizer, Interventionist and Editor-in-Chief, Leonore Magazine

**Affiliations for identification purposes only

NATO Escalates — the Peace Movement Must Move Faster!— a discussion with Helga Zepp-LaRouche

“The way to look at the strategic situation is that, given the fact that we are on a trajectory towards confrontation, this will not change until we get a real break in the situation. And since we are not anywhere close to that break, which would require that either the United States or some major European countries stop the confrontation and make a clear signal to cooperate with the Global South and China and even Russia, this will continue to escalate, and that is why our activation and effort to put together an international peace coalition of everybody—not just some, but everybody—is so absolutely crucial.”

Send your questions for Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche to:
Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche tomorrow, July 18, in her weekly dialogue for a discussion about building an International Peace Coalition.

PRESS RELEASE: Fifth International Peace Coalition Event Reveals Growth and Extensive Organizing

If you are interested in working with the International Peace Coalition, please contact

President John Kennedy



July 5, 2023 – In light of rapidly rising threat of nuclear war, the Schiller Institute releases the initial list of 186 prominent signers, from 55 countries on six continents, of Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Urgent Appeal by Citizens and Institutions from All Over the World to the (Next) President of the United States!. 

The appeal, issued May 17, calls for the Presidency of the United States to return to the peace policy of John F. Kennedy enunciated in his historic address at American University June 10, 1963. On June 10, 2023, the Schiller Institute (SI) accelerated worldwide diffusion of that speech on its 60th anniversary with this international online conference: The World Needs JFK’s Vision of Peace!

The SI urges everyone possible to add their name to the appeal, and to bring it to the attention of every organization concerned with the welfare of mankind that they can. Total current signers are 1300, with translations into 7 languages. The aim is to reach 5,000 before the worldwide peace actions on August 6, the anniversary of the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, from 100 plus countries. The Institute particularly encourages maximum viewings of the Kennedy speech itself, by individuals, schools, and all categories of other groups, in a spreading world awakening. Here is the full 27-minute Kennedy Peace Address; here, a 4-minute set of video highlights, with subtitles.

The circulation of the Urgent Appeal and Kennedy speech has spurred the formation of a rapidly growing International Peace Coalition, initiated by the Schiller Institute on June 2. The summary press release of its most recent deliberation, International Peace Coalition Charts a Path to the New Paradigm, begins: “On Friday June 30, the International Peace Coalition (IPC) held its fourth meetings with approximately 60 organizers from Argentina, Germany, Guinea, Nicaragua, Span, Sweden Switzerland, the UK, the United States, and other nations participating in the proceedings. The meeting could be best characterized as a strategy session on how to expand the IPC through various means of direct action such as street organizing, social media, political interventions, and classes, with the goal of not only preventing the immediate threat of global thermonuclear war, but laying the foundation for a durable peace – a New Paradigm.”

Please add your efforts to the urgent expansion of the Coalition’s work. Contact the Coalition at

The conclusion of the Appeal, and initial list of prominent signers:

We the undersigned want America to be again the America expressed in that beautiful speech of JFK. We want the United States to be again a beacon of hope and a temple of liberty. We believe that this is the basis for “peace for all time,” as JFK said.

Initiating signer

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), founder Schiller Institute

Additional prominent signers

Daud AzimiAfghanistan/GermanyDipl. Ing. (Engineer); Board Member, Peace National Front of Afghanistan
Tse Anye KevinAfricaVice President, State 55, Afrika
Enrique Juan BoxArgentinaSocial communicator
Roberto FritzscheArgentinaProfessor, Dep’t of Economic Science, University of Belgrano
Carlos Perez GalindoArgentinaLawyer
Rubén Darío GuzzettiArgentinaArgentine Institute of Geopolitical Science
Gustavo RussoArgentinaLawyer; Professor of Juridical Sciences
Trudy CampbellAustraliaNorthern Territory secretary, Australian Citizens Party
Christian DierickBelgiumManager, Big Science Technology Club & Lead Energy Expert
William LindoBelizeExecutive member, Peoples United Party
Edwin Alfonso De La Fuente JeriaBoliviaFormer Commander in Chief of the Bolivian Armed Forces
Osman Vladimir Escobar TorrezBoliviaHuman Rights Secretary, Bolivian Labor Confederation (COB)
Max Yecid IbañezBoliviaFormer Secretary of Grievance Resolution, National Federation of Electrical and Telephone Workers of Bolivia
Jairo Dias CarvalhoBrazilProfessor, Philosophy of Technology, Federal University of Uberlândia
Lilian Simone Godoy FonsecaBrazilProfessor of Philosophy, UFVJM, Diamantina campus
Gabriel Tincani RamosBrazilPresident, Union of Socialist Youth — Campinas
Renata Welinski Da Silva SeabraBrazilESG Consultant; Former UNDP Executive Director for UN Global Compact Brazil; author, “A Regulamentação International Ambiental e a Responsabilidade Corporativa”
Julian FellCanadaFormer Director, Regional District of Nanaimo
Dimitri LascarisCanadaLawyer; Peace activist
Mario Guillermo Acosta AlarcónColombiaScientist and writer; General Director, CIFRA (Space Lab City)
Fernando Duque JaramilloColombiaLawyer; Master’s degree in Political Science
Pedro RubioColombiaUnion leader; public policy analyst
Enrique García DubonCosta RicaEconomist
Enrique Ramírez GuierCosta RicaBiologistç consultant
Tom GillesbergDenmarkPresident, Schiller Institute Denmark
Pernille GrummeDenmarkActress; peace activist; former Chair, Artists for Peace, Denmark
Alcibiades Jose AbreuDominican RepublicUniversity professor of mathematics, English and French
Alexis Joaquin CastilloDominican RepublicPresidential candidate of Alianza Nueva República. Lawyer; former Prosecutor of the National District
Ramón Emilio ConcepciónDominican RepublicAttorney at Law, Presidential Pre-candidate for the PRM party (2020)
Ramon Cruz PlacensiaDominican RepublicFormer Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD)
Luis De León FerreiraDominican RepublicPresident of Fuerza Boschista. Educator, university professor at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). Politician
Marino J. Elsevyf PinedaDominican RepublicAttorney at Law; notary
Enrique Garcia FrometaDominican RepublicIndustrial engineer, master’s degree in public administration, appraiser and planner
Ramón GrossDominican RepublicPost-graduate Professor, Catholic University of Santo Domingo
Dantes Ortiz NuñezDominican RepublicHistorian; Professor of History, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo
Oscar Daniel Pérez QuirozDominican RepublicTheologian and Psychologist
Domingo ReyesDominican RepublicFormer professor of economics, Ph.D. in Higher Education
Rafael Reyes JerezDominican RepublicJournalist; TV producer, “cara a cara”
Enrique Antonio Sánchez LiranzoDominican RepublicLawyer, author, poet
Caonabo SuarezDominican RepublicPoet; Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Institute for Analysis and Conclusions (INAC), Dominican Republic
Patricia MerizaldeEcuadorFounder and President, International Feminist Poetry Movement, “Women’s Flight”
Ernesto Pazmiño GranizoEcuadorHuman Rights lawyer; university professor; former General Public Defender of Ecuador; former Vice-President, Justice Center of the Americas
Alexis PonceEcuadorRights advocate, National Association of Patients and Vulnerable Families of Ecuador
Napoleon Saltos GalarzaEcuadorUniversity professor; Member of Parliament (1996-1998), Quito
Jacques CheminadeFrancePresident, Solidarité et Progrès; former presidential candidate
Dr. jur. Wolfgang BittnerGermanyAuthor
Joachim BonatzGermanyVice President, East German Board of Trustees of Associations (Ostdeutschen Kuratoriums e.V.)
Dr. Ole DoeringGermany/ChinaProfessor, Hunan Normal University, China
Johannes PosthGermanyGeneral Director, Deutsche Telekom in Ukraine, starting 1996; head, Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center, 2002-2005
Dr. Rainer SandauGermanyTechnical Director, Satellites and Space Applications, International Academy of Aeronautics (IAA)
Takis IoannidesGreeceAmbassador of Peace, Hon. Dr Literature, historian, researcher, poet.
Dr. Maria Arvanti SotiropoulouGreeceRepresentative, Greek Medical Assoc. for the Protection of the Environment and Against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat (GMA), Greek affiliate of Internat’l Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)
Raul Anibal Marroquin CasasolaGuatemalaCoordinator of the Citizen Observatory for Peace “La pupila del cielo”, San Cristobal, Verapaz, Guatemala.
Otto Rene Quiñones CariasGuatemalaFormer Legislator (1991-1993); President, Board of Directors of Alternate Deputies
Beatriz Solórzano LeónGuatemalaLicentiateç Parliamentary Technician, Congress of Guatemala
Ahmadou DialloGuinea/United StatesSenior Member, Guinean American League of Friends for Freedom In.
Mamadu DjaloGuinea/United StatesSecretary, Guinean American League of Friends for Freedom Inc.
Khemraj RamjattanGuyanaLeader, AFC (Alliance for Change)
Donald RamotarGuyanaFormer President of Guyana
Oscar Abraham Lanza RosalesHondurasIndustrial engineer, retired; columnist for La Tribuna, Honduras
Andrea SzegóHungaryProfessor (ret.), economics
Dr. Balkrishna KurveyIndiaPresident, India Institute for Peace, Disarmament, and Environmental Protection
Maurizio AbbateItalyChairman of ENAC, National Institute for Cultural Activities, Italy,
Angelo AielloItalyFormer sport director of AC Milan
Prof. Bruno BrandimarteItalyProfessor (ret.), Applied Biophysics, Univ. of Rome, Tor Vergata
Renato CorsettiItalyProf. emeritus; Chair, Progressive Esperanto Speakers
Jorge FloresItalyPoet
Liliana GoriniItalyChairwoman of Movisol
Antonio IngroiaItalyFormer candidate for Italian Prime Minister
Nicola ListaItalyChairman, youth organization of MDC, (Movement in Defense of the Citizen)
Enzo PennettaItalyOrganizer, referendum to end Italian military aid to Ukraine
Vincenzo RomanelloItalySenior Nuclear Researcher and Project Manager, National Radiation Protection Institute (SURO)
Alessia RuggeriItalyTrade unionist
Daisuke KotegawaJapanFormer Executive Director for Japan, IMF; former Japan Ministry of Finance official
Pastor James AdundoKenyaChristian Outreach Ministry
Pastor Amos NyambokKenyaChristian Outreach Ministry
Pigbin OdimwenguKenyaYouth political party leader
Pastor George OutaKenyaChristian Outreach Ministry
Mohd Peter DavisMalaysiaBiotechnologist; biochemist; architect; consultant, deep tropical agriculture; Visiting Scientist, University Pertanian (retired)
Chandra MuzaffarMalaysiaFounder and Director, International Movement for a Just World (JUST); Co-founder, Saving Humanity and Planet Earrth (SHAPE)
Adam OuologuemMaliJournalist, Mali/Washington D.C.
Angel Coronel BeltránMexicoFormer Research Profesor, Physics REsearch Department, University of Sonora (UNISON)
Maria de los Ángeles HuertaMexicoFormer Congresswoman
Dr. Enrique López OchoaMexicoAngiologic Surgeon; Professor of Angiology, University of Sonora (UNISON) School of Medicine
Tenit Alfonso Padilla AyalaMexicoProfessor of Effective Communication, Technological Institute of Sonora
Jaime Varela SalazarMexicoFormer Director, School of Chemical Sciences, University of Sonora (UNISON)
Alex KrainerMonaco/CroatiaAuthor, “Grand Deception: The Truth about Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and Anti-Russian Sanctions”
May-May MeijerNetherlandsChair and Founder, Peace SOS
C. (Kees) le PairNetherlandsPhysicist (ret.), University of Leiden; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Djamila le PairNetherlandsFreelance journalist; Free Assange activist
Mykeljon WinckelNew ZealandFounder, Voice Media
Bolívar TéllezNicaraguaLawyer and university professor, Nicaragua
David AjetunmobiNigeriaTrade union leader, auto sector
Adeshola KukoyiNigeriaFounder, Equilibrium Perspectives in Learning and Development/University of Lagos
Manuel HidalgoPeruPhD in Accounting and Business Sciences; Professor at Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Perú
Herman Tiu (Mentong) LaurelPhilippinesFounder, Philippine BRICS Strategic Studies think tank; TV and radio commentator; organizer, movement vs. new U.S. military bases in the Philippines
Leo SemashkoRussian FederationGandhian Global Harmony Association
Earl M. BousquetSt. LuciaVeteran Pan-Caribbean journalist/columnist; Editor, Voice of St. Lucia newspaper; President, St. Lucia-China Friendship Assoc.; Chair, St. Lucia Nat’l Reparations Cttee
Natasa MilojevicSerbiaPolitical scientist; former Member of Parliament
Meshack MoxongoSouth AfricaLeader, LaRouche South Africa
Princy MthombeniSouth AfricaSpokesperson, Africa4Nuclear
Ishmail PhaliSouth AfricaMember, LaRouche South Africa; member, Democratic Alliance – South Africa
Motutla Juda PhaliSouth AfricaMember, LaRouche South Africa
Hyung-Joon WonSouth KoreaViolinist; Founder and Director, Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra; organizer, North and South Korean peace concerts
Juan Carrero SaraleguiSpainPresident, Fundació S’Olivar; peace activist
Juan Jose Torres NunezSpainPoet, published author, freelance journalist
Dr. George MutalemwaTanzaniaGlobal Peace Studies for Sustainable Development; Africa Peace and Development Network (Mtandao wa Amani na Maendeleo Afrika (MAMA)
Bishop Lubega Geoffrey BobUgandaMinister
Ruslan KotsabaUkrainePresident, Ukrainian Movement of Pacifists
David DabydeenUnited Kingdom/GuyanaProfessor; former Guyanese Ambassador to UNESCO and China
Bernie HollandUnited KingdomSoka Gakkai International
P. D. LawtonUnited KingdomEditor, African
Dr. Athar AbbasiUnited StatesMayor (ret.), U.S. Army
Muhammad Salim AkhtarUnited StatesNational Director, American Muslim Alliance (AMA)
Bernard Allen-BayUnited StatesCEO, Project Funding Consultants; Vice President, Oklahoma NAACP
David AnderssonUnited StatesCo-Director Pressenza IPA
Deborah ArmstrongUnited StatesJournalist
Dr. Elena BajenovaUnited StatesCreator and Organizer, Anti-War Coalition Group, Arlington, TX; President, Russian International Culture Center
Col. Richard Black (ret.)United StatesFormer Virginia State Senator and Delegate; former head, U.S. Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon
Kathleen BoylanUnited StatesCatholic Worker Movement, Washington DC
Lt. (ret.) Robert BrancaUnited StatesLt. (ret.) U.S. Naval Reserve
Ellen BrownUnited StatesAuthor, attorney
Malcolm BurnUnited StatesHost, “The Long Way Around”, WKNY Radio, Kinsgston, NY
Harry J. BuryUnited StatesTwin Cities Nonviolent; Association of U.S. Catholic Priests
Bob CushingUnited StatesChairman, Non-Violence Committee, Working Group for the Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP)
T. Herbert DimmockUnited StatesFounder and Music Director, Bach in Baltimore
Daniel DonnellyUnited StatesLibertarian Party, New York
Brian EarleyUnited StatesCaptain (ret.), U.S. Army
Trevor FitzgibbonUnited StatesPresident, Silent Partner Inc.
Christopher FogartyUnited StatesFriends of Irish Freedom
Graham FullerUnited States/CanadaFormer Vice Chair, National Intelligence Council for Long-term Forecasting, CIA; writer; political commentator
David GeorgeUnited StatesProfessor of Economics (Emeritus), LaSalle University
Jack GilroyUnited StatesPax Christi, Upstate New York
Bennett GreenspanUnited StatesPhysician; expert in nuclear medicine; Past President, Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI)
Ephraim HaileUnited States/EritreaEritrean Cultural & Development Center (ECDC) , Eritrean Diaspora Boston
Joyce HallUnited StatesCoordinator, Dallas Pax Christi, TX
Cathy HelgasonUnited StatesMD ;Professor of Neurology. (Retired)
Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Dana HicksUnited Statescomposer, musician, minister
Liz HillUnited StatesLiz Hill Public Relations, LLC
Diana HopeUnited StatesD & D Radio Show,”Delivering the Truth”, NYS, and Beyond
Ivan JonesUnited StatesShop Steward, Local 783, AFSCME (retired)
John JonesUnited StatesBoston Ward 14 Democratic Committee
Frank KartheiserUnited StatesMustard Seed Catholic Worker, Worcester, MA
Bishop Reginald L. KennedyUnited StatesPresident, Ministers Conference of Baltimore and Vicinty, MD
Dr. George KooUnited StatesChairman, Burlingame Foundation; retired business consultant, U.S.-China relations
Janice KortkampUnited StatesCitizen journalist, “American Housewife in Syria” podcasts
Igor LopatonokUnited States/Russian FederationDocumentary film director and producer, “Ukriane on Fire”
Jeff MahnUnited StatesNuclear Engineer (ret.), Sandia Labs, science educator at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.
Joseph MarcinkowskiUnited StatesPax Christi. Veterans for Peace; Houston Peace and Justice Coalition
Imam Radwan MardiniUnited StatesInterfaith leader, American Muslim Center
George McGowanUnited StatesFormer Town Councilman, Lake George, NY; former Republican County Committee, Warren County, NY
David MeiswinkleUnited StatesAttorney-at-law; Past President and Executive Director, Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry
Suzzanne MonkUnited StatesChair, Patriot Action PAC
James MooreUnited StatesExecutive Committee- ATA, NSRAA, AKI (fisheries and aquaculture)
Darrell NicholsUnited StatesBishop; Former President, NE Ohio NAACP; Former Vice-President, SCLC, Toledo, OH; Captain (ret.), U.S. Army
Nestor OginarUnited States/MacedoniaRetired Professor of English language and literature, New York; Representative, World Macedonian Congress at the UN; Leade, Macedonian Diaspora in North America ; Member, Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archepiscopy
John OLoughlinUnited StatesAuthor, “McDuff Lives! The life and untimely death of Thomas F. O’Loughlin, Jr.”
Jeff PhilbinUnited StatesNuclear Engineer, Technical Consultant, Independent Contractor
Cynthia PoolerUnited StatesBroadcast journalist, peace activist, NY
Earl D. Rasmussen, P.E.United StatesLt. Col. (Ret.), U.S. Army; International consultant
Coleen RowleyUnited StatesFBI Intelligence (ret.); FBI special agent and intelligence expert; whistleblower and author
Stephen SalchowUnited StatesViolinist, violist; member, Solchow Bow Maker and Repair family
Diane SareUnited StatesLaRouche candidate for U.S. Senate – NY
Martin SchotzUnited StatesCoordinator of JFK Peace Speech Committee, Massachusetts Peace Action, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice
John ShanahanUnited StatesDr. Ing. civil engineer; founder of website
Paul ShannonUnited StatesMA Peace Action
John C.SmithUnited StatesProfessional Engineer; Senior Project Engineer; PhD candidate, Colorado School of Mines
Steven StarrUnited StatesProfessor, University of Missouri
Jack StockwellUnited StatesMorning Radio Talk Show Host (1995–present), Salt Lake City, UT
Barbara SuhrstedtUnited StatesConcert pianist; President, Board of Directors, Framingham Lomonosov Association for Mutual Exchange (F.L.A.M.E.)
Dr. Mohammad A. ToorUnited States/PakistanChairman of the Board, P:akistani American Congress
Bob Van HeeUnited StatesRedwood County Commissioner, Minnesota
Zaher WahabUnited States/AfghanistanProfessor Emeritus of Education, Former Advisor to the Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education
Frederick WeissUnited StatesMusician
Javier AraujoVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofBolivariano; former Councilman; current Alternate Councilman
Luisa Báez CatariVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofPresident, Diocesan Union of Confraternities, Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar of Guarenas, Miranda state
José BustamanteVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofSociologist
Reinaldo Cróes AriasVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofEconomist and public accounting professional
Andrés Ramón Giussepe AvalaVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofFormer member, Latin American Parliament
Marco Antonio HernándezVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofSocial media organizer; Bachelor’s degree in education; professor
Alberto Mendoza UribeVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofFundamaraisa Foundation
Emil Guevara MuñozVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofFormer member, Latin American Parliament (2006-2011)
Thaidy TeránVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofCoordinator, Music Ministry, Our Lady of Copacabana Cathedral Church, Guarenas
Kelvin ChifulumoZambiaFounder, Educating Girls and Young Women for Development (EGYD)
Munashe ChiwanzaZimbwabweCivil Engineer

International Peace Coalition Charts a Path to the New Paradigm

If you are interested in working with the International Peace Coalition, please contact

On Friday June 30, the International Peace Coalition (IPC) held its fourth meeting with approximately 60 organizers from Argentina, Germany, Guinea, Nicaragua, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the United States, and other nations participating in the proceedings. The meeting could be best characterized as a strategy session on how to expand the IPC through various means of direct action such as street organizing, social media, political interventions, and classes with the goal of not only preventing the immediate threat of global thermonuclear war but laying the foundation for a durable peace—a New Paradigm.

Moderated by Anastasia Battle of the Schiller Institute, the meeting began with a very concise strategic overview by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and leader of the Schiller Institute and initiator of the IPC, outlining the heightened danger of war between Russia and NATO in the wake of the mutiny by Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner mercenaries against the Kremlin. Apparently Western Intelligence agencies had advanced knowledge of the event, an event which could have led potentially to chaos in the largest nuclear power, but made no effort to alert the Russian leadership. Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche contrasted this to the support President Putin had offered to the Bush administration after the 9/11 attack. Would it really be preferable to have the strongest nuclear power fall into chaos with potentially catastrophic consequences? 

She also pointed out that there are now voices in Russia such as Prof. Sergey Karaganov, head of the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, who are calling for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Karaganov’s colleague, Prof. Dmitri Trenin, at the same time is warning that Western elites have lost the fear of nuclear weapons, and with that the sense of the consequences of their policies. Zepp-LaRouche then laid out the root cause of the conflict—a geopolitical showdown between two systems: one system—the unipolar system—which clearly has gone under, and the rise of a new system represented by the nations of the Global South asserting in a very legitimate way their right for economic development. 

This was demonstrated recently at the June 22–23 Summit for a New Global Financing Pact hosted by President Emmanuel Macron in France, where President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa asserted that if the West is serious about helping the nations of Africa, it should finance the Inga Dam project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which would bring electricity to 12– 15 countries. Africa currently has 600 million people without electricity. She ended her opening remarks by emphasizing the urgent necessity of a New Security and Development Architecture which allows the development of all countries on the planet as the only means to address the current disarray.

Much of the ensuing discussion centered on IPC plans for a peace rally at the United Nations scheduled for August 6, the 78th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. A flier will be produced for the event as well as a unique website listing all of the participating groups. Plans are also in the works for sister events everywhere possible both leading up to and on the day of the event. A suggestion was made that the IPC should strive to get at least one person from every country in the world to make a video in support of the peace rally, which could be posted on the website. Several participants highlighted the importance of bringing more young people into the peace process through campus organizing and other means. There were also many useful suggestions of various social media platforms that could be used for expanded outreach, and suggestions of numerous peace groups that should be contacted for networking purposes. Generally participants were very enthusiastic about the opportunity to strategize with like-minded people on concrete actions necessary to bring about a lasting peace.

Dr. Rev. Terri Strong proposed that the IPC draft a policy paper—to be presented to world leaders — detailing the detrimental effects of massive spending on military ventures, thereby draining money and other resources away from social programs which would benefit their own populations. The example of Germany was mentioned, where, because of budget cuts, the healthcare system is in a state of collapse. Were a fraction of the money being spent on military expenditures used instead for healthcare this problem could be resolved. It was decided that a social policy paper be drafted specific to the needs of each country in the form of a petition to be presented to the leaders of these various nations.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche ended the discussion answering a question posed to her about gun violence in the United States. She made the point that violence in the small and violence in the large are interconnected. The U.S. currently experiences a mass shooting every fourteen hours, which is insane. But where does this come from? She then went through the history of how the U.S. military used various methods to break down the natural resistance humans have to using weapons to kill other humans, ultimately resulting in point-and-shoot video games which were subsequently marketed to the general public — including children who are now being turned into mass killing machines.

Her solution—totally coherent with the goals of the IPC—is to launch a campaign among schools, churches, teachers, parents, etc. to start a mass movement centered on the idea that the basis of humanity is love. JFK’s 1963 “peace speech” should be used as a pedagogical device along with aesthetical education to help people discover the true nature of what it means to be human. This is necessary to move civilization to a New Paradigm of international relations, without which we will not succeed in keeping humanity alive.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), founder and leader, Schiller Institute
“I think we have reached the point in the history of mankind where we absolutely have to make the jump beyond geopolitics because geopolitics was the cause of two world wars in the 20th century and if we do not get over the idea that there are legitimate interests of a nation or a block of nations against another block of nations then the seeds of World War III will remain there no matter what happens now in the short term. So I think the idea of the One Humanity—I have been suggesting to look at it from the standpoint of Nicolas of Cusa’s Coincidence of Opposites … which is a method of thinking that you can at any moment—no matter what problem you are dealing with—always can conceptualize the One which has a higher power than the Many. And in respect to mankind the One Humanity for sure has a higher power than the many nations or groups of nations. And I think we have to teach people to think in terms of the One Humanity; the interest of human civilization and the joint future of mankind.”

Dennis Speed (US), Schiller Institute, New Jersey
“The dropping of the atomic bomb was a great crime. And the dropping of any atomic bomb at any time is a great crime. There has to be a way—and there was a way at the time in 1945—for humanity to come up with a different solution…. We need to bear witness to that and we need to think about doing that where people all over the world … can participate….”

Colonel Richard Black (US, ret), former head of the Pentagon Criminal Law Division, former Virginia State Senator
“I think it’s important—and also to realize—that what is happening on the battlefield is very important to what’s happening with the peace movement. Because despite the media hype and rhetoric the fact is that the Ukrainian counter-offensive launched several weeks ago has run into a Russian wall-of-steel. It is an absolute Slaughter and a disaster…. [A]t some point this cannot continue; it just won’t. And when that becomes more obvious, whatever your movement is doing with the rallies and so forth I think will gain enormous strength as it becomes more obvious what a disaster this is on the battlefield.”

Jimmy Gerum (Germany), Lighthouse Media
“I want to stress again about the importance of the media. You know the hypocrisy of the worldwide media has increased to a really high level and [with] our initiative in Germany we are looking for international contact to journalists because we think we have a special situation in Germany—also in Middle Europe—that we have a very strong public broadcasting system; and this public broadcasting system joins the hypocrisy, and we have a duty to change this…. And I want to ask everybody who knows and has contact with independent journalists: let’s have a media strategy because peace starts with honest media.”

Ron Bettag (US), Schiller Institute, Texas
“Every activity done between now and then [Aug. 6]—and I know there’s a longer arc we can look at to the 21st of September which is UN day; a day of peace. It’s also Kennedy’s speech at the UN. So there’s a dynamic here that we definitely could all just put our sights on and continue to organize everybody to do as Dennis [Speed] said: even these smaller events will have a real effect.”

Nick Brana (US), chairman of the People’s Party, Rage Against the War Machine Organizer
“I want to just confirm that Rage Against the War Machine is totally on board. I’m totally on board; the People’s Party is totally on board with the August 6th action. And so kudos and credit to everybody who has really worked hard to put it together…. The People’s Party, you can count us in and we’re looking forward to it…. Also very happy to see this Coalition growing and excited to be taking part in it and help out however we can for August 6th and beyond.”

Karen Ball (US),
Pax Christi, San Antonio
“Pax Christi arose out of the French and the Germans coming together as Catholics and saying: this is insane that we’re killing one another when we have the same belief system…. Catholic social teaching talks in terms of how we should be working towards peace. So I’m going to reach out to leaders at this particular [Catholic university] to see whether this might be something that—an event that we can plan on campus.”

Dr. Bolivar Tellez (Nicaragua), professor, Central University of Nicaragua
“NATO has given all it could give to Ukraine. All that is left for them to do is to deploy military units on top of the so-called advisors; so they have destroyed Europe and are destroying the United States. That is my comment and I’m at your disposal for any cooperation that I can offer from Nicaragua. Greetings and thank you.”

Ruben Dario Guzzetti (Argentina), Argentine Institute of Geopolitical Studies (IADEG)
“There was a international seminar sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Science in which some 25 people including myself participated. The topic wasn’t specifically the issue of peace but was also included among the many presentations…. No specific initiatives were brought forward on this specific topic [peace] and we have another meeting this afternoon. We have great hopes, for it is a meeting in which multiple organizations will participate… together to generate a joint initiative. I will present the proposal of doing something for August 6th and we will strive to build awareness of this issue.”

Bernie Holland (UK), No2NATO
“Regarding these 6th of August events: I’ve heard all the plans from your side of the Atlantic. It’s in the UK we need to get [events]. This is why I was hoping here’d be more people from No2NATO on this call. So I’m going to make a point of this at the next No2NATO meeting; that I’ve been on this call with you today and that this initiative is very important…. It’s not just in the US; … it’s a global existential issue we’re talking about. So I’m going to try my best to mobilize other organizations I’m involved with here in the UK as well to take very seriously the idea of events to correspond with [those in the U.S.].”

Dennis Small (US), Schiller Institute, Virginia
“I think if we make a special effort and a focus to quickly pull … together for example an international meeting like a couple of the others that were talked about here but within a week or so—to pull together handfuls of youth from these different countries with this focus of the One Humanity and organizing jointly for peace, I think this is the kind of thing that could be a spark plug for the broadest possible mobilization.”

Rev. Dr. Terri L. Strong (US), AME minister from Memphis, TN; Chair of the Actions and Global Concern Committee of the Church Women United
“I just finished writing a social policy for the Church Women United for the committee that I chair and it’s a social policy on war and peace.… [A]nd I had the idea to get a lot of signatures for that social policy and present it to … the presidents and leaders—those who are actively in war as well as those who support the war such as the United States being one of the main contributors to the Russia- Ukraine War, so far as all kinds of resources and finances as well as weapons. And so I was wondering if this group would do the same thing: write a social policy [paper], get a million signatures and present them to the heads of state of all of the countries that are in war?”

Juan Carrero (Spain), President, S’Olivar Foundation
“I’m thinking particularly of the young people…. As Dennis [Small] said they are the future. Our means of reaching out to them—a hundred thousand may not be such an easy task. But perhaps ten thousand may commit … to support only parties that agree with leaving NATO. We have always had better success when we commit to specific tasks…. At this time the power of the media is crushing—they [youth] are completely captured. But perhaps this direct contact with the youth would make it possible to get ten thousand young people from all of these countries who will commit to only voting for parties that support leaving NATO.”

Darrell Nichols (US), former president, Northwest Ohio NAACP, Southern Leadership Conference, UAW member
“I’m kind of plugged into several places [social media platforms] that have a very large listening audience. And it would be kind of off topic, but I do know some people that are hungry for a different type of content and there’s probably nothing more urgent right now. It [peace] just needs to be a conversation that people are aware of. So we’ve got a few resources and if I can help in any of that regard—I’m even thinking—you know we’re for Chrysler. We’ve got 7,000 people working in my plant and maybe if there’s a way that somebody could help me we could approach the UAW membership and get that spread throughout the United States.”

Mamadou Dathe Diallo, Guinean American League of Friends for Freedom
“I’m very excited. It’s my first time to be here, and some of my colleagues are here, and we are representing an organization called GALFF: Guinean and American League of Friends for Freedom. We are originally from West Africa and now here in the United States. And we are very, very excited and glad to be part of this because we have lived to see war in West Africa: Liberia; some of you guys might know Sierra Leone; Ivory Coast and places like that. We have seen what wars can do to humans—innocent people: women, disabled people. So we decided to form this organization in Indianapolis to make sure whatever we can do to stop wars—to stand against wars—whatever can bring destruction to humanity that we are against it and we will … fight to stop it.”

Abdoulaye Balde (US), Guinean and American League of Friends for Freedom
“I am a medical doctor from West Africa and I am from this organization called GALFF. Thank you very much for organizing this coalition. This organization is better than the United Nations; better than any organization I can think about. I am going to ask the Almighty—the owner of the heaven and the earth and everything between—to give you victory….”

Jason Banyer (Switzerland), Büezer und KMU Partei
“I am from Switzerland and I’m the chairman of that party of the Büezer Partei. And we organize and educate young people especially through social media. We make a lot of videos which are provocative and make people think and sometimes even change people’s minds on the question for instance—mainstream media how they portrayed this war as a war for democracy even though it’s clear that it is an imperialist war being waged by the West. We are for workers rights and especially for neutrality. Because here in Switzerland we see neutrality as the best way of being anti-imperialist because there are certain left-wing people or left-wing groups, and the greens and social Democrats and so on, which want to push for sanctions; which want to push for war; even which think that somehow it is progressive to support a war. And we push against this imperialist propaganda and we try to expose these warmongers.”

Jose Vega, (U.S.) Interventionist, Organizer Schiller Institute
“I’m here in the United States. I’m known for doing interventions—I know in the UK they call it door-stepping. It’s where you go to the politician’s event or something and then you—well you step on their door; you interrupt them while they’re speaking for bringing attention to something like the possibility of nuclear war. And I want to emphasize also the power of street action too and actually being out in the street with a table and some signs…. I have 76,000 people who follow me on Twitter now and I find that my followers are most responsive when I post something of an action. So the other day I posted a video of me being out in the street with Diane Sare with a sign that said “No Joe” and then there’s a picture of a nuclear bomb behind it. That got a couple thousand likes. You know people really seem to resonate with action rather than just online content. They really like to see people out on the street and I think this would be true for any country that is on this [IPC] call right now. You know if people were just out in the street with signs that just said something like “No to NATO” or “Prevent Nuclear War,” that would be very powerful and that’s exactly what people on social media are starving for.”

In Attendance:

Angela Mc Ardle, Libertarian Party Chairwoman, Rage Against the War Machine Organizer
Irene Mavrakakis (US), Liberty Speaks, Rage Against the War Machine organizer
Martin Schotz, (US) author, “History Will Not Absolve Us: Orwellian Control, Public Denial, and the Murder of President Kennedy”
Bernard Allen-Bey (US)
Robert Cushing, Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP), Pax Christi GA, former priest
Dr. Jur. Wolfgang Bittner (Germany), Jurist, Author: “We Are in War Mode”
Wolfgang Lieberknecht (Germany)
Liz Augustat (Germany), Peace Through Culture
Christine Bierre (France), Solidarité et Progrès 
Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey (India) President of the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental Protection
Juan Carrero (Spain), President, S’Olivar Foundation
Fredrick Weiss (US)
Juan Gomez (Chile), World Without Wars and Violence
Donald Ramotar (Guyana), former President of Guyana
Martha Rollins (US), Int’l Peace Delegations: Ibero America, Columbia, Cuba and Palestine
Ulf Sandmark (Sweden), President Schiller Institute, Sweden
Joyce Hall (U.S.), Pax Christi Texas
Klaus Fimmen (Germany), Bueso Party 
Diane Sare, (U.S.) Senate Candidate, New York
Anastasia Battle (U.S.) Organizer, Interventionist and Editor-in-Chief, Leonore Magazine

 **Affiliation for identification purposes

PRESS RELEASE: International Peace Coalition Holds Third Meeting

For international release June 28, 2023

If you are interested in working with the International Peace Coalition, please contact

The International Peace Coalition (IPC), initiated by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and leader of the Schiller Institute, held its third meeting on Friday, June 23. More than 40 representatives from ten different peace organizations from around the world participated in the 2.5-hour discussion, addressing the increasingly urgent need to bring together diverse international peace organizations to stop the presently escalating danger of the current conflict between NATO and Russia expanding into nuclear war.

The meeting was opened by Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche, who indicated that there were significant positive developments over the past week, including the fact that several new people had joined this event since the launching of the organization on June 2 and the second meeting on June 16. But, she warned, the war danger is increasing daily, as the British and the U.S. are expanding their military and financial aid to Ukraine, ignoring the bloody failure of the so-called “counter offensive” by the Ukraine military, which has been a “suicide mission” that has left another 13,000 young Ukrainian citizens dead or dying, destroyed about one-third of the western armaments, and resulted in no significant territory regained by Ukraine.

Most importantly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s speech on June 20 in New Hampshire, she said, is a “breath of fresh air,” to hear an establishment candidate telling the truth.” Kennedy, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche said, quoted from the historic “peace speech” delivered by his uncle President John Kennedy on June 10, 1963, which directly addressed the devastating impact of a nuclear war. RFK, Jr. strongly denounced the U.S. and NATO war policy in Ukraine, insisting that we must “put ourselves in the shoes of our adversaries.” He praised Russia for the sacrifices it made in defeating the Nazis in World War II, attacked the military industrial complex for the current “forever wars,” and insisted that the U.S. must not act like an “empire.” The speech has “renewed hope” that the JFK legacy can be restored, Mr. Zepp-LaRouche said.

She noted that the nations of the “Global South” are now taking international responsibility, insisting that they will not allow the continuation of the colonial system, and are working with the BRICS nations to create a new world financial system independent of the “weaponized” U.S. dollar.

The old order is collapsing, she said, warning that such a time in history is, however, fraught with the greatest danger. She called for the IPC to expand internationally, noting that the nations of the South at the 1955 Bandung Conference, the first major meeting of the former colonies without the presence of their former colonial masters, had taken note of the fact that a nuclear war would be launched by the major powers of the North, but the nations of the South would be destroyed as well by such a war, and thus had to act to prevent it.

The other speakers described their activities including meetings of the No2NATO organization in the UK, other meetings in Argentina, Australia, India, Minneapolis, New York, Toledo Ohio, Spain, Scotland, and Texas. Proposals were made regarding major future events, with general agreement that August 6, the anniversary of the nuclear annihilation of Hiroshima, should be an International Day of Action, with conferences and demonstrations. Many spoke in praise of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s courageous stand against the war policies, while others noted that Donald Trump has also strongly denounced the war policy, insisting he would end the war in Ukraine immediately if he were elected. Thus, leading candidates in both parties are speaking out against the war policy, marking a potential phase shift in the population.

Other proposals were offered, while a communication platform has been established for the participants to share reports on their activities and proposals for other members of the IPC.

Following are excerpts from some of the participants in the discussion:

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany) founder and leader Schiller Institute
“The solution cannot be the division of the world into blocks. I agree with Dr. Mahathir from Malaysia, who said that if the world would be separated into two complete blocks that would also escalate the danger of a World War. So we have to create a new paradigm… The new security and development architecture, which we have been organizing for over a year now, has that idea of the Peace of Westphalia — that we must find a solution which takes into account the interest of every single country on the planet…It’s very good that our coalition is growing. That we are finding more and more people who are willing to join it… Let’s really go into an all out organizing offensive and contact every single peace group on the planet to really go for a demonstration of the will of the People!”

Jurgen Wolf (Scotland), No2NATO UK, Workers Party BG
“We had a No2NATO British meeting and discussed this important date of August 6, and are planning a major demonstration…”

Bernie Holland (UK), No2NATO
“I’ll be attending the demonstration as well with another group called the International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity and we are campaigning to have an inquiry of the Odessa massacre. I’ll be doing a presentation based on a number of slides that have been sent to me by a journalist who now is in exile…I would just encourage you all to support this petition to essentially quarantine Victoria Nuland that has been put out by Code Pink.”

Oliver Boyd-Barrett (U.S.), Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
“My point is we’re talking about peace. We’re talking about searching for peace in a multi-polar context. It can’t all be white men and women… So we have a few more Asian faces. And where are the Russians?…Hiroshima. August six. Absolutely. Anything of that kind, of course, to my mind, is to be welcomed. My own preference, I think, is more towards BRICS, August 22nd and August the 24th. And my saying that, that’s surely where we want to go. We want to get away from U.S. hegemony and the most convincing international movement to date that is pushing the world in that direction is surely BRICS.”

Arthur Dawes (US), Pax Christi
“First of all, I believe in reflecting on what is being said today. I truly believe this is part of the process of peace that we are peacemakers. And in this meeting and other meetings like, I believe we are bringing about peace. And Pax Christi Texas, … will have a public forum next week reflecting on the speech of John Kennedy. And we invite members and friends.”

Atul Anega (India), Journalist
“One of the largest provinces of the South-East Asian region and you have these large tracts of land where a lot of conflict is taking place and which is threatening nearby stable territories. So we really have to when we talk about the peace process and when we talk about global peace, please remember the center, the Indo-Pacific region, some you may call it Asia-Pacific if you like, but then please remember that there are a lot of communities that are actually getting affected. A lot of old violence and all conflicts are being revived even as we speak today.”

Darrell Nichols (U.S.), Bishop, Toledo OH
“To move toward a peace, a peaceful resolution in amongst a population that steals a whole lot like Rip Van Winkle. They’re still asleep under the trees, sleeping through a revolution, and they don’t know it. So if there’s anything that I could contribute at all, my voice, I am in the process now, putting my studio back together. I have been working with, here, the last few months to try and organize and we wanted get my first episode out.”

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey (India) President of the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental Protection
“In my institute we established the no more Hiroshima/no more Nagasaki peace museum in India. And we educate the students, the next generation because they are the future political leaders. Anyone who sees the photos of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing, then they would never say that we should have a nuclear war. We take these photos all over India…”

Juan Carrero (Spain)
“I remember that our agenda of no violence is of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They have always been a superior inspiration for us. And from that reflection we got here and in prayer.”

Donald Ramotar, former President Guyana “The question of the Hiroshima anniversary is very, very important. We must not miss that opportunity because it directly relates to what is happening today. But I also want to add, apart from what others have been saying, I don’t know how much we could do, but if we can involve the labor movement, particularly in the United States, Canada and other places that celebrate their labor, liberty and on September 14th, just try to get the workers more directly involved and let them sit up and be interested in what is taking place, because this is also a working class issue.”

Alessia Ruggeri (Italy) Trade Unionist
“This danger of two blocks developing is very advanced. I read recently that there will be olympic games of friendship that many nations of the BRICS will be part of. There is incorrect thinking in canceling all Russian athletes in Italy, which is something that should not be considered… I think we should do a single action representing all the states to physically go there as a message of friendship. I think we should create press releases to send to the press agencies to inform them of this initiative, especially on August 6, during these demonstrations that we are organizing.”

David MacIlwain, Australia
“I feel an extraordinary disconnect with NATO and the Western Media in the minds of the people who can’t wake up to it. I agree we need to contact peace groups. The groups I’m in contact with in Australia don’t have a sufficient focus on the this reality and I think maybe we need to go further in contacting politicians…”

Ruben Dario Guzzetti (Argentina): international affairs analyst, Argentine Institute of Geopolitical Studies (IADEG)
“We have a meeting. So in our geo geopolitical studies and our movement for solidarity and peace, and we agreed that we are going to have a meeting in the next days, in the first days of July, with all the people who can participate in this topic of peace in the fight for peace…We have to continue fighting for peace, not only against nuclear weapons, but also for peace… I think it would be interesting for the August 6th to say never again. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Ray McGovern (U.S.), former senior analyst, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); founding member, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
“As I mentioned before, I’m a current intelligence analyst. I look forward and look toward the next several weeks. The election, as I said before, is 16 months away. If we survive until then, what are we to expect? … We have been warned by Zelensky himself and the head of the military in Kiev that the Russians have mined the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and they’re going to blow it. Now, does that smell like a false flag attack to you guys? It sure does to me. Is Nuland capable of authorizing that kind of thing? Given the debacle that was just just described or the counteroffensive, I would not rule it out.

August 6. Well, that is a long ways away in my horizon. But if we make it to August 6, that is the anniversary of Hiroshima. Let’s make it our purpose to educate people in the West and the East and everywhere that the atomic bomb was not necessary to end the war…”

Rev. Dr. Terri L. Strong (U.S.), AME minister from Memphis, TN Chair of the Actions and Global Concern Committee of the Church Women United
“One of the main things that I have seen the mainstream media do so well. Is used a strategy of suppress the truth and promote deception. So one of the suggestions I have for this in the independent media is to do just the opposite, suppress the deception and promote the truth, and a lot of times that is kind of hard to, ‘reprogram people’. But that needs to be a constant. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one who has been very diligent in trying to do just that, suppress the lies and promote the truth. He has been consistent in all of his ways of doing that, and I would suggest that all media outlets do that.”

Jimmy Gerum (Germany), Lighthouse Media
“It’s very important that we come together and we find ways of learning from each other. It’s great every week. And I want to add today a specific call of action, because it’s always good to know what we all can do for peace. Some of you will already know that I’m working for the peace initiative Lighthouse Germany and we analyzed that the weakest spot of the international powers of war. It is the public opinion.”

Diane Sare (U.S.), U.S. independent Senate Candidate, New York
“What’s been bothering me is you have people like Jimmy Dore, who has a million plus followers on line. Scott Ritter has a huge following of people who listen to every podcast that he is involved in. But at the Rage Against the War Machine rally, we had 3500 people, which on one hand is very good. It is indeed the largest anti-war demonstrations since the Iraq war, I guess, began in 2003. But on the other hand, you would say, well, how do you translate all of these people listening to this into actions? And I do think it’s the case. You see, we have both the Trump candidacy as an anti-war candidacy and the Robert Kennedy candidacy, which is also anti-war, which I think indicates that the majority of the American people are really fed up with this and they don’t want this war. What I think in part is missing and it’s two parts is one. The knowledge in your gut of how deadly this is, how dangerous it is, and how close we are to the brink, which is why I chose the guests that I did for tonight, because my intention with this program is to scare the living daylights out of people about why they cannot go on with business as usual and why it’s not sufficient to be a spectator but to be active. I think the challenge to everyone psychologically, emotionally, to hold in yourself the kind of tension of what it means that the entire human species could be annihilated is extremely difficult. That’s why music, art, poetry, Friedrich Schiller is so important, but also the vision of the new paradigm.”

Anastasia Battle (U.S.) Organizer, Interventionist and Editor-in-Chief, Leonore Magazine, USA
“I mean, the idea was that we have all of our all of our peace groups spread across the world, and people are not very coordinated, and they feel very isolated. If we unify all of our different skills, strengths, talents, to actually take this on to stop nuclear war, then this could actually be accomplished. This group is functioning like a steering committee of different initiatives and ideas. People here are very experienced. They’re interventionists. They’re presidents of organizations or representing different groups or religious groups as well or here. So we’re coming together to bring our forces in order to accomplish this goal of stopping thermonuclear war. At the rate it’s going, it’s most likely going to happen. And we can’t, we can’t let that happen and just have to accept that that’s on our shoulders right now.”

Dennis Small (U.S.), Executive Intelligence Review Magazine
“The the point of this dialog back and forth between the Global South and what we are doing in the United States and and Europe, a dialog to reach a higher level concept which unites the common interest, which Helga was talking about from the very beginning, applies both to the peace question, the struggle for a new paradigm in the peace movement in our countries, but also on the economic issues. And I think that everything that we do building towards this August 6th event will be very important in that regard. It’s notable, just in conclusion, that the Pope, Lula, many of the voices that are playing a leading role in Organizing for Peace have a total focus on the urgency of economic development as the best way to build actual peace. I think that combined approach is exactly what’s called for. So youth, let’s get more youth in this meeting and build towards that assurance that we’ll be having a youth cadre school in next couple of weeks. We intend to use that as a kind of jumping off point or whatever you want to call it, a trampoline to build further support for what’s planned for August 6th. And then combining our efforts around the 6th with what’s going on around the BRICS activities globally.”

Maurizio Abbate (Italy), Chairman of ENAC, Ente Nazionale Attività Culturali, Italy
“We need to move in a very in a more decisive way where we should create a synergy between different groups at the planetary level just in order to bring this information to alternative channels. We know that mass media is directed by those who now have an interest in this corrupted communication.”

Fr. Harry Bury (U.S.), Archdiocese of Saint Paul in Minneapolis, MN
“So because people do evil things doesn’t mean they’re evil. It means that they don’t know any better. And so the objective is not to use violence and punish them, but rather to use love, if you will, and seek justice in helping them to see that what they’re doing is not in their own self-interest and the self-interest of the world. So this is what we’ve been focusing on this verse as a means to bring people together, to realize that the best together we can make a difference and to encourage us and not to lose faith in the possibility of having peace in the world.”

In Attendance:
Jose Vega (U.S.), Interventionist, Organizer Schiller Institute
Sam Pitroda (India/U.S.), Telecom and IT Innovator
Frank Kartheiser (U.S.), Catholic Workers
Joyce Hall (U.S.), Pax Christi
Karen Ball (U.S.), Pax Christi
Chris Fogarty (U.S./Ireland), Irish American Leader
Jack Gilroy (U.S.), Organizer, Pax Christi, NY State/Pax Christi International; Board Member, New York Veterans for Peace
Mari Correggio (Italy), No2Nato Italy
Robert Cushing (U.S.), Chairman of the Non-violence Committee / Working Group for the Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP)
Martha Rollins (Costa RIca)
Ulf Sandmark (Sweden), President Schiller Institute
Wolfgang Effinberger (Germany)
Prof. Enzo Pennetta (Italy)
Fredrick Weiss (U.S.)
Kallol Bhattacherjee (India), Journalist
Christine Bierre (France), Solidarité et progrès

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