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Greetings to International Peace Day Rally at the United Nations

Greetings to International Peace Day Rally at the United Nations

Below are the greetings sent in for the Humanity For Peace “Special Musical Operation” at the United Nations on International Peace Day.

Twenty-four hours of nonviolence and cease fire is the least we can ask for at this crucial time in our shared work for world peace.  Let this day of commitment inspire us to make every day a day of peace.

Frank Kartheiser, Worcester. Ma. Catholic Workers Movement.

September 21st is International Peace Day!  Today we a are faced with growing tensions around the world from Europe and Asia to the Middle East and Africa.  Many of these tensions include the involvement or support of Great Powers and have brought us perhaps to closest to an open nuclear conflict.  Let us take time this day to step back from the potential abyss, to think, to respect each other, to show leadership and true diplomacy, to resolve our disagreements and work together in joint collaboration for the betterment of all.

Earl Rasmussen,  Lt Colonel (ret) U.S. Army, business consultant.

“The 17.5 million Guatemalans support peace in the world and the proposal made by Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche of the Schiller Institute, where she proposes the CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW JUST WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER!”

RAÚL ANÍBAL MARROQUÍN CASASOLA, proud member of the IPC and Humanity for Peace, and Coordinator of “The Pupil of Heaven” Observatory for Peace in Guatemala


“Brothers of the nations of this shared world.

“Today, September 21, we join in a fraternal and unanimous call of solidarity for peace. In the midst of turbulence, discord and global conflict, we raise our voices to reaffirm our commitment to peace…

“Peace, in its essence, is the fabric that binds humanity together. It is the path to coexistence, justice and well-being for all. But in these times of uncertainty and divisions, it is vital to remember that peace is not an automatic gift; it must be built through the efforts and dedication of all the peoples of the world.

“We declare that peace is not just the absence of war, but the presence of justice, social equality and mutual understanding….

The five signers on behalf of

Central American and Caribbean Critical Thought proclaim the need to

Foster Empathy.

Resolve Conflicts Peacefully, rather than by violence and confrontation.

Promote a Culture of Peace through Education:

Combat Social Inequality and Injustice: We pledge to work together to eradicate poverty, discrimination, social and economic injustice.

Protect the environment: and

Support those vulnerable peoples who suffer the consequences of conflict and displacement, to alleviate their suffering.

We affirm that peace is not a utopian dream, but an attainable goal. We must remember that each of us has a role to play in the quest that together we can weave a more peaceful world for present and future generations. Peace is not just a word, but a collective action. Let us raise our hands and hearts to be peacemakers…

For Peace, today and always!

Signing on behalf of Central American and Caribbean Critical Thought are

from Nicaragua: Bolívar Téllez Castellón, Professor, and Fernando Vargas, editor of the Newspaper Socialist Voices;

and from El Salvador’s Universidad de El Salvador:

José Guillermo Campos, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy;

Luis Alberto Guzman, Chair of Marxism and Methodology of Materialism; and

Ivis Barrera, Master in Human Rights and Education for Peace.


Rejoice and stand together, for we are winning in this struggle for humanity and for peace. This struggle is far from over, but we are winning!

I grew up in former Yugoslavia and lived through the wars of succession which broke out in the early 1990s. The experience was almost surreal as we saw the society polarize almost from one day to the next, from a firm belief that war was unthinkable and impossible to fighting the war as the society’s central obsession. That experience made me so worried about a repeat of this social transformation in the buildup of war between Russia and the west that in 2017 I published a book in which I tried to warn about it and call attention to those parts of the ruling establishment in the west who were deliberately dragging us into this World War 3 scenario. They were planning the big wiar, that much was clear. But what they did not and could not plan with is us, humanity, simply rejecting war and demanding peace.

There is no question that Russia was absolutely provoked into its intervention in Ukraine. When President Putin launched the special military operation, the west responded with a total embargo on all Russian sources of information and with heavy-handed censorship of any pro-Russian views. Recall, some universities in the west even cancelled Russian literature classes, and some theaters cancelled performances of Russian composers like Tchaikovsky. 

They wanted to make sure that the western narrative about that conflict couldn’t be challenged and that we all embraced the belief that Russia’s aggression was unprovoked and that the collective west was valiantly standing up for democracy, freedom and the rule of law. They wanted us to fear and loathe Russia and to give our consent for that all-out World War 3. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, it became clear that behind the facade of unity kept up by the officialdom and corporate media, a silent majority in the west rejected the official narrative. I encountered a number of informal polls in social media where a large number of respondents expressed very contrary views – allow me to share some of them with you.

On 31 December last year, Twitter account NovElection 2022 simply asked, “Which side are you on? Russia or Ukraine?” Out of the nearly 37,000 people who responded, 78.8% said that they were on Russia’s side!

On 24 January this year, Chase Geiser asked on Twitter, “Which would you rather see win? Russia or Ukraine?” Out of the 15,670 votes, 73.6% said that they wanted Russia to win.

On 2 February David Vance asked, “…if you had to choose between Putin and Zelensky, which would it be?” Out of nearly 41,000 respondents, 77.2% preferred Vladimir Putin.

A few weeks later, George Galloway asked, “Is the west to blame for the Ukraine war?” Out of more than 15,000 respondents, 95% said, yes – they thought that the west was indeed to blame for the war.

In spite of the very large numbers of respondents, some people might object that these are not scientific polls. Well, let me share some further evidence that these polls are broadly correct. As I learned from a NATO official who shared this information with me, NATO itself has been monitoring public mood among member nations very closely. They found that in most Eastern European nations, as many as 3 out of 4 people sympathise with the Russian side in this conflict. In countries like France, Spain, Italy and Belgium 2 out of 3 individuals sympathise with Russia. And when the French polling organization IFOP (Institut Français d’Opinion Publique) asked the average Frenchman about their views on the war only two weeks from its start in February 2022, they found that 52% of the French people believed Russian justifications for war.

The silent majority in the west might indeed be silent, but it seems nevertheless to be a very large majority. That majority is us, people who have awakened and opened our eyes wide to what is truly going on in the world. The war between Russia and Ukraine did not escalate into a nuclear World War 3. For that we can thank the patience and restraint of the Russian Federation, but we should also celebrate the political awakening of the populations of western countries who have rejected the official narrative and the relentless demonization of Russia and her leadership. By withholding our consent for an all-out war against Russia we may have prevented that war and preserved peace. We have not yet prevailed in our struggle for peace, but we are prevailing so do rejoice and stand together! It may just be that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and thus far we’ve come through!

Alex Krainer, Blogger, author, financial analyst

We need a global move towards de-escalation and away from the accelerating militarisation of international politics. Humanity is becoming increasingly trapped in a security dilemma. The Political West has been negligent in understanding the security concerns of others, thus prompting responses that only escalate the conflict. We must break this cycle, otherwise we will be on the increasingly slippery path to catastrophe. There is another way, and that is a return to the founding principles of the United Nations, above all sovereign internationalism – whereby sovereign states commit to work together to resolve the common problems facing humanity. This is the vision that inspired the creation of the UN in the first place, and we must now resist the attempt by those who wish to substitute the agenda of peace and development with their own agenda of endless deterrence and militarism. The Global South has had enough of the interminable conflicts provoked by the attempts of the Political West to maintain its pre-eminence. Its voice is demanding to be heard, and it is a view that many in the Global North share. On that basis a new peace and development movement is taking shape. There is an alternative, and we are part of it, reaching across continents and cultures. That is the only way forwards, if we are to have a future at all.

Prof Sakwa is the recently retired Emeritus Professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent in the UK. He is the author of many books on Russia, and a widely read book in 2022, Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands. 

The Pillars of Peace

The philosophical position which says the engagement of war is always inevitable, is contrary to the concept of peace. God’s imparting of peace is stated in John 14:27 where it says “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” This indicates that peace is in conflict with a troubled heart. It also indicates that God desires us to be at peace with one another at all cost. That cost of war is troubled spirits of people who are engaged directly or indirectly with the actions of war. Therefore I would like to offer the pillars of peace that help us to avoid physical conflicts of war. These pillars are reason, understanding and temperance.

The pillar of reason helps avoid conflict because it helps to exhaust all avenues that lead to peace. When the wheels turn to war, reason should turn also, following the war and standing in the midst ready to continue talks of reason and peace.

The pillar of understanding is a two-way street. Both sides of a conflict should be open to make all attempts to understand the stance and feelings of the opposite side from themselves. Somehow wearing the shoes of someone else helps us to be selfless and seek to show empathy. This is the position of understanding even when we do not understand. In other words, understanding should be sought before we act on the emotions of anger and control. This leads us to our final pillar of temperance.

Temperance is simply self-restraint or self-control. This suggests that self-control over control of others is our main line of defense against war. The age-old Biblical principle found in Luke 6:31 says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” No country desires to be drawn into war or to be the provocateur of war. Every time a war begins there is a first shot is fired which begins the conflict. It is at that moment that temperance should be exercised because remember the time to talk about peace is before a war begins. That talk must not just be had with one another, but also with the self-individual or self-country to maintain the self-control.

It is my hope that the talk of peace in relation to reason, understanding and temperance would help avoid the need for war. And in the event of conflict beginning, these would be tools utilized in the midst of conflict to minimize the impact and longevity of the conflict.

Rev. Dr. Terri Strong, Senior Pastor at Mt. Sinai AME Church, Arlington, TN

On this day while we commemorate International Day of Peace we ought to

reflect and point out root causes of Wars and aggressions that challenge

the humanity establishing the peace across the globe. We learn from past

and contemporary history that some of the reasons have been; superiority

complexes and difference of social and civic classes, racism, racial and

National arrogance, thirst of power over others and the most importantly

grabbing the material resources and economic exploitation.

Today the economic exploitation and deprivation is the main and central

root cause of Wars and military aggressions. We need to struggle and urge

that world global financial Groups such as World Bank, IMF and WTO

reconsider the terms and conditions that keeps under-developed countries

oppressed, continue to choke their economies and inflated debts.

International community of Nations need to work together in the spirit of

collective human progress and establish peace on the principals of equality

and respect for Human lives. The body of world nations shall mediate

between parties bringing the parties on the negotiating table.

American Muslims and Muslims across the globe strongly support any and all

moral and material efforts to bring the lasting peace in this planet.

Muhammad Salim Akhtar
National Director American Muslim Alliance

Pax Christi UpState New York totally supports the economic uplifting of all 

peoples and nations. BRICS, now greatly expanded, will have the natural and 

human resources to end poverty in the most populated regions of the world.

All nations, North and South must rally behind this just and egalitarian plan.

Jack Gilroy, Pax Christi & multiple peace and justice organizations

How Can Peace, Toppled by War, Nonviolently Reclaim

the Golden Age Mission?



In English:

In Russian:


          Erasmus of Rotterdam, a Dutch philosopher, theologian and humanist, more than 500 years ago wrote the world-famous “Complaint of Peace, Expelled and Defeated Everywhere” o­n Latin language: “Querela Pacis undique gentium ejectae profligataeque”, [s.l.], 1517, which became the pacifism humanistic pillar. But over 5 centuries, the situation with peace has practically not changed, if it has not become worse under the humanity and nature in nuclear Armageddon threat of complete incineration.

          Peace remains today, as before, an outcast “everywhere expelled and defeated” by war, nullified in all infrastructural vectors of all society spheres. “The expelled and defeated peace” today is its science zero and its academies. This is its schools and universities zero. This is its professional personnel zero, if you don’t count its spontaneous and sporadic amateur-pacifists. This is its material and technical base zero. This is funding zero for it, with zero peacemaking governments and parties that would not o­nly in words but also in practice, assert peace, creating all the necessary, permanent infrastructure for it. The most governments and parties frankly do not want peace, which prevents them from the war profiting and self-establishing themselves. Others want peace but do nothing real for it, do not know what to do and do not want to listen to those who know HOW to achieve true peace and not just another temporary truce that has filled all of history instead of true peace. The governments do not know true, eternal peace, out of ignorance recognizing as peace any temporary truce, any respite between wars.

          Unlike peace, from its gaping zero infrastructurewar today is provided with an excellent, rich infrastructure of resources in abundance. It is a military science started by Adam von Bülow since 1799, more than three centuries ago, and equipped today with hundreds of military academies in all countries. These are priority budget and private investments in the war and arms race, amounting to trillions of currencies of all lears. These are thousands of military schools and universities around the world. These are hundreds of millions of professional armed forces and paramilitary forces, the total number of which is bashfully kept silent in all sources. This is a countless and innumerable material and technical, primarily weapons, military platform with thousands of military bases and an endlessly accelerating arms race. This is practically all, 99%, of governments and parties in the world that openly or silently, under o­ne or another plausible pretext, serve the god of war. Now, the reigning war left to rogue-peace o­nly o­ne day a year, September 21, giving it a meager mercy-alms to remember, talk about, forget about again and return to itself for the rest days captured by war o­n subsequent years.

          With similar ratio of zero infrastructure of the rogue peace-life and 100% infrastructure of the reigning war-death-mass murder, brought to 100% nuclear, scientific genocide and ecocide, true peace will never be established o­n Earth, not in any new 500 years, if first it is not finally killed by the war along with all of humanity and its o­nly planet.

          Where, when and HOW can the humanity true, eternal peace come from and BY WHOM be established not in empty endless appeals and pacifist wishes but really, practically and tangibly in the priority peacemaking infrastructure in all spheres of every country and nation? This possibility and foundation are laid in social genetics, in the eternal actors of humanity substance, discovered by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 in its “varna-spherons”. In prehistoric times, they provided India with a “golden age” of prosperity and world cultural leadership and will create it for the future of humanity, when it masters the Gandhian science of spherons, the peacemaking science of spheronics. The Golden Age, for all its utopianism, in historical examples like India, was “golden” o­nly thanks to the kingdom of peace, which is real as the o­nly sociogenetic way of life for people and whole humanity.

          The initial, fundamental pillars of this science, based o­n the Gandhian eternal actors of the true peace – spherons, ensuring the humanity survival as genetically peacemaking “mole of history”, in the form of an initial system of eight structural macro-sociological laws. They were first theoretically formulated, historically substantiated and statistically verified by world statistics in the GGHA during 18 years of hit scientific innovative research. Unfortunately, they remained unheard by anyone who could provide the development of this science with resources.

          The results of scientific research of the Gandhian spherons are presented in many publications in different languages, of which the last two, the most concise and generalizing, should be mentioned, presented o­n their paired banner:


          Their scientific, fundamental conclusion: no o­ne partial, class or national actor is capable to provide true, eternal and global peace. o­nly the humanity spherons can provide it covering all people from birth to death and acting o­n every social object and ensuring its peaceful life. Without the peace science, without its schools, academies and universities, there can be no peace. It can o­nLY begin since the OBJECTIVE, SCIENTIFIC TRUTH OF PEACE, o­ne, necessary and binding for all people and nations, like Newton’s law. Without the peace science and its infrastructure, peace cannot begin. This requires, for the start, for the experiment, a meager investment of $2 million, which we, the GGHA, offer to the newly born consolidated historical actor of peace – BRICS+, which unites the global South, which makes up the majority of humanity. No other historical actor of true peace is visible today.

          There is no better purpose for the International Day of Peace than to realize this simple, basic truth: “WHERE DOES TRUE PEACE START?” that will trigger the conscious construction of its entire systemic and global infrastructure. Everything else, as they say, is “All Is Vanity and Vexation of Spirit” for peace, with which the past is filled but in which the true peace grains were born and which are integrated by spheronics. o­nly with this fundamental science will the rogue-peace revive its and the Divine providence “Golden Age” mission for the humanity.


         With the hope of understanding and recognizing this basic simple truth for peace,


Dr. Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of 750 coauthors of the Gandhian “Spherons Global True Peace Megascience”, spheronics during 18 years,

Philosopher, macro sociologist and peacemaker from the spherons harmony,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Skype: leo.semahko,



Dr. Leo Semashko, Founder and Honorary President, Gandhian Global Harmony Association

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