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Webcast: Your Voice Must Be Heard Now

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 31., 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

Last week’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling in The Hague has put the world dynamic into stark relief.

In an entirely lawful fashion, this is happening amidst near-pandemonium coming from every direction.

Across Europe a protest-movement is growing, of farmers and producers finally asserting that “enough is enough” regarding policies which are pushing them toward extinction.

At the other end of the spectrum is an out of control migrant crisis gripping both Europe and the United States, with little in the way of actual solutions being proposed. Both crises, however, are the result of the same genocidal, anti-growth policies, only in different manifestations.

At the same time, NATO’s war in Ukraine has reached a dead-end, not only with Ukraine’s collapsing logistics, but also with the support of its allies. “Allies” here is a term taking on an all-new meaning.

The latest in this drama is a new document revealing broad support within the EU to blackmail Hungary, including collapsing its markets, currency, lending opportunities, and job market.

In addition, after blowing up Germany’s Nord Stream pipelines in September 2022 and making Europe hugely dependent on U.S. energy, the Biden Administration is now considering limiting LNG contracts for exports to allies in Europe and Asia! Again, the “robust” and “democratic” West is shown to be a farce.

Dirty and deadly tricks are common fare among the enemies of a prosperous mankind today. Nonetheless, no matter what is done to try and squirm out of this situation, the world’s attention has been irrevocably turned to the ruling by the ICJ and the hypocrisy of those preaching about international law. On Jan. 31, the United Nations Security Council will discuss putting the ICJ ruling into “binding effect,” putting on the table whether or not the U.S. will again be the sole veto against a ceasefire and stopping a genocide.

In a discussion with associates yesterday, Helga Zepp-LaRouche insisted that we must force the issue, and be laser-focused on putting this stark reality into the limelight for the world. Don’t let them wiggle out of it—all organizing must go toward holding the U.S.’s feet to the fire to prevent a veto at the Security Council. Another veto by the U.S. is now a vote for the genocide of Palestinians. How many Americans approve of this? How many elected officials approve? How many governments around the world will continue standing with the U.S. now?

Zepp-LaRouche concluded by saying that the situation is really coming to a head, and governments are increasingly being faced with the prospect of changing or falling. “So it’s coming down to the moment where the big change has to occur. A new paradigm has to occur.”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 31., 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

Webcast: Dying Tricks of a Dying System

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 24, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

‘You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time. But you can never fool all people all the time.’ Abraham Lincoln

“We are in a period of tectonic changes, and when you are in a period of the collapse of one system and the emergence of a new one, the rules of the so-called ‘rules-based order’ somehow don’t function anymore. The method of manipulation of the population is quickly reaching the point which Lincoln talked about, that you cannot fool all the people all of the time, and this is one of those moments coming true.Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Jan 22nd 2024

A contrived protest movement has now broken out across Germany, with hundreds of thousands of people coming out to protest the threat of “fascism” and a supposed right-wing takeover—the same narrative that has recently been used against the completely justified protests by farmers and producers. The trail of this smelly operation leads back to some of the worst oligarchic networks and governmental operations in the world, and is a clear attempt to stop the groundswell against the policies of death and collapse which are gripping Western countries.

Despite that, the wave of farmer protests is continuing to sweep across Europe, and over the past few days, there have been demonstrations in Austria, Italy, and France, with more on the way in Spain and the Netherlands soon. In each case, the farmers have actual popular support, as they contribute to the true well-being of all citizens in their countries, and are demanding that they be allowed to continue to do so. Despite dirty operations against it, it is not something that is going to be swept under the rug.

In the same category is the attempt by the British to cordon off American policy to an inevitable war with Iran, as a Jan. 21 article in the City of London’s infamous mouthpiece The Economist tries to do. The Biden Administration is facing an intractable dilemma in the region, it writes: “do nothing and America looks weak; retaliate and the President risks a new war in an election year.” Notably, The Economist insists that it is “a problem without a solution,” completely ignoring the fact that there is an ongoing genocide occurring in Gaza which is inflaming regional tensions (and which could certainly be stopped), nor the fact that two previous enemies—Iran and Saudi Arabia—signed an agreement last year with China for a restart of relations under China’s different approach of diplomacy. Peaceful relations on the level of a win-win paradigm is not an option for the British, who insist only that, eventually, “the administration is going to have no choice but to strike at the IRGC,” Iran’s Islamic Republic Guard Corps…

However, as the situation in Germany and Europe shows, the failure of this system is becoming increasingly difficult to hide, and the old tricks are not working as well anymore—including in NATO-land itself. The challenge is to get people to understand the connection between the collapse and the emergence of a new system increasingly taking shape around the world, as is being spearheaded by the BRICS and the Global South….

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 24, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

Webcast: BRICS on the Move To Replace the West’s ‘Law of The Jungle’, Jan. 17, 11am

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 17, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

BRICS on the Move To Replace the West’s ‘Law of The Jungle’

The world is in the throes of a tectonic shakeup, which is not about to come to a halt anytime soon, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche told associates on Jan. 15. We are at the end of an era, and 2024 will be decisive in determining what the outcome will be.

The open calls for preparing full-scale war against Russia and China are growing in the NATO nations, she said, as seen in the recent comments of German, Finnish and Swedish authorities who have announced that their countries must prepare for war with Russia on European territory in the next few years….

… In Southwest Asia, not only is the brutal war in Gaza escalating, despite the stunning legal case against Israeli genocide that South Africa presented last week at the International Court of Justice in The Hague (see info box below), but it now threatens to spread to the Red Sea, with the United States and the United Kingdom launching missile and other strikes against the Houthis in Yemen. As an editorial in China Daily put it: “Washington should rein in the bloodlust of Tel Aviv if it wants to stop the attacks on ships in the Red Sea. The fact that it hasn’t already done so … suggests that Washington intends to take advantage of the Gaza conflict to create turmoil in the region once again.”

Unchecked, this trajectory will take mankind back to the law of the jungle, to the war of each against all—which, in the nuclear age, means the likely annihilation of the human species.

That trajectory, however, is not proceeding unchecked. With London and Washington on a rampage for further wars, as they discredit and dismantle essential world institutions such as the UN and its ICJ, the BRICS process is on the march, creating and strengthening new institutions to meet the common needs of Mankind. And that is intersecting unprecedented political ferment in Germany, with the farmers’ protests, and growing anti-war demonstrations in other Western nations, and in fact across the world….

… Contrary to Henry Kissinger’s racist dictum that “history is not made in the South,” the leading force for global change is now coming from that very Global South.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated in her remarks with associates, our task is to get forces that are in motion into a full strategic discussion of the solutions to the crisis. British geopolitics must come to an end, and the West must sit down to negotiate and reach agreements with the Global Majority—not try to impose the law of the jungle upon them.

An entirely new paradigm must be forged, using the Ten Principles proposed by Zepp-LaRouche as a jumping off point for the kind of in-depth policy discussions required.

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 17, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

We encourage you to watch the presentations made by South Africa and Israel to the ICJ, or to read the transcripts.

Webcast: German Farm Protests Reveal the Actual State of the World: ‘This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg’

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 10, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

It used to be understood that governments exist for the benefit of the lives of their people, and were expected to enact policies to such effect. Imperial and geopolitical wars, and other such wasteful things were rightly seen as distractions from the true mission of government—to advance their nation and their people toward a better future.

The case of Germany has perhaps been the most extreme. It has turned from the world’s most advanced industrial power during the middle of the last century to a shadow of its former self after having shut down its nuclear power plants and its access to Russian gas and oil. Obediently, Germany has found itself more loyal to the dictates of the “rules-based order” and “going green”—some of the murmurings of the blob—even while its own people suffer as a result. This reached the height of absurdity when the Anglo-Americans blew up the Nord Stream pipelines on September 26, 2022, severing for good one of Germany’s most important energy lifelines from Russia they had spent years and billions of dollars building. This was made all the more embarrassing when President Biden admitted to Chancellor Scholz’s face that he would, in fact, “bring an end to it.”

Germany is today, along with most of the Western “democracies,” plunging headlong into a thermonuclear world war against Russia and China, and lining up for a case of criminal complicity in the genocide of Gaza—all while going bankrupt paying for it. And thanks to the Nord Stream bombing’s effects on energy prices and the overall commitment to “green” policies, Germany’s food producers have reached a point where they can no longer survive. All this, and not a peep in opposition.

It is in this context that one must see this week’s outbreak of nationwide demonstrations in Germany. It is not a protest against fuel subsidies or taxes, nor is it an outburst of right-wing extremist anger. A revolt is beginning, and in this case the protesters are being joined by other producers from across Europe to demand better—to demand a future.

In discussion with associates today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche insisted that this event is “An unbelievably important invent in Germany because it was stated very clearly by several of the farm leaders that they took the courage to step forward, to defend the interest of not only the farmers but all of Germany from the government, which many of them characterized as total junk … and now many voices are pointing to how the entire farm policy is not made by the government but by Silicon Valley, Wall Street, BlackRock, and the international cartels. So I’m pretty sure that the lasting impact will be that the naivety which they tried to artificially create as a parallel reality through the mainstream media, this has received a permanent crack. And whatever the government is going to do … it will not go away….”

With the current dynamic of the BRICS-Plus sweeping the world, and now the upcoming battle at the International Court of Justice brought by South Africa—at which not only Israel but also the blob-like complicity of the entire Western world will be on trial—all in the context of the recent massive eruption of protests across the world in solidarity with Palestine and against the policy of endless war, the opportunity for a breakthrough becomes obvious.

Therefore, Zepp-LaRouche concluded, it is urgent to push for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the full implementation of a two-state solution along with the Oasis Plan for lasting economic development in the region. “But at the same time, it is clear we need an even more general approach, which has to be a New International Security and Development Architecture, because this geopolitical conflict has to be overcome by changing geopolitical confrontation to instead cooperation between the countries of the Global North and the countries of the Global Majority.”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her Weekly Live dialogue Jan. 10, 11am EDT/5pm CET and help usher in the Year of the New Paradigm for all Humanity. Send your questions, thoughts and reports to or ask them in the live stream.

Webcast: The Great Crossroad of 2024

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her first weekly Live- Dialogue in 2024, on Jan. 3, 11 am EDT, and help to ring in the year of the New Paradigm for all of mankind. Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

The holidays and the turn of the year brought no peace for the population of Gaza, where the death toll now exceeds 30,000. The bombardments continue and the shortages of water, food, medicine and electricity are getting worse. For people in the West, the question of how their governments can tolerate or even condone such blatant barbarism is extremely worrying. And all this while they constantly talk about human rights and morally superior “Western values.”

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, addressed the issue forcefully in his sermon on December 23; an excerpt follows:

“We are tormented by the silence of the world. Leaders of the so-called “free” lined up one after the other to give the green light for this genocide against a captive population. They gave the cover. Not only did they make sure to pay the bill in advance, they veiled the truth and context, providing political cover. And, yet another layer has been added: the theological cover with the Western Church stepping into the spotlight….
The hypocrisy and racism of the Western world is transparent and appalling! …
We are outraged by the complicity of the church. Let it be clear: Silence is complicity, and empty calls for peace without a ceasefire and end to occupation, and the shallow words of empathy without direct action — are all under the banner of complicity. So here is my message: Gaza today has become the moral compass of the world…
If you are not appalled by what is happening; if you are not shaken to your core – there is something wrong with your humanity. If we, as Christians, are not outraged by this genocide, by the weaponizing of the Bible to justify it, there is something wrong with our Christian witness, and compromising the credibility of the Gospel!…”

There have not been many, if any, years that began as tumultuously as the current one. As 2024 commences, we see wars across the globe, indescribable amounts of suffering and destruction, combined with dysfunctional governments and institutions at every turn.

Despite how dramatic these events may seem, they are actually less significant than the much larger process which they betray: The end of the modern neocolonial world system. As EIR has pointed out since the 1970s proposal of Lyndon LaRouche’s International Development Bank idea as the core of a new, anti-colonialist system, this process is the actual play on the stage of history, despite most others’ failure to recognize this fact.

In this New Year, it is important to remind ourselves, and consciously rediscover if need be, that the problems in the world can be solved. Human beings were created in the living image of the Creator, Imago Viva Dei, and are not simply beasts of the field that are destined to accept whatever fate is bestowed upon us. Today, more than ever, the future must be created, as a conscious action by at least a significant margin of society. It’s our job to do just that, and a good place to start is the urgent need to retool and repurpose today’s bloated military-financial complex, before the next war becomes our last.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche writes this in her Christmas Message “Turn Swords into Plowshares!”:

“Technically speaking, it would be relatively easy to re-tool these capacities for civilian purposes, and rather than producing bombers, fighter jets, and missiles, to produce modern high-speed rail systems, inherently safe nuclear reactors of the 4th generation, and nuclear fusion reactors, as well as space stations for international space travel. In other words, all the industrial capacity currently used for the destruction of actual physical value—what else are weapons systems good for?—could serve the production of useful goods that promote the common good. Instead of tanks and ammunition, they could produce schools and hospitals, and help our nations to have prosperous economies once again!”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her first weekly Live- Dialogue in 2024, on Jan. 3, 11 am EDT, and help to ring in the year of the New Paradigm for all of mankind. Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Webcast: A New Paradigm in the New Year

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 27 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Read or watch the searing sermon delivered on Dec. 23, 2023 by the Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem. Dr. Isaac, a Palestinian Christian pastor and theologian, designed and placed a now-famous creche of Christ in the Rubble in his church, and was part of a delegation of religious leaders from Bethlehem who visited Washington, D.C. in late November carrying an open letter to President Biden and U.S. congressmen demanding: “We want a constant and comprehensive ceasefire. Enough death. Enough destruction.”

In his traditional “Urbi et Orbi” blessing at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican on Christmas day, Pope Francis demanded the world’s public be informed of the countless billions spent on weapons, called for beating “swords into plowshares,” and again insisted on a lasting ceasefire in tortured Gaza.

To know what you and others can do to stop this ongoing crime against Humanity, and not be complicit with it, re-read Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Christmas message, Turn Swords Into Plowshares!, the Schiller Institute’s exposé The Military-Financial Complex Is Bloated on Blood Money from Wars, Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Ten Principles for a New Security and Development Architecture and join her in her weekly Live-Dialogue Dec 27.

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 27 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Webcast: Reality Is Stronger than Ideology; Stop Warfare, Build the Physical Economy

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 20 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

The toll of death and misery rises by the hour in Gaza, with the latest official count of 19,500 dead, dozens of thousands wounded, and over two million suffering.

Yet the United States continues its lone stance in the UN Security Council, to oppose a ceasefire, talks and rebuilding in Palestine/Israel. The UAE is submitting a new resolution this week, and reports are that the U.S. is already cavilling, and opposing it.

Similarly, the U.S., UK and NATO decree there can be no negotiations and ceasefire for Ukraine, where the population is already down by half.

Behind the disgusting pretense cited by the Global NATO bloc of defending Western “values,” in these and other cases, two things stand out: First, the military-financial-industrial-complex of Wall Street/London is supported off the backs of everyone. And secondly, the actual social and economic conditions of the Trans-Atlantic NATO zone are rapidly falling apart.

A dramatic example of protest against this, is the mass farmer action today at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Farm protests are occurring in many cities in Bavaria and other states. Farmers are demanding affordable gas for their machinery, and other measures, in order to continue to produce food. But the German government’s policies, following the leader after the U.S., are backing warfare, and destroying the German physical economy, even food.

Schiller Institute founder and leader Helga Zepp-LaRouche, reviewing these situations with associates today, summed up the strategic picture with these remarks:

“I think it’s not so difficult if you look at the strategic situation from the top. Why are we in the crisis we are? Because–as by the way, Sergei Glazyev had said so pointedly in his letter for Lyn’s 100th birthday–the countries that follow Lyndon LaRouche are doing well; and those that don’t, don’t. I think it’s really as simple as that, because if you look at why it is that Asia—above all China, but also other Asian countries and also now the BRICS, the BRICS+, the SCO, and other such organizations tend to do much better in terms of growth rates, it is because they have been applying innovation. They may not call it with the same terms like Lyn would discuss it in physical economy, but the entire Chinese economy is based on innovation, innovation, innovation. This is why they didn’t have a cycle of boom and bust; because they have been continuously applying the breakthroughs in new discoveries into the economy. That’s why they had a steady curve upwards while the West was collapsing.

Why is the West collapsing? Because they are wasting all productive capacity in what used to be called “primitive accumulation” in the Soviet Union. The West is doing the same thing. Do you think the almost $1 trillion military budget in the United States is not a waste, and primitive accumulation against the actual physical assets of the economy? Has it done any good for the United States to have built almost 1000 military bases around the world, when all they offer to these countries is to become training grounds for wars? They offer “security,” they offer training in the war against terrorism; but they don’t offer development. That’s why these countries have turned away from the United States and the West towards the Belt and Road Initiative which offers development.

It’s really not that complicated at all, and all this military build-up, all these interventionist wars to keep up the American way of life, as Bush Sr. said in the case of the Iraq War, has not done anybody any good. So, it’s a failed approach. You cannot build an economy by building military fortresses to protect your privileges when the rest of the world is no longer going along with it because they have an alternative.

So, I think it’s very important that we somehow say, look, this whole military-industrial-financial complex is doing the wrong model. They should stop it and agree to be peacefully turned into plowshares before they ruin all of us. I think this intervention– it’s very clear that this is not functioning and ideology is crashing against the wall of reality.

For example, look at what happened in Germany right now, where the Constitutional Court made the long-overdue decision that this fraudulent accounting had to stop. Now, what happened to the big transformation of the economy, the Green Deal? It flops because the pots are empty. The Constitutional Court said you cannot use money anymore for purposes you have not declared. They had to stop the e-car subsidies from one day to the next. So, all the people who bought an e-car with the idea that they would get a several thousand euro subsidy, [Finance Minister] Lindner just said, “Sorry, the pot is empty.” That will happen to a lot of things.

So, I think this idea that reality is stronger than ideology, [reality being] otherwise called natural law, or the mandate of heaven, or however you want to call it [is true.] There is a higher lawfulness which you cannot bend forever, without the laws of the universe bending back. They swing back to where things belong, and I think that’s a very clear demonstration of this principle.

The way out obviously is that we have to go back to the idea of physical economy, the American System, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, Henry Carey, Count Witte, all of these people who knew how to build an economy. They have been proven right, and Lyndon LaRouche has carried that philosophy and physical economic theory a lot further. That is what it comes down to. If you want to survive, go back to LaRouche; if you want to go under, go the way of military spending until you are dead, one way or another.”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche in her weekly Live-Dialogue Wednesday, December 20 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! Please submit your questions ahead of time to Or you can write them live in the YouTube chat.

Diplomacy or Total War? You Choose! There is no 3rd option—

Live Dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche at 11am EDT

Join the live broadcast October 4 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! 

Submit your questions to 
Or write them in the YouTube chat

At the moment, destabilization and “surprise” among the policy establishment is seen throughout the trans-Atlantic sector, from Canada, to Washington, to the entirety of Europe. Though NATO (27 of whose EU foreign ministers recently met on an emergency basis with Zelenskyy and others in Kiev) is nasty, and lethally so, it is also reactive, and therefore predictable. Africa, Asia and South America continue to be defiantly unconvinced of the righteousness of the “Ukrainian cause,” as they increasingly are about other matters, from “global warming policy” to “immigration policy.” And the failed “counter-offensive” by Ukraine has meant that, when Zelenskyy tried to go to Congress, he and his handlers were too tone-deaf to realize that you should never ask the same people for more tens of billions of dollars to fight a war whose “decisive” battle you have just lost. That’s called “throwing good money after bad,” not to mention lives. Though people don’t say it out loud, you have become personally synonymous with failure, including “among your own people.”

In contrast, despite views to the contrary, the Zepp-LaRouche promotion of the German “Ending the War by a Negotiated Peace” initiative, is an example of how to violate the ostensibly “unbreakable” constraints of the British intelligence-orchestrated advocacy of total war, including thermonuclear war. Look at what Britain just did, using the “deniable” Nazi SS caper in the Canadian Parliament. As one publication pointed out, “The appearance of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in front of the Canadian Parliament was an important political event that was meticulously prepared. Invited guests would have been thoroughly vetted for security reasons. This is especially true for a ‘guest of honor’ like Hunka, who was called by name and officially celebrated.”

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Schiller Institute Press Release:
NATO Escalates for World War: Military and Foreign Affairs Experts Release Peace Proposal

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: A Transformation Bigger than the End of the Cold War

The following speech was given by Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Founder of The Schiller Institute during Panel 1 “The Strategic Situation After the Historic BRICS Summit” at the international Schiller Institute Conference “Let us Join Hands with the Global Majority To Create a New Chapter in World History!” 

A Transformation Bigger than the End of the Cold War

It is most urgent that we make the ordinary citizens of European nations and the USA–who are bombarded on a daily basis with a barrage of news in the mainstream mass media, which all have generally a spin in such a way, as to create an almost entirely fictitious parallel reality–aware of the tectonic change going on in this historic moment. Because only if they recognize the choices clearly lying ahead of us, is there hope for a positive way out of the present existential crisis of humanity.

It is high time to review the success and respectively the failure of the official policies of the recent period in order to assess the validity or flaws of ones own axioms of thinking. If there is one lesson about how it came to two world wars in the 20th century, then it is the number of miscalculations on the part of the participants in those wars. Having that parallel in mind one can only sound the alarm bells in the shrillest way possible.

The geopolitical confrontation of the US-led NATO over Ukraine, which did not start „unprovoked“ on February 23, 2022, but really already with the „Orange Revolution“ financed by the NED in 2004, and escalated with Victoria Nuland’s Maidan Coup in 2014, is clearly not working the way it was intended. The unprecedented series of sanctions did not „ruin Russia“, as Annalena Baerbock had wished, but caused a far reaching reorientation of Russia to the East and the South. But also Russia’s expectation about a short term nature of the military special operation did not materialize since the Russian leadership obviously underestimated the effect of NATO-operations in Ukraine since the Maidan coup and the subsequent attitude of the population, as well as the far reaching willingness for military engagement in Ukraine by the West.

Now a military stalemate has been reached, and the continuation of the military operations can, despite all new weapon deliveries, only lead to the complete  attrition of the human resources of Ukraine, who already has suffered horrendous casualty figures, and the danger of an escalation to the nuclear level, if either Russia sees its territorial integrity threatened or somebody thinks that a limited nuclear war is feasible.

If the Europeans believed that their giving in to the demands of ever „more weapons“ to Ukraine, would lead to a victory of Ukraine on the battlefield, that also did not work out. Instead European nations find themselves completely cut off from any ties with their neighbor Russia, the „energy- dependency“ shifted from Russia to the much more expensive American energy, and in the meantime Germany has lost even the appearance of a remnant of sovereignty and with it the respect in the whole world. Germany, the erstwhile economic powerhouse of Europe is rapidly undergoing a process of deindustrialization caused by exorbitant energy prices provided by the wonderful protective power and ally US, who is not hesitating to lure the battered German industries to resettle in the US with the help  of the Inflation Reduction Act–not even to mention the North Stream Pipelines about which nobody believes the belatedly made up story about the sailing yacht Andromeda. A popular saying these days is: What do you need enemies for with friends like this?

Germany has been transformed into a doormat, trampled upon by NATO-boots, while the present political leadership with its green Atlanticist ideology, for whom it would be a euphemism to call it „German,“ is gambling away about everything all the generations have built up from the rubble fields after the Second World War. Half of the German Mittelstand, the source of the entire social system in the country, is either going bankrupt or leaving to reinvest either in the US or in China. The overwhelming mood in the country is one of desperation, restaurant owners, farmers, craftsmen, store owners, nurses, all kinds of service industries, all feel that the floor is being pulled away from under them, and those, who don’t want to move to the Alternative for Germany, a right wing party, with some good points, but also unacceptable elements in it, feel that they have no place to turn to. „Everything will crash against the wall“, is one of the most heard sentences in many private discussions. People feel completely betrayed. We should remember, it was that utter feeling of betrayal after the Versailles treaty, which was the death-nail for the Weimar Republic!

But what most citizens of the West have no inkling about, is that a much bigger, much more consequential development is taking place elsewhere, in those parts of the world, which are effected by what is going on between NATO and Russia, where the „collateral damage“, such as high energy and food prices in these countries was considered „negligible“. And now that oversight is turning out to be the biggest misjudgment of all.

The unilateral (and therefore illegal) sanctions against Russia and a whole series of other countries, the confiscation of state assets and weaponization of the dollar on top of the longstanding experience of unfair trade and credit conditions have led to a gigantic blowback in the countries of the Global South which since has emerged as the Global Majority, representing more than 85 % of the world population. The massive attempts by NATO countries to pressure countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa to take the side of the „democracies“ of the „rules based order“ against the supposed „autocracies“ and „dictatorships“ in the Ukraine conflict backfired thoroughly. The identity of these countries as being part of the Nonalignment Movement and the „Spirit of Bandung“, the major alliance between Asian and African countries of the 1955 conference, came back to life and with it the memory that it was the Soviet Union which had helped many of the developing countries in their struggles for independence against the colonial powers.

When Lyndon LaRouche, my late husband, had first proposed an alternative to the IMF and its  conditionalities in 1975 with the proposal for the IDB, which was intended to issue 400 Billion dollar credit lines per year for industrial  development projects, this proposal was fullheartedly endorsed be the NAM then, who incorporated it in their final resolution in Colombo, Sri Lanka, representing already 75 % of the world population. The reaction of the financial powers to be were brutal: Indira Gandhi and Mrs. Bandaranaike were ousted from power, President Ali Bhutto and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi several years later were assassinated. The NAM played a subdued role for many years to come as a result of these attacks.

Lyndon LaRouche, whose 101st birthday we were celebrating yesterday, and his international movement kept writing development plans relentlessly, a comprehensive infrastructure plan for the entire African continent, presented in 1976 in a conference in Paris, Operation Juarez for Latin America in cooperation with Mexican President Lopez Portillo, a 50 year plan for the Pacific Basin in light of the expected increase on population density in that part of the world, a 40 year plan for India, which Mrs. Gandhi started to implement, the Oasis plan for Southwest Asia, and in 91, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the Eurasian Landbridge, the New Silk Road–all of these programs were presented at literally hundreds of conferences and seminars on five continents.

After President Xi Jinping presented the concept of the New Silk Road in Kazakhstan, exactly 10 years and 2 days ago, Western governments, think tanks and media amazingly ignored this program which was clearly the largest infrastructure program in history ever, easily an order of magnitude larger then the Marshal Plan for Europe after the second World War.

But for the countries of the Global South the BRI became the game changer, allowing many of them for the first time to seriously launch infrastructure programs, industrial parks, advanced science projects, etc. From the end of 2017 the attitude in the West towards the BRI suddenly shifted from indifference to hostility, in the security papers of the Pentagon first, and then synchronized in all western media and think tanks, China’s rise was characterized as „systemic rival“ and „opponent“ culminating in the recent „decoupling“ and „de-risking“ frenzy. With the recent enlargement of the BRICS into BRICS-11 and the expressed interest of around 40 more countries to join likewise, the idea of a complete decoupling from Russia and China is more than absurd: it is suicidal. The perspective of creating two more or less separate blocs in reality is not feasible and can be only seen as the futile effort to economically weaken an adversary before a planned military attack, which given the existence of several thousands of nuclear missiles would mean the annihilation of the human species and with it all life on earth.

It is time for a fundamental strategic reevaluation. Is it not now more in the interest of the US and European nations to take the initiative to cooperate with all the countries of the Global South and build a prosperous world for all nations, than taking the risk of pursuing a policy which may lead to the „end of history“, albeit in a different way than Francis Fukuyama, the father of all political misjudgments fantasized?

News are coming in this morning, that Prime Minister Modi announced in a long overdue step at the ongoing G20 summit in New Delhi, that the African Union has been admitted to the G20, making the G21.  That is positive, but completely insufficient. In order to eliminate the danger of a third, this time thermonuclear war, we need to create a totally new international security and development architecture, which takes into account the security and economic interest of all nations on the planet. And that is only possible, if it is based on the development of all, on the interest of the other, and the creation of a common future, which is promising and uplifting for all of humanity.

The comprehensive study the Schiller Institute published in 2014 in response to President Xi’s announcement from 2013 in Kazakhstan, „The New Silk Road becomes the World Land Bridge“ can be the basis for such a peace order for the 21st Century. It gives a clear orientation for the economic buildup of all parts of the planet, concrete plans for overcoming underdevelopment in the Global South as well as concrete guidelines for the reconstruction of the decaying economies of the Global North. Together with the Ten Principles I suggested for such a new architecture, these proposals could be the basis for any serious attempt to find a solution to the present crisis. Why not conduct a special session of the UNGA to discuss such a new international architecture, when clearly so many people around the world are concerned about the threat to world peace?

The idea of a World Landbridge, connecting all infrastructurally developed continents through tunnels and bridges, so that one can travel soon with a maglev train from the southern tip of Argentina or Chile up north through the Americas via the Bering Strait all way along the transsiberean railway to Gibraltar and on through Africa to the Cape of Good Hope. This will be the realization of the vision of the German economist Friedrich List and his „space and time economy“, where he outlined, how an advanced transport and communication system with a high speed, dense regularity and cost efficiency of infrastructure would allow for new levels of the mental and material productive powers. This development would then lead to a „Republic of the planet“ based on the „economy of humanity“, which would make it possible that all talents would exchange their ideas and work together in all areas in science and art and all areas of knowledge, which in turn would increase the efficiency of all powers of humanity, the exact opposite of „decoupling“ and „derisking“, obviously.

A similar idea about the future development of humanity to become a great community of the entire world, a „datong shijie“, one can also find with Cai Yuanpei, the first education minister of  the Republic of China and President of Peking University, who introduced Schiller’s conception of aesthetic education into China. Obviously the same evolutionary innate idea governed Nikolaus of Kues idea about harmony in the macrocosm based on the best mutual development of all microcosms. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’ idea of a preestablished harmony in the universe represents the same idea, Vernadsky’s notion of the increasing dominance of the noosphere over the biosphere, as well. And I remember very well, how Lyndon LaRouche stunned his associates, when he talked about how despite the present importance of the sovereignty of the nation state, that would not be the last stage in the evolution of the the development of humanity.

Look at this latest breakthrough China made in controllable nuclear fusion technology for a new generation of an „artificial sun“, the Huanliu-3, a week ago. They realized high-confinement mode operation with a plasma current of one million ampere for the first time, according to the China National Nuclear Corporation, (CNNC). The high-confinement mode,  is also used as the standard mode for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), in Cadarache, France, which is run by seven member parties, China, the EU, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the US. This inherently safe form of nuclear energy, once it is fully realized, is one of the technologies which will remove the basis for geopolitical rivalry, because it will make energy so plentiful and cheap, that it will be cheaper than the continuation of military conflict.

The perspective for a completely new paradigm in international relations is on the horizon, and this could come much faster then most can imagine. A change in the US with the next presidential election could return the US on the path of a republic. As Sergey Glazyev indicated, a new BRICS currency will likely materialize in 2024 during Russia’s chairmanship of the BRICS, which could turn out to be the lifeboat for the global financial system.

So, there is all the reason for a culturally optimistic view for the future of mankind, provided we replace hatred, envy and resentment with love, generosity, and curiosity for the potential of the other cultures. We still have time to reset the axioms of our thinking.

The BRICS Challenge to the Global North

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