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Why Have India, Brazil, South Africa and Pakistan Refused to Condemn Russia?

The Trans-Atlantic so-called democracies have not just launched economic warfare against Russia — they have declared economic war against their own populations!  The sanctions against Russia, which are expanding daily, are already having a disastrous impact in the west, accelerating soaring prices for fuel, heating and food.  But this has not been caused by Russia.  The global financial system is bankrupt, due to the policies of the financial oligarchy; and they are trying to blame Russia for the consequences of their own decisions.   

Economic Warfare Against Russia and the Great Reset

The refusal to negotiate with Putin, and accept his demand that reasonable security guarantees be extended to Russia, is what provoked his actions for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.  This refusal to engage in serious negotiations, which has been U.S.-NATO policy for at least 15 years, is NOT based on a defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and freedom, but to provide an excuse for economic warfare against Russia.  WHY?  The economic annihilation of Russia is an essential precondition for the successful implementation of the Great Reset and Green New Deal, which Russia and China will not accept, as it requires that they surrender their sovereignty to a global central banker’s dictatorship.  To resolve this crisis, join us in mobilizing for a convention to establish a new security architecture — sign and circulate this petition:

You Know the Media is Lying to You — Find Out Why

Today, we take on the war-time propaganda coming from the U.S. and NATO forces, desperately attempting to defend their collapsing world order by deploying economic warfare against Russia, to prevent the consolidation of an economic alliance between sovereign nations of Eurasia and Europe. The economic integration of Europe and Eurasia is no threat to the people of the U.S. and western Europe. The Chinese have again invited the U.S. to join the Belt-and-Road Initiative. But it is a threat to the bankrupt financial system the oligarchs in the Trans-Atlantic countries are trying to protect, using war and austerity against the populations of their own countries, to prop up their collapsing post-Cold War Unipolar order. Sign and circulate the petition:

Yes, There Are Neo-Nazis in Ukraine’s Army and Security Forces!

When Putin said one of the goals of Russian military ops in Ukraine is “deNazification”, there were howls of protest from U.S. and NATO officials, and the pro-war media ridiculed him, accusing him of being unbalanced and pushing false “conspiracy theories.”  But he is right, as proven by quotes from the leader of the C14 neoNazi group, who said they are being armed by NATO “because we perform the tasks set by the West, because we are the only ones who are ready to do them.  Because we have fun, we have fun killing and we have fun fighting.”  The truth about the role of neoNazis in Ukraine’s military, and the killings in Donbas they brag about, has been censored, so you won’t protest the spending of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to arm and train them. 


City of London and Wall Street Banksters Have Declared War Against Russia

A review of events since the launch of the Great Reset in August 2019, shows that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine provided the pretext for regime change against Russia, using economic and financial warfare measures to bring the nation to its knees.  This has nothing to do with defending the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine, as the globalists have shown no interest in defending the people of any nation.  Instead, it is intended to destroy one of the leading opponents of the post-Cold War unipolar order, as an warning to any other nation which is inclined to resist the surrender of its sovereignty. 

Lies, Censorship and Outright Thievery — Is World War III Next?

The economic/financial warfare unleashed by the U.S., NATO and the EU against Russia has been planned for months, a leading U.S. “senior” official admitted yesterday.  This proves Putin’s point, that the U.S. had no intent to address his demands that Russia be given legally-binding security guarantees.  The Schiller Institute is calling for a commitment to such guarantees for all nations, in a petition linked below — something which is not acceptable to the arrogant beneficiaries of the unipolar order, who demand that all nations submit to their Great Reset.  They are now resorting to psychological warfare and censorship to blind you to the danger humanity faces if there is no move to a new security and financial architecture.  Sign and circulate this petition:

We Are Now Living in a Full-Fledged Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse!

Events have taken an ominous turn in the last 24 hours.  The sanctions imposed against Russia and the accelerating flow of weapons into Ukraine have convinced Putin that it is necessary to put Russia’s nuclear forces on alert.  What happens next cannot be left to the corrupt leaders of the Trans-Atlantic nations, who are prepared to risk global nuclear war to protect their collapsing financial/economic system.  Join our mobilization to demand the convening, immediately, of a conference to adopt a new strategic and financial architecture, rather than allowing a sleepwalk into war.  Here is the link to the Schiller Institute petition.

Friday’s Questions — What Is Putin’s Goal in Ukraine?

While the mainstream media has proven to be nothing but a brainwashing tool run by Anglo-American financial oligarchs and their Military-Industrial-Complex, there is a way to know what’s going on in Ukraine: Listen to what Putin is saying!  He spelled out his goals yesterday — a demilitarized Ukraine, and a de-Nazified Ukraine.  While some, such as Blinken, scoff at that, there are Nazis in positions of influence in Ukraine, who have threatened Pres. Zelensky whenever he threatens to move away from a confrontation with Russia.  Why do western nations cover up for the Nazis in Ukraine?  Because they are key to the intent of the Trans-Atlantic powers, which is to destroy Russia, to remove them as an obstacle to their attempt to consolidate a global dictatorship under the guise of a “Great Reset” and a “Green New Deal.”

Russian Troops Enter Ukraine: What Comes Next? Urgent Call for Establishing a New Security and Financial Architecture

Russian military moves into Ukraine are the inevitable result of the rejection by Trans-Atlantic leaders to seriously negotiate the draft treaties presented by President Putin, which would offer security guarantees to Russia.  Putin has called the bluff of the Bidens, Blinkens and BoJos, knowing that they actually wanted him to launch an attack so they could unleash sanctions aimed at destroying Russia.  It will not succeed, but could trigger a nuclear war.   The Schiller Institute is circulating an emergency call for an international conference to negotiate a security and development architecture that advances the interests of all people in all sovereign nations.  Read it, sign it, and circulate it.  You can find it here:

Still Time to Stop World War III — Citizens of the West Must Become Informed!!

How much do you know about the reasons behind Putin’s decision to recognize the independence of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics?  How much do you actually know about Ukraine, whose people are being used as cannon fodder in a war between Trans-Atlantic financial oligarchs, and Russia and China?  The west has poured over $5 billion in new weapons into Ukraine, paid for by loans, when Ukraine already is facing default on $4 to 5 billion in debt.  And did you know that “democratic” Ukraine has shut down opposition media, jailed and threatened opposition leaders, and placed hard-core Nazis is leading positions in its security and defense forces? To learn the truth, watch Ukrainian economist and political leader Natalia Vitrenko, in her Feb. 19 address to the Schiller Institute.

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