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Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Friday Questions: Are we headed to war over Ukraine?

What is going on in Ukraine?  What is the Biden policy?  What about Iran — is there a new deal in the works?  What about China’s role, is extending the Belt-and-Road Initiative into southwest Asia the basis for ending the wars, and reconstructing the region?  Will we ever get a return to Glass Steagall banking separation, or will the globalist bankers destroy what’s left of the U.S. productive economy?  And what should one make of the push, from the likes of Schumer, VP Harris, and libertarians, to legalize marijuana use?

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

War and Depression? Or Real Economic Growth?

The relentless escalation of war provocations, when paired with the lying reports of a “coming economic boom” — both the product of the diseased minds of those running the “Military Industrial Complex” and pushing the “Great Reset” — is a threat to the people of all nations.  No matter what economists say, a growing cancerous debt bubble is not a sign of economic health!  As we forecast, these utopian schemes can be derailed.  One example is the rejection by India’s Energy Minister of the “net zero” plan pushed by the Biden administration.  To join us in defeating the push coming from the bankrupt Trans-Atlantic establishment, order your copy of our report here: “The Great Leap Backward”.

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

U.S., NATO War Hawks Pushing Ukraine-Russia Military Confrontation

As charges and counter-charges proliferate, and military forces are in motion, the danger of war in eastern Ukraine is increasing daily.  While blaming Russia for “malign intent”, the actual cause of the tension is the geopolitical intent for regime change in Russia, which has escalated since the Maidan coup in Ukraine in February 2014.  President Biden was Obama’s point man in organizing  that coup, and has a long record as an anti-Russian war hawk, typified by his recent admission that he believes Russian President Putin is a “killer.”  One of his top advisors on Russia, Michael Carpenter, has openly praised the self-avowed neo-Nazi and former top Ukrainian security official and member of parlaiment Andriy Parubiy. 

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Harley Schlanger Daily Update: More Lies from Globalists and War Hawks to Justify Military Build-up

Do you know who is producing the reports of “human rights” violations by China in Xinjiang province against the Uyghur minority?  It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that these lies, repeated endlessly by Mike Pompeo and Antony Blinken, come from the same networks behind the regime change wars of the last two decades — and from the very same people and institutions which ran Russiagate and the Ukraine impeachment against President Trump.  Not only that, but they are the same networks, including in the mainstream and social media, which are trying to push through the Great Reset global central banker’s dictatorship, and the genocidal Green New Deal; and who run Joe Biden’s administration.  

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Harley Schlanger Daily Update: Biden, BoJo Plot to Inflate a Green Financial Bubble to Bailout Bankrupt Financial System

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson must believe their populations are so brainwashed that they would accept a multi-trillion dollar bailout of financial speculators as a “program to rebuild infrastructure”.  But that is precisely what the upcoming “Climate” conferences are about, creating momentum behind the Great Reset — which would establish a global central banker dictatorship — and the global Green New Deal, which would lead to a drastic reduction of world population.  The greatest fear of the Davos billionaires is that the people can be awakened to reject these policies, and that an alliance between the U.S., Russia and China will adopt LaRouche’s program for a New Bretton Woods, based on fixed exchange rates, regulated banking — i.e., no bailouts or bail-ins — and investment in physical economic production, not mountains of credit to corrupt speculators. 

Harley Schlanger Daily Update — Which Way for the Biden Administration on China?

For those insisting that President Biden is in the back pocket of China’s President Xi, remember this is the same line that President Trump’s opponents used against him for his stated desire to form a collaborative friendship with Russia’s Putin. This line, against both, comes from the lying War Hawks of the Military Industrial Complex, to justify a bloated defense budget, to impose the “rules-based order” of global financial institutions. Will Biden submit to them, as the previous administration did by unleashing Pompeo in a frenzied push for regime change wars in 2020? A planned March 18 meeting between officials of the Biden and Xi governments may provide some answers. Join the Schiller Institute online conference on March 20-21 to get the full story on the direction of U.S.-China relations.

Harley Schlanger Daily Update: As Hyperinflation Signs Grow, Significant Opposition to Green New Deal Surfaces

The tsunami of liquidity flowing from central banks into the hands of speculators is setting off an increase in commodity prices, which could soon hit producers, and then be passed on to consumers. Concern over the reaction to this is why global financial cartel players are trying to rush through the Great Reset, which includes a new bubble in “Green” investments. But, as we predicted, there is growing opposition to this foolishness, as U.S. states have filed a lawsuit against Biden’s Executive Order mandating a Green reset, and Putin made clear he will not allow Russia to be subject to the blackouts which hit Texas due to green energy policies and a deregulated electricity market.

Harley Schlanger Daily Update: Need Productive Jobs, Reliable Electricity, Clean Water, Health Care and Food?

Unless Americans and Europeans mobilize against the Great Reset and Green New Deal, we will soon be entering the greatest Depression in world history. Most western governments, including the Biden administration, are committed to dismantle the physical, goods-producing economies which remain, in favor of an anti-scientific fraud of achieving “carbon net zero”, which will doom most of humanity to death by starvation, new pandemics, and geopolitical wars. There is an alternative, drafted by the LaRouche movement, “How to Restart the U.S. Economy: The World Needs 1.5 Billion New Productive Jobs”. It is time we feed the people, and not the City of London/Wall Street predators!

Harley Schlanger Daily Update: Trans-Atlantic Financial Disintegration Heightens War Danger

A desperate financial oligarchy is acting in the face of a collapse of its financial/economic system as it has in the past, that is, Preparing for War! There are several fronts in this pre-war escalation: targeting Russia and China; expanding existing wars in the pivot region of southwest Asia; and increasing the presence and power of the security state against its citizens, who are tired of endless wars and austerity. The same British geopolitical doctrine which led to two destructive world wars and the long Cold War in the last century is being applied again today, in defense of a rotting global economy. And both U.S. political parties are under the control of those corrupt financiers and corporate conglomerates which are trying to impose that British geopolitical doctrine, through the Great Reset.

Harley Schlanger Daily Update: Facing an Existential Crisis with American Optimism, Not Delusion

The wishful thinking of some, that a force of “White Hats” would come in and sweep away the “bad guys” in a series of mass arrests — an event predicted to occur by “Q” and similar “prophets” during the last three years, with the most recent failed forecast being for March 4 — has proven to be a fantasy, as we have been saying. Instead what is needed is a change in strategic thinking by Americans to a higher level, so that solutions embodied in the Four Economic Laws of Lyndon LaRouche can be implemented, and building popular support for launching a cultural Renaissance, which is the mission of the Schiller Institute, can occur. Can we do this? Wishful thinking must be replaced by serious organizing, if we intend to prevent the growing danger of war and the consolidation of a killer global banker’s dictatorship.

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