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March 22: “War Economy” Threatens Far More Lives Than Fighting in Ukraine

Your March 22 daily update with Harley Schlanger.

Cracks Opening in “Unified” Trans-Atlantic War Party

The reality is seeping in, as growing numbers in Europe are recognizing that the Anglo-American war hawks intend to continue the fighting in Ukraine until Russia is so damaged that a successful regime change can be pulled off there. There is a growing chorus of voices of sane military vets in Europe calling for diplomacy, the break-up of NATO, and an end to the delusion that World War III can be won. More American military vets are speaking up, such as Col. Richard Black. Join with the Schiller Institute, to make sure your voice is heard in opposition to the ongoing globalist Malthusian onslaught.

March 16 update

March 18: What is the Goal of the U.S./NATO Powers in Ukraine?

Reckless “Information Warfare” Put U.S. on a Collision Course for War

Your daily update from Harley Schlanger for May 10, 2022.

March 17th, 2022- The Economic Warfare Is Hitting Home!

March 16 update

March 16, 2022: War Mobilization Continues, Economic Crisis Worsens

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Who Wants a Bigger War??

As there is a growing potential for a peaceful resolution to the fighting in Ukraine, who is standing in the way of that prospect?  Naturally, it is the War Hawk/neoliberal networks of the Anglo-American financial establishment, which threaten sanctions against any nation which would intervene, and any individual seeking peace.  They are desperate to sustain their bankrupt world order.  Peace requires that that order be shut down, through bankruptcy reorganization, and replaced by agreements among sovereign states for mutually beneficial economic policies, as the proposal for a New Bretton Woods, drafted by Lyndon LaRouche, would accomplish.  Join us to mobilize for a new security and financial architecture which protects the interests of all nations and their people: Sign and circulate our petition:

Are You Ready for War-Time Austerity?

The inevitable is finally here. The global financial system is in a terminal phase of collapse, as the burden of debt far exceeds the ability of hollowed-out economies to service it. The question is, Who will pay the price — the oligarchs whose policies caused this, or the average person, who is being told to sacrifice, so the debt can be sustained on the books of bankrupt speculators? As former German President Gauck said, “We should be willing to freeze for freedom.” But it’s not Putin who caused this, but the oligarchs who are using the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder in a proxy war to destroy Russia. Join us to turn this around — put the oligarchs into bankruptcy, and rebuild the world economy with American system methods. Sign and circulate our petition. — Please subscribe to my blog here

News Shorts — Can World War Still Be Prevented?

A possible default of Russian debt; strikes by truckers in Italy and Germany, and by fishermen in Italy and Spain; inflation takes off in the U.S.; no-fly zones and a Shakespearean reference from Lindsey Graham (?); will it be up to U.S. and Russian military officials to stop the madness?  And a humorous side to the war tensions!

Trans-Atlantic War Narratives Unravel, Economic Warfare Is Backfiring

Fears are surfacing among western financial networks that the sanctions policy against Russia could trigger a global debt default.  Victoria Nuland admitted under oath, during Senate testimony, that the U.S. has bioweapon labs in Ukraine, despite continuing denials from other U.S. officials.  And the Russians released a war plan, drafted by the Commander of Ukraine’s National Guard, on January 22, which shows that Ukraine intended to launch a deadly, full-scale invasion against the Donbass republics later this month, had Putin not intervened.  As the truth emerges, why would anyone believe the stories fed to the mainstream media by the War Hawks, given the ample evidence that they are serial liars when it comes to psychological warfare measures to promote wars and regime change?

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