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Queen Elizabeth Bails on FLOP26 Summit

Is it really a matter of her fragile health, or has the Queen decided to skip the march of death, disguised as a “climate summit”, to save face?  With Boris Johnson worried that it will  be VERY, VERY tough to get the desired results — i.e., to arm twist nations to surrender their sovereignty and development goals to achieve “carbon net zero” — eco-terrorists are preparing to launch a wave of destruction if these goals are not met, under the slogan of defeating “fossil fascism,” declaring the development of fossil fuel technology as “steeped in racism”!  Meanwhile, the resurrection of British spook Christopher Steele continues, with an appearance on {Sky-TV}, during which he announced he wishes that Daniel Craig, of James Bond movie fame, portray him in a bio-film!

War Danger Increases as Globalists Are Losing Control

There is a reason why those in the Military Industrial Complex are called “War Hawks” — because war is their ultimate solution to crises.  As they are facing a series of existential crises, they are ramping up the rhetoric of war.  Listen to the words of Biden’s choice for Ambassador to China, or the German Defense Minister’s call to be prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia!  Consider the possibility that the COP26 “climate” conference becomes the Flop26, and serves as an excuse for launching new waves of eco-terrorism.  

Putin Intervenes to Save U.S. and West from Strategic and Cultural Degeneracy, Attacks “Wokeness”!

On the eve of the globalist Halloween prank called COP26 — which hopefully will become Flop26 — Russian President Putin delivered a powerful speech lamenting the failure of nations to use the opportunity of the collapse of  the Soviet Union to create a safer world.  While defending “human life” and the “family” as “absolute values”, and insisting on “sovereignty” as a necessary condition for relations between nation states, he critiques the arrogance of those pushing a unipolar world, and dissects the cultural degradation being imposed  on the West by them — including a sharp criticism of “cancel culture”, and the approach to race and gender dominating policy discussion in the West.  (Since the western media are not covering Putin’s intervention, I am posting a summary of his critique of “wokeness” from our website: Putin: Human Life Over Failed Ideology and Woke ‘Phantasmagoria’ – The LaRouche Organization

Who Benefits from War and Geopolitical Conflict? Yes, There Is a “Deep State”

Friday Questions — Given that there is no “Climate Emergency”, can we collaborate to take power away from the predatory oligarchs, who are using “climate” to destroy civilization?Why aren’t more people speaking out against inflation?Is inflation caused by supply-and-demand distortions, like the “Bullwhip Effect?”Why didn’t President Trump take down the Federal Reserve?

Multipolar Cooperation, Or Unipolar Push for More Wars and Austerity: You Choose!

While the mainstream media is focused on censoring real news, and increasing polarization around hot-button issues, there are significant strategic developments occurring: —Meetings of Afghanistan’s neighbors to help build an economy, to prevent a dissolution into civil war, starvation and drug production;—China’s development of a hypersonic, low-orbit glide vehicle, which caught western intelligence by surprise;—a new report on how wild liquidity pumping by central banks is behind accelerating inflation, and how it benefits 1.1% of the population;—Putin blaming Europe’s leaders for causing energy shortages and soaring prices, on the eve of the next climate “summit”, COP26. 

No Time for Moping, The Future Is Ours If We Move Now!

All the symptoms of a systemic economic breakdown — shortages, inflationary prices, the failure of institutions to address the explicit dangers, while pushing for a global central banker’s Green dictatorship — are signs of the WEAKNESS of the Davos billionaires who think they are the Kings of the Universe.  In their frantic pursuit of their utopia, with its drastic reduction of human population, they have planted the seeds of their own defeat.  What’s needed to defeat them is a strategy.  Join with the Schiller Institute to rally the millions of those suffering from the policies of the establishment, to put them out of business!

Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark: Afghanistan: What now? Peace through Economic Development

On October 11, 2021 the Schiller Institute in Denmark held a seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now that the war in Afghanistan is over, and many people in the West are shaken by the events, there is an opportunity to exchange the policy, which has been based on regime change and military interventions to a policy for peace through economic development. That goes for Afghanistan and also for the rest of the world.

Hussein Askary: the Schiller Institute’s Southwest Asia Coordinator, board member of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden

Prof. Pino Arlacchi: Executive Director of the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (1997-2002), and former EU Rapporteur on Afghanistan. Professor of Sociology at the University of Sassari in Italy

H.E. Ahmad Farooq, Ambassador of Pakistan to Kingdom of Denmark: Ambassador in Denmark since April 2020. 2013-2016: Counsellor/Alternate Permanent Representative of Pakistan at the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the Rome-based UN Agencies, Rome. 2010-2013: Counsellor Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations, New York. Member of Pakistan’s Security Council team during Pakistan’s membership of the UN Security Council from 2012 to 2013. 2018-2020: Director General (Counter Terrorism) dealing with counter terrorism at the United Nations and other multilateral forums. 2016-2018 and 2008-2010: Director United Nations, dealing with UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, Counter Terrorism, UN Peacekeeping and other political and peace and security issues.

Moderator: Tom Gillesberg: Chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark, Bureau Chief for Executive Intelligence Review in Copenhagen.

Friday Questions: How Insane Is the Concept of Transitory Inflation?

What is the significance of the debate as to whether inflation is “transitory”?  It is an academic ruse, to avoid discussing the real cause, the hyperinflationary liquidity pumping to pave the way for the Great Reset?Why is China supporting COP26?  Its actions, including increased electricity production from burning coal, shows it is not complying with COP26 demands. 

Mobilize Now to Defeat the Green New Deal

Mark Carney, Climate Change Tsar for the U.N., and former Director of the Bank of England, laid out in an Oct. 12 interview what the Green New Deal is.  He said it will require between $100 and $150 TRILLION to be spent over 30 years in new “green” technology.  To do this, he said, requires a change in financial “plumbing”.  He is demanding a “Reset” that will give private banks and financial institutions control over the credit policies of nations; further, the move in this direction is already driving up energy prices, by cutting credit to producers, and pouring liquidity into speculators.  As stated in the {Economist}, the mouthpiece for the City of London, “Get used to it.”  But Carney admitted there is resistance, citing China, Indonesia and South Africa as three who will fight it.  Join us to defeat this insane project of the globalist banksters.

The Globalist’s World Order Is Collapsing: That’s Why They Are So Dangerous!

While the Great Reset/Green New Deal is poised for an inglorious collapse, there is a different “reset” underway, based on Eurasian integration.  While this has been at the center of nightmares among the imperial geopoliticians tied to the City of London, and the speculative swindlers of Wall Street, for more than a century, there is no reason why the citizens of the U.S. and Europe should fear it.  Instead, it represents an opportunity for the “West” — should we choose to give up wars, austerity and the central banker’s dictatorship — to participate in projects which would provide great benefits for U.S. producers, and fuel an industrial, agricultural and trade bonanza.  Download your copy of “The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road”, and join our mobilization to implement it.  Your participation will make the globalists most unhappy!

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