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Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

The British Hand In The Ukraine Crisis

As tensions remain high between Ukraine and Russia, the British announced they will send two naval warships into the Black Sea, replacing American ships which cancelled their visit.  The Ukraine crisis is a classical British geopolitical operation.  Evidence is emerging of the direct role played by MI6 chief Richard Moore in directing Ukraine’s President Zelensky into the suicidal position in which he is placing his country.  Are we prepared to risk a nuclear war on behalf of the “Special Relationship”, in which the U.S. military provides the muscle to protect the City of London/Wall Street central banker’s world order?

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

The World on the Edge of War: Strategic Update, and Friday Questions

Why are we hearing so little in the western media about the real danger of war between the U.S. and Russia, coming from the provocations of Washington, Brussels and Kiev? What can citizens due to counter the effect of the War Hawks making policy in the White House and the U.S. Congress? And how can we maintain pride in our nation, when the War Hawks are pushing the world toward new wars?

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Prominent Voices Join Helga Zepp LaRouche in Warning of War Danger

In her April 14 weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche warned of a “moral collapse of the western system”, which is pushing the world toward war and genocide, and called upon people to join her in a “complete activation” to address this collapse.  In the last days, other voices are being heard, echoing her urgent warning of the danger of war between the U.S. and NATO against Russia, which could result from provocations by Ukraine; between the U.S. and China, over Taiwan and the South China Sea; and of the genocide occurring in Yemen and Syria, as a result of TransAtlantic policies.  There is a solution, she said, which depends on our viewers joining our mobilization, to prevent “a plunge into a Dark Age.” 

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Deadly Hypocrisy of TransAtlantic War Hawks Exposed in Ukraine, Syria Hot Spots

While it is welcome news that President Biden called Russian Pres. Putin yesterday to propose a summit between the two “in the coming months”, his foreign policy team continues a provocative push against Russia in Ukraine, while the U.S.-initiated “Caesar Sanctions” are increasing the death toll in Syria. Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp LaRouche has called for an urgent mobilization against the genocidal consequences of the war drive against Russia from Ukraine, and to lift the sanctions against the Syrian people.

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Davos Billionaires, U.S.-U.K.-NATO War Hawks Push Radical Depopulation Policies

A quick survey of today’s world indicates that most people in the so-called advanced sector are indifferent in the face of mass murder being perpetrated in their names, or feel impotent to do anything about it.  There is no question that the sanctions policies imposed by western governments are killing people; yet regime change wars continue, while the War Hawks are creating provocations  against Russia and China which could lead to hot wars, and a global Green New Deal is being implemented to destroy the physical economy needed to sustain life.  There is now a great potential to build a global anti-Malthusian movement, to take power away from the neo-con/neoliberal killers, and instead initiate a process of real economic development.  Join with the Schiller Institute, and our Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites — this is a fight for justice which we must win!

Harley Schlanger Update: A Giant Has Passed On, While Little People Push for War

Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, lawyer for Lyndon LaRouche, and a leader in the fight against injustice, has passed away. As we celebrate his life, let us be inspired by his courage, and his impassioned devotion to principle. Such inspiration is necessary today, as we must mobilize to defeat the evil intent of the little people in charge of the Biden administration and NATO, who operate on behalf of the establishment, representing the interests of corporate cartels. They are engaged in a dangerous provocation in Ukraine, and an all-out effort to prevent economic development of the poorer nations in the world.

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Friday Questions: Are we headed to war over Ukraine?

What is going on in Ukraine?  What is the Biden policy?  What about Iran — is there a new deal in the works?  What about China’s role, is extending the Belt-and-Road Initiative into southwest Asia the basis for ending the wars, and reconstructing the region?  Will we ever get a return to Glass Steagall banking separation, or will the globalist bankers destroy what’s left of the U.S. productive economy?  And what should one make of the push, from the likes of Schumer, VP Harris, and libertarians, to legalize marijuana use?

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Worldwide Anti-Malthusian Alliance Is Emerging to Reject the Great Reset and Green New Deal

Recent developments prove that the LaRouche movement was absolutely right in insisting that the globalist swindlers pushing the Great Reset and Green New Deal can be defeated.  An alliance of nations, including Russia, China, India, Pakistan and others, is emerging, and its leaders are making it clear that they will not give up their right to sovereign economic development, by submitting to the fake science behind “net zero carbon” policy.  The Malthusian insistence that “overpopulation” is the problem — which has been repeatedly disproven by advances in science and technology — is being rejected, and can be relegated to history’s trash bin.  Will the American people insist that the United States, which was the first to defeat the Malthusian Empire in our War of Independence, take its rightful place as a leader among nations in the fight for economic development? 

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

War and Depression? Or Real Economic Growth?

The relentless escalation of war provocations, when paired with the lying reports of a “coming economic boom” — both the product of the diseased minds of those running the “Military Industrial Complex” and pushing the “Great Reset” — is a threat to the people of all nations.  No matter what economists say, a growing cancerous debt bubble is not a sign of economic health!  As we forecast, these utopian schemes can be derailed.  One example is the rejection by India’s Energy Minister of the “net zero” plan pushed by the Biden administration.  To join us in defeating the push coming from the bankrupt Trans-Atlantic establishment, order your copy of our report here: “The Great Leap Backward”.

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

U.S., NATO War Hawks Pushing Ukraine-Russia Military Confrontation

As charges and counter-charges proliferate, and military forces are in motion, the danger of war in eastern Ukraine is increasing daily.  While blaming Russia for “malign intent”, the actual cause of the tension is the geopolitical intent for regime change in Russia, which has escalated since the Maidan coup in Ukraine in February 2014.  President Biden was Obama’s point man in organizing  that coup, and has a long record as an anti-Russian war hawk, typified by his recent admission that he believes Russian President Putin is a “killer.”  One of his top advisors on Russia, Michael Carpenter, has openly praised the self-avowed neo-Nazi and former top Ukrainian security official and member of parlaiment Andriy Parubiy. 

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