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February 18, 2022

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How Do You Know That Tony Blinken Is Lying? His Lips Are Moving!

Blinken’s difficulty with truthful dialogue was again on display yesterday, in an interview with ABC-News, and in a speech before the U.N. Security Council (UNSC).  At the UNSC, he presented lie after lie, asserting that Russia will invade Ukraine, Russia has violated the Minsk Agreement, is preparing a false flag event in the Donbas as an excuse to invade, etc., etc.  Expect more of the same today from him and NATO spokesmen at the annual Munich Security Conference.  To hear the full, actual truth, be sure to register for the online Schiller Institute Conference on Saturday:

What Is the Truth About the War Danger Between the U.S./NATO and Russia?

This interview with Alexander Rahr was done on February 17, at a time of continuing escalation of tensions between the U.S.-NATO forces and Russia, ostensibly over Ukraine. Rahr is an historian, a business consultant and an active proponent of German-Russian friendship, who writes frequently on this subject and is often featured in interviews. In this interview, he presents what is generally censored in the western media, answering: What is really behind the crisis in Ukraine? What are Putin’s goals? Can war be avoided? In the second section, he takes up the question of diplomacy, emphasizing the importance of a French-German role in countering the insistence of the proponents of 19th and 20th century British geopolitics, who argue that east and west cannot work together. He discusses the potential for collaboration in energy and technology, including space exploration, and how this can form the basis of a security architecture stretching from the Atlantic to Vladivostok, which could include the United States. The interview was conducted by Harley Schlanger of the {Executive Intelligence Review}.

Conference: 100 Seconds to Midnight on the Doomsday Clock – We Need a New Security Architecture!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference February 19, 2022

Panel 1 — Saturday, February 19, 10am EST
Who and what are driving the rush towards world war? How close are we?

Moderator: Dennis Speed (U.S.), The Schiller Institute

  1. Keynote: Harley Schlanger (US), The Schiller Institute: “What Happens After D-Day? Will Russia Invade Ukraine?”
  2. Natalia Vitrenko (Ukraine), Chairwoman, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU): “Ukraine’s Role in Present World Affairs”
  3. Col. (ret). Alain Corvez (France), International Consultant, former Counselor for the French Defense and Interior Ministries, “Evaluation of the Strategic Situation; a French Perspective”
  4. Jens Jorgen Nielsen (Denmark), “Why we need a new security architecture,” Former Moscow correspondent for the Danish daily Politiken, author books on Russia and Ukraine, Director, Russian-Danish Dialogue and assistant professor, communication and cultural differences. Niels Brock Business School.
  5. James Jatras (US), diplomat, former advisor to U.S. Senate Republican leadership: “The Evolution of NATO in the Post-Soviet Period”
  6. Shakeel Ahmad Ramay (Pakistan), Political Economist: “Imran Khan’s Proposal for Pakistan to Mediate the U.S. and China”

Panel 2 — Saturday, February 19, 2pm EST
Crafting a new strategic architecture: The Russian–Chinese Feb. 4 joint agreement, the World Land-Bridge economic development perspective

Moderator: Dennis Small (US), Ibero-American Director, Executive Intelligence Review

  1. Keynote: Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Founder and chairwoman of The Schiller Institute: “Long-Term Survival: A New International Security Architecture”
  2. Dr. Wang Wen (China), Executive Dean, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies; Professor of Silk Road School, Renmin University: “The China-Russia Agreement of Feb. 4, 2022”
  3. Alejandro Yaya (Argentina), Civil Institute of Space Technology: “Argentina Joins the Belt and Road Initiative”
  4. Graham Fuller (US), 25 year career as a CIA operations officer, author: “The Validity of the Concept of Spheres of Influence” [10 min.]
  5. Dr. Carlos Gallardo (Peru), President, Christian Democratic Party of Peru: “Development Is the Name of Peace in South America”
  6. Tony Magliano (US), Internationally Syndicated Catholic social justice and peace columnist: ”War Is Not Inevitable! We Have a Moral Obligation To Save Afghans from Starving! The Need To Create a New, Human-Centered Paradigm”