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Shut Down Government and Private-Sector Cyber Spying

Shut Down Government and Private-Sector Cyber Spying

In response to reports that an Israeli firm is serving clients by embedding spyware in the mobile phones of their adversaries, Edward Snowden called for ending the “international spyware trade.”  And while the Biden administration called on its allies to join it in a campaign against alleged Chinese cyber warfare — charges which, like its charges against Russia, are evidence-free — it is considering monitoring private texts on SMS carriers to “deter misinformation”!  Are you tired of the hypocrisy of this “brave new world”?  Then join the Schiller Institute for online conferences on July 24 (“There Is No Climate Emergency”), July 31 (“Afghanistan at a Crossroads”), and August 14, which will take up Lyndon LaRouche’s initiatives to overturn the City of London/Wall Street central bankers actions since August 15, 1971, when they created the global casino economy to protect the swindles of the floating exchange system.

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