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Webcast: We May Be In For an Unwanted Surprise Before the End of the Year

Webcast: We May Be In For an Unwanted Surprise Before the End of the Year

In concluding her report on the dangerous insanity displayed in the last days by TransAtlantic officials, Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned that we are in a moment of “heightened danger”, which could lead to a “surprise.” She opened the discussion by referring to comments by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabokov, who warned of the effect of constant casual talk of “limited nuclear war.” She identified the “spiral of escalation coming from the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting, and the threats from Ursula von der Leyen to use frozen Russian funds as “reparations” to rebuild Ukraine, and to hold a war crimes tribunal to try Russian officials, as part of the escalation.

She also spoke of the vote inTaiwan, in which the “independence” party, the DPP, lost big, as a signal that.contrary to the line coming from western provocateurs, the people of Taiwan want peace. The lack of knowledge of Chinese history of most westerners, combined with the censorship and mind control, exerted through such methods as “pre-bunking”, is used to prepare people for war with China.

The best antidote is to lift the level of discussion to a philosophical level, as she did with the drafting of the 10 Fundamental Principles, which serve as a basis for a dialogue process to construct a new strategic and financial architecture. It is urgent that such discussions occur, she concluded, as the necessary programs of cooperation for development come from principles, not pragmatic policies.

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