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Egypt Positioned for Working with New Silk Road

Nov. 7, 2017 -“Egypt supports the Belt and Road Initiative that connects China with the world’s continents through massive networks of land and sea routes,” Ibrahim Mahlab, the Egyptian President’s assistant for strategic and national projects, told a forum in Cairo. Describing the China-Egypt ties as “strong, unique and sustainable,” Mahlab, a former prime minister, expected the initiative to “restructure the traditional models of world trade.”

Egyptian and Chinese officials, businessmen, representatives of financial and economic institutions, as well as a delegation from the Communist Party of China, attended the Nov. 6 forum, on “Belt and Road–Together for a Better Future.” The participants at the forum, co-organized by Sharaf Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Chinese Embassy in Cairo, discussed ways to boost China-Egypt economic, trade and cultural relations, and the available investment opportunities.

“Being a central point between Africa and Asia, Egypt is also a focal axis of Arab and African trade,” Mahlab said, highlighting the significance of Egypt’s strategic location for the Belt and Road Initiative. He noted that Egypt has carried out massive infrastructure projects over the past three years that have greatly upgraded the country’s energy supplies and road networks which could help future investors in the country.

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