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Webcast: The Dangerous Intentions of Prince Charles’ COP26

Webcast: The Dangerous Intentions of Prince Charles’ COP26

In reviewing events of the last week, Helga Zepp-LaRouche kept returning to the theme that the actions of western countries — at the COP26 and G20, regarding the deepening crisis facing Haiti and Afghanistan, threats against Russia and China — are ultimately self-destructive. She used the example of the rejection of real science by participants at COP26, in favor of formulas for depopulation, as evidence of this; and the push for drug legalization, which is being implemented in the west, which is destroying the cognitive potential of young people.

The hyperinflation of food and energy costs is having real effects. She pointed to the defeat of Democrats in Virginia, and the close vote in New Jersey, as evidence that the failure of the Biden administration to keep election promises is having consequences. She called on viewers to support the Schiller Institute’s Ibn Sina Project as a way they can make a difference, by taking action to save lives in Afghanistan. Participation in the November 13-14 Schiller Institute conference is therefore more important than ever, as it will feature the kind of open, serious deliberation which is suppressed in the western media and institutions.

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