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President John Kennedy


TO RESTORE PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY’s PEACE MISSION, SPUR EXPANSION OF INTERNATIONAL PEACE COALITION July 5, 2023 – In light of rapidly rising threat of nuclear war, the Schiller Institute releases the initial list of 186 prominent signers, from 55 countries on six continents, of…

Conference: Without the Development of All Nations, There Can Be No Lasting Peace for the Planet

Panel 1 — Saturday, April 15, 9am EDT, 3pm CET The Growing Danger of World War III Underlines the Necessity for a New Security Architecture Moderator: Dennis Speed, The Schiller Institute (U.S.) Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Founder, The Schiller Institute, Keynote Address: “Great Prospects for the Development of the…

Open Letter to Pope Francis From Political and Social Leaders: We Support Your Call for Immediate Peace Negotiations

December 20, 2022 His Holiness, Pope FrancisApostolic Palace00120 Vatican City Your Holiness, Greetings from the grouping of Political and Social Leaders of the World to Stop the Danger of Nuclear War, initiated by the Schiller Institute in Germany. We have met on three occasions to…

Conference: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now

Panel 1: Stopping the Doomsday Clock — The Common Good of the One Humanity Tuesday, November 22 — 9:30 am eastern Moderators: Dennis Small, Stephan Ossenkopp, The Schiller Institute   An International Chorus for Peace: Dona Nobis Pacem Video Address from Lyndon LaRouche   · Helga Zepp-LaRouche…

Declaration of Current and Former Legislatures of the World: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War

It is known that this war can have far more serious consequences than what we are already suffering, including massive destruction and a crisis of global proportions never before seen, because it can lead to a confrontation with nuclear weapons between Russia and the United…

Video: LaRouche in Dialogue with the Nations of the World

All videos are available in full at the LaRouche Library Lima, Peru, College of Public Accountants, Feb. 25, 2000Warsaw, Poland, Schiller Institute Society of Poland, May 24, 2001New Delhi, India, India International Institute, Dec. 3, 2001Washington, D.C. EIR Seminar: “The U.S.A.-China Strategic Partnership”Oct. 22, 1997Moscow,…

Call for an Investigation of the Ukrainian CCD Hit List

PDF of this statement I fully support the joint statement (see below) issued in response to the July 14 posting by the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation accusing 72 prominent individuals from around the world as supposed promoters of “Russian Propaganda.” The head of the…

Video: “The World is Going Dutch”—LaRouche youth in action for a new, just economic order

On July 23, members of the Schiller Institute’s youth movement from a half- dozen Ibero-American nations joined an international mobilization in defense of Dutch farmers under the heading “World Day of Action for Agriculture, Science and the Future.” In Mexico City, Schiller Institute youth leader…

International Press Release: Schiller Institute International Petition

The following call — “Convoke an International Conference to Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations” — circulated as a petition in eleven languages worldwide since February 23 by the Schiller Institute, is being released today with an initial sampling of 127…

Conference: 100 Seconds to Midnight on the Doomsday Clock – We Need a New Security Architecture!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference February 19, 2022 Panel 1 — Saturday, February 19, 10am ESTWho and what are driving the rush towards world war? How close are we? Moderator: Dennis Speed (U.S.), The Schiller Institute Keynote: Harley Schlanger (US), The Schiller Institute: “What Happens After…

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