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Video: “The World is Going Dutch”—LaRouche youth in action for a new, just economic order

Video: “The World is Going Dutch”—LaRouche youth in action for a new, just economic order

On July 23, members of the Schiller Institute’s youth movement from a half- dozen Ibero-American nations joined an international mobilization in defense of Dutch farmers under the heading “World Day of Action for Agriculture, Science and the Future.” In Mexico City, Schiller Institute youth leader Carolina Dominguez introduced the day’s activities in a video now available online, appearing with a large banner publicizing the Dutch farmers’ mobilization call, entitled, “The World Is Going Dutch,” showing another sign that asked “Do you like to eat? Let’s defend those who produce your food!” and a picture of the World Land-Bridge. The video included clips of organizers holding other banners, followed by individual videos prepared by eight youth members and supporters in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

In her introduction, Dominguez explains: “The videos you’ll see from around Ibero-America as part of this mobilization are from young people who are worried about what we’re going to do about the future. These videos are for you—the farmers, producers, fishermen and others—because despite the fact that the financial system is bankrupt, that you’re being strangled with restrictions, and that the whole system is in a state of collapse, you keep feeding the population, you keep providing us with food to eat.

“You are not alone! The Schiller Institute is the spearhead for all those voices that can’t be with you in person, but our leader Helga Zepp-LaRouche has called for a new, just financial system that will include collaboration on infrastructure projects among farmers, scientists and educators.” See Documentation for the full text of the video.

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