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Declaration of Current and Former Legislatures of the World: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War

Declaration of Current and Former Legislatures of the World: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War

It is known that this war can have far more serious consequences than what we are already suffering, including massive destruction and a crisis of global proportions never before seen, because it can lead to a confrontation with nuclear weapons between Russia and the United States and NATO.

Among the growing voices calling for a sensible approach, we highlight that of Pope Francis, calling for a negotiated, peaceful solution.

The undersigned political and social leaders, current and former legislators, and other elected officials from various countries, urge Russia, Ukraine, the United States and NATO to reach an agreement which, first of all, rejects the growing loose talk about the possible use of nuclear weapons and reaffirms the fundamental commitment of the Reagan-Gorbachev Formula of 1985, that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” To be lasting, such an agreement must also establish a new international security architecture that recognizes and respects the legitimate security interests of all the planet’s nations.

We recognize and emphasize that Russia, like the United States, NATO, Ukraine and all countries, has legitimate security concerns which must be taken into account and become one of the cornerstones of the new security architecture. A return to the successful principles of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia – respect for sovereignty, commitment to the good of the other, and forgiveness of debts that make true economic development impossible – is the kind of architecture we seek today.

The common good of the One Humanity is the obligatory premise for the good of each and every nation. In that way, among all the nations of the world we will be able to help build an organization of citizens in collective global action, and establish ourselves that way as a force to influence the international policy debate.

We call on people of good will around the world – notwithstanding our diverse and natural differences – to participate in this process of deliberation and search for peaceful solutions, including a thorough examination of the alternative economic policies to replace speculation, which has generated so much poverty and suffering, with a system of production and progress to meet the needs of a growing world population.

We reject all attempts to limit, intimidate, or prohibit such a deliberative process. And we call on the United States, NATO, Ukraine and Russia to advance in the direction that we present in this respectful call.


Donald Ramotar (Guyana); former President (2011-2015), former member of parliament (1992-2011, PPP)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany); founder, Schiller Institute

Jorge Robledo (Colombia); former Senator (2002-2022, Partido Dignidad)

María de los Ángeles Huerta (Mexico); former Congresswoman (2018-2021, Morena)

Dr. Kirk Meighoo (Trinidad & Tobago); former independent Senator (2004, United National Congress)

Dr. Rodolfo Ondarza (Mexico); former Representative, Mexico City Legislative Assembly (2015-2018, PT)

Diane Sare (U.S.); candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York (2022, independent/LaRouche)



Gen. Edwin de la Fuente Jeria; former Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Bolivia (2012-2013)


Paula Cannabrava Filho; journalist, Editor of Diálogos do Sul


Jennifer Pedraza Sandoval; Congresswoman

Luís Eduardo Peláez; state representative, Antioquia

Leónidas Gómez Gómez; state representative, Santander

Jorge Gómez Gallego; former Congressman

Diógenes Orjuela García; former Secretary General, CUT trade union confederation

Manuel Sarmiento Arguello; city councilman, Bogotá

Czech Republic

Vincenzo Romanello (Czech Republic/Italy); Ph.D., Senior Nuclear Researcher and Project Manager, National Radiation Protection Institute (SURO)

Dominican Republic

Ramón Emilio Concepción; former presidential precandidate (2020)


Sergio Tancredi; former member of the Sicilian Parliament (2017-2022)

Antonio Ingroia; former anti-mafia judge in Sicily; candidate for Prime Minister (2013)

Alessia Ruggeri; trade unionist, Comitato per la Repubblica


Benjamín Robles Montoya; Congressman (2018- ); former Senator (2012-2018)

Elpidio Tovar de la Cruz; former Congressman (2003-2006)

Claudia Yáñez Centeno; former Congresswoman (2014-2017)

Alberto Vizcarra Osuna; former Sonora state representative (1988-1991)

Dr. Sergio Pablo Mariscal Alvarado; former Mayor, Ciudad Obregón (2018-2021); engineering professor, Sonora Technological Institute

Emeterio Ochoa Bazúa; former Sonora state representative (2015-2021)

Antonio Valdez Villanueva; former Sonora state representative (2009-2012); Under- secretary General of the Mexican Labor Confederation (CTM) in Sonora.


Dr. A. J. (Guus) Berkhout; Professor-Emeritus Geophysics, Technical Univ. of Delft; President of CLINTEL


Juan Pari; former congressman (2011- 2016)

Alberto Quintanilla Chacón; former congresmman (2016-2019)

Roberto Vela Pinedo; President, Association of Economists of Peru

United States

Richard Black; former Virginia state Senator (2012-2020), former member Virginia House of Delegates (1998-2006)

Graham Fuller; former U.S. diplomat, CIA official, and Islamic scholar

Dr. George Koo; International business advisor, retired

Dr. Mohammad A. Toor; Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Pakistani American Congress

Bradley Blankenship; Journalist

Bob Van Hee; Commissioner, Redwood County, Minnesota


Román Rojas Cabot; former Venezuelan ambassador to the European Community, Brussels

Emil Guevara Muñoz; former member of the Latin American Parliament (2006-2011)


Dr. Fouad al Ghaffari; Advisor to the Prime Minister for BRICS Countries Affairs; President of Yemeni ALBRICS Youth Parliament

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