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Pre-Summit Events Target Russia, China

Pre-Summit Events Target Russia, China

Before the June 16 summit between Presidents Putin and Biden, there will be summits of the G7 in the UK and NATO in Brussels. The main topic of these summits, announced in ongoing pre-summit meetings, will be coordination to “confront systemic challenges from Russia and China”. This was the message of British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, and seconded by U.S. officials Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Defense Secretary, and Secretary of State Blinken. The G7 is expected to unveil its “alternative” to China’s global Belt-and-Road infrastructure initiative, the “Clean Green Initiative”, and its new “Alliance of Democratic States”, which Blinken said will provide robust support for the phony “Rules-Based Order”. These are a public relations cover for geopolitical provocations of the War Hawks, to defend their highly unpopular “Great Reset”; keep an eye out for Fake News and False Flags, designed to disrupt any serious effort in the Putin-Biden summit, to move toward cooperative agreements on addressing the systemic breakdown underway.

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