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Webcast: As War Danger Grows, There is No Alternative to U.S.-China Cooperation

Webcast: As War Danger Grows, There is No Alternative to U.S.-China Cooperation

While there are still questions about where the Biden administration is heading in strategic policy, there are some very real reasons for concern. There is the threat of mass starvation in Yemen, and the growing danger of food shortages in Syria, due to sanctions; last week’s U.S. military strike on a base in northeast Syria; new sanctions against Russia over the fake human rights issue of Navalny; and the intent to expand NATO into the “Indo-Pacific region”, as part of a plan to “encircle and contain” China.

In discussing these concerns, Mrs. LaRouche emphasized that these crises could be addressed through cooperation. Instead of starving children in Yemen and Syria, a program of immediate food relief could be done, with a longer-term plan for reconstruction. As for the response from China to the threats from the West, “Global Times” called these measures “evil”, describing the attacks on China as part of an obvious overall plan to prevent development in all poorer nations.

Instead of tactics leading to heightened confrontation, the U.S. should begin to address the collapse of its platforms of infrastructure. A modest plan from the American Society of Civil Engineers calls for $2.5 trillion in investment over the next ten years. In reality, a much greater amount is needed — why not fund major infrastructure projects in the U.S., she asked, rather than pouring hundreds of billions into the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex, for wars and destruction around the world?

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