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Webcast: The Corruption of the System is the Problem We All Face

Webcast: The Corruption of the System is the Problem We All Face

In her closing comments in today’s dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche pointed to the corruption of the whole system as responsible for the civilizational crisis we face. She pointed to her comment years ago, at the time of the collapse of the Madoff bubble, that the system as a whole is a Ponzi scheme, with no interest in the Common Good, but only increasing private profits.

Whether one reviews the rapid deterioration of U.S.-China relations, the worsening threat posed by the Corona pandemic, the danger of mass deaths among children due to the collapse of food production and distribution, or the increase in social crisis stemming from growing poverty, it all goes back to Malthusian intent of the oligarchy.

The solution is the full implementation of the LaRouche Plan, which would revive the American system of economy. This is what must shape the agenda for the summit which President Putin is organizing. She called on viewers to join us, to insure that the summit takes place, and that the LaRouche policies are on the agenda for the summit.

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