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Webcast: We are not in Safe Waters yet!

The reverberations from President Trump’s trip to Asia and in particular, to China, continue to shake-up U.S. and world politics, as a growing number of “mainstream” political figures and think tanks are now taking notice, with some even seeming to have been won over by the Spirit of the New Silk Road.. Trump told his cabinet that his trip to Asia was “an historic 12-day trip”, with “more than $300 billion worth of deals…[which] means jobs for the United States at a very high level.”

China and Russia, the two nations with which Trump wishes to increase collaboration, continue to engage in significant diplomatic and economic initiatives to promote peaceful cooperation and development, with new proposals coming from them virtually daily.

Yet, as Zepp LaRouche said on Monday, “We’re not in safe waters yet.” One can see a British imperial hand in the Middle East, with war talk coming from Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the financial system remains “one bad trade away” from a total meltdown. And, as Helga stated in last week’s webcast, the attempt by Chancellor Merkel to pull together a “Jamaica Coalition” has collapsed, meaning that Germany will be without a real government at this time of opportunity, and crisis.

Join us on Thursday, for the weekly strategic strategic update from Mrs. LaRouche.

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