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Webcast: Our Task is to Build a Worldwide Citizens Movement for Peace and Development

Webcast: Our Task is to Build a Worldwide Citizens Movement for Peace and Development

Helga Zepp-LaRouche presented today a clear and concise summary of recent strategic events, and the Schiller Institute’s conferences to bring together elected and other leading officials to counter the war drive coming from London and its NATO war hawks. The Press Availability on Nov. 5, “A Nuclear War Cannot be Won, and Must Not Be Fought” intersected growing awareness, she said, of the nuclear war danger coming from those reeling from the collapse of their Unipolar financial system.

“Outspoken, known personalities” have joined us to speak out, as demonstrations against the war are growing throughout Europe. In the U.S., courageous young activists from the Schiller Institute have been confronting the war hawks, demonstrating that there is political opposition in the U.S., that “there is not monolithic support” for the provocations which, if not opposed, will lead to World War III.

She added that the short visit of German Chancellor Scholz represents a similar process. German industrialists have begun speaking out against decoupling from China, while Green Party ideologues in his coalition are supporting decoupling, along with deindustrialization and full backing for the war against Russia in Ukraine. Scholz at least seems to recognize that the German economy cannot survive decoupling with Russia, which is already occurring, with a decoupling from China.

She urged viewers to watch the video of the press availability, and to join the citizen’s nonviolent movement to end forever the danger of nuclear weapons and geopolitics.

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