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Webcast: This is “The Most Dangerous Moment” in Human History

Webcast: This is “The Most Dangerous Moment” in Human History

At the end of a thorough review of the escalation of the war drive against Russia coming from the leaders of the bankrupt western “powers”, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated that she believes this is the “most dangerous moment” in human history.  The relentless push against Russia, which has led top Russia security officials to state that they believe the existence of Russia is being threatened, was escalated this week with the request of Finland and Sweden to join NATO.  The western media is dominated by Russophobia.

There is resistance emerging, especially as the real reason behind the drive, the ongoing collapse of the global financial system, is hitting people hard, with inflation and shortages.  The Schiller Institute will be holding special emergency events next week, to counter the blatant lies in the propaganda war in the media, and to provide solutions.  She called on viewers to study the real causes for this crisis, and join with us to ensure that a new financial and security architecture can be created, to move the world away from destruction.

May 25 Conference: We Need a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations, Not a Strengthening of Geopolitical Blocs

May 26 Conference: US and European Military and Security Experts Warn: The Insanity of Politicians Threatens Nuclear War

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