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Webcast: How Can you “Reopen” an Economy Which No Longer Exists?

Webcast: How Can you “Reopen” an Economy Which No Longer Exists?

May 29—With all the chatter in the U.S. about “reopening the economy”, it seems no one asked, “What economy?” Perhaps with the confluence of crises — an escalating danger of war with China, the Coronavirus pandemic, and the threat of famine, to name a few — no one noticed that the post-industrial neoliberal economy is undergoing an accelerating systemic collapse.

Well, the collaborators of the late economist Lyndon LaRouche not only recognized the collapse underway, but are mobilizing for a plan to reverse it. In today’s webcast, Helga Zepp LaRouche counter-posed the optimism behind the new LaRouchePAC Report, “The LaRouche Plan to Reopen the U.S. Economy: The World Needs 1.5 Billion New Productive Jobs” to the understandable anxiety over the continuing lockdown. With the U.S. set to go back into space, with the scheduled launch of a rocket to take a crew to the International Space Station, it is time to recapture the optimism which has been under attack, by those controlling the presently doomed paradigm.

In a review of the crises, Mrs. LaRouche asks her audience to join her in building the New Paradigm, as envisioned by her late husband, starting with his program for a 4 Power agreement between the U.S., Russia, India and China, for a New Bretton Woods. There is a unique solution to the cries, she emphasized, based on the understanding of what her husband championed, the concept of “physical economy.”

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