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‘Whom the Gods Would Destroy …’On the Way to World War III

‘Whom the Gods Would Destroy …’On the Way to World War III

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“Whom the Gods Would Destroy…” On the Way to World War III (

It should be clear to any alert person that we are potentially on the verge of a global nuclear war in the short term, which can be triggered by a further escalation of either of the two conflicts—the Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas conflict. What immediately makes this situation so unprecedentedly dangerous is the fact that Western leaders are not pushing for an immediate ceasefire and diplomatic solution, but are taking sides unilaterally. And the U.S. is clearly preparing in the medium term to wage simultaneous wars with Russia and China, which would inevitably be nuclear.

Given this existential threat to all of humanity, we need: a global mobilization for an immediate ceasefire in both conflicts, support for the Chinese proposal for a Southwest Asia Peace Conference, and a new global security and development architecture that definitively puts geopolitics aside, puts the interest of all humanity first, and which takes into account the interests of every nation on this planet. In other words, we urgently need a completely new paradigm as the basis for international politics.

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