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H.E. Ali Ahani – Iran is ready to work with the BRICS

H.E. Ali Ahani

Ambassador of Iran to France


The peoples of the world, in particular in the developing countries, are disappointed with the world order that has dominated international relations for decades now, and they cannot tolerate the hegemonic strategies of domination of certain great powers. Moreover, the peoples observe that the difficulties and regional and international crises, far from being solved, have become more complex. In such a situation, the emergence of a new order called the BRICS brings a glimmer of hope to the peoples in developing countries.

However, the key to the success of the BRICS lies in their ability to understand the roots and reasons of the bankruptcy and the impotence of the old world order. Of course, the lack of a sincere and serious will of the great powers to find solutions to the world’s problems is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the failure. A proper understanding of the roots of the problems and crises throughout the world could facilitate the implementation of the appropriate solutions.

Without a doubt, the Islamic Republic of IRAN, as a major, inescapable player in the Middle East region, has always played a stabilizing role and favored calming the many crises that are rocking this strategic area of the planet.

As Iran carries decisive geostrategic weight and has large quantities of natural resources (1st in terms of gas reserves, 4th in terms of oil), and young, educated human resources, it can be a reliable, powerful and truly independent partner for the BRICS and can cooperate efficiently with them.

The combination of the capacities and potential of the BRICS member countries with the main countries of the different regions in the world, which are able to act independently from the political will of the great powers, will be a key element of success. Therefore, we can be optimistic about the ability of the BRICS countries to occupy the place they deserve, to carry out equal, fair, sincere cooperation with the developing countries in order to solve the problems of the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran declares it is willing and ready to cooperate with the BRICS countries, to offer its assistance and support to solve the regional and worldwide problems.

My wish is that the conference of today will have a very positive effect in this direction and I wish you much success.

Thank you for your attention.

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