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Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

Friday Questions: Are we headed to war over Ukraine?

What is going on in Ukraine?  What is the Biden policy?  What about Iran — is there a new deal in the works?  What about China’s role, is extending the Belt-and-Road Initiative into southwest Asia the basis for ending the wars, and reconstructing the region?  Will we ever get a return to Glass Steagall banking separation, or will the globalist bankers destroy what’s left of the U.S. productive economy?  And what should one make of the push, from the likes of Schumer, VP Harris, and libertarians, to legalize marijuana use?

Harley Schlanger Update April 6 2021

U.S., NATO War Hawks Pushing Ukraine-Russia Military Confrontation

As charges and counter-charges proliferate, and military forces are in motion, the danger of war in eastern Ukraine is increasing daily.  While blaming Russia for “malign intent”, the actual cause of the tension is the geopolitical intent for regime change in Russia, which has escalated since the Maidan coup in Ukraine in February 2014.  President Biden was Obama’s point man in organizing  that coup, and has a long record as an anti-Russian war hawk, typified by his recent admission that he believes Russian President Putin is a “killer.”  One of his top advisors on Russia, Michael Carpenter, has openly praised the self-avowed neo-Nazi and former top Ukrainian security official and member of parlaiment Andriy Parubiy.