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Webcast: World Citizens Unite Against the City of London and Wall Street!

Webcast: World Citizens Unite Against the City of London and Wall Street!

Join the live broadcast Wednesday, November 15 at 11am EDT/5pm CET! 

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The facts speak for themselves. The British and American governments are deliberately and knowingly allowing Netanyahu’s Israel to commit war crimes in full view of the entire planet, crimes so heinous they are a moral blot on all humanity, and lead us to cry out: What ever happened to “Never Again!”? They are doing this “in full technicolor,” as used to be said, to send a simple message to the entire world: “Anybody else want to rebel against the City of London and Wall Street?”

In recent days, the situation in Southwest Asia has deteriorated dramatically. Israeli forces have expanded their operations and are bombing innocent Palestinian children and civilians, covered by the US and the entire West. At the same time, fighting between Israel and Hezbollah is intensifying with Israeli airstrikes deeper into southern Lebanon and counter-attacks by Hezbollah, while the US flew a third airstrike on suspected Iranian-backed militia bases in Syria. If the conflict spills over into Iran, it will be too late to talk of a ceasefire, and perhaps even too late to prevent a world war.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche summarized the situation in a dialogue with associates on Nov. 13: “The situation is rapidly, very rapidly worsening, and I think it looks extremely, extremely dangerous. Because right now we are on a course of complete escalation into a regional war. And the whole situation is so much on the edge that my absolute horror vision is that, once you are in a regional war, that it will not remain there. Because if it involves Iran, I have said this many times, that is the tripwire to world war. That is where we are at.”

The expansion of the BRICS grouping to the BRICS-11 on Jan. 1, 2024, has generated an international momentum towards creating a new international security and development architecture that the global financial Establishment fears more than anything else. It is a new architecture that is being built by different nations and civilizations around a common concept of Man: as a creative, moral being—made, in that sense, in the image of his Creator. (I changed the beginning of the paragraph to mach the other text)

The (bankrupt) City of London and Wall Street financial Establishment disagrees. They view Man as a beast whose numbers must be limited, Malthus style, and they would wipe out all worldviews—emphatically including the three great monotheistic religions—that believe otherwise. Induced religious warfare—Jew against Muslim; Christian against both; each against all—is their historic stock in trade.

Zepp-LaRouche concluded her dialogue with associates as follows: “To a very large extent—not entirely, but to a large extent—it is up to us to give people the inner strength to act in such a way that the influence they put on the situation means there is hope for the future of humanity. Given that the U.S. is the most crucial battlefield—not the only one, but the most crucial one—you should give people that sense. The world looks to you: Are you condoning what is going on, or not? We have an enormous moment, and we are in an absolutely revolutionary period and a better coalition of nations may soon be on top.”

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute in the fight for a new just world economic order, the new paradigm. As a creative species, mankind is born for that which is better than being driven into subjugation and World War 3 by the bankrupt financial establishment.

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