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Col. Richard Black Statement on Turkey/Syria Earthquake

Col. Richard Black Statement on Turkey/Syria Earthquake

Col. Richard Black: On Monday, there was a terrible earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. It was a 7.8 on the Richter scale; a shallow earthquake that was very damaging. It has hit Syria’s second largest city, Aleppo, and done enormous damage and created many casualties. The Biden administration has sent aid to Turkey, has reached out to them, has aid workers going there. However, the United States State Department chose this time of death and suffering to make a very antagonistic statement towards the people of Syria. There was a fellow Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, who said, “I will make the point that it will be quite ironic if not counterproductive for us to reach out to a government that has brutalized its people over the course of a dozen years now. Gassing and slaughtering them, being responsible for much of the suffering they’ve endured.”

I have got to tell you, I have never seen such barbaric response to a tragedy where you literally have people in Aleppo city, Syria who are looking up at piles of concrete, their lives are coming to an end, they’re freezing in the cold. They’re there without food, without water, and they’re dying. Meanwhile, the State Department takes that opportunity to re-emphasize the fact that we are bitter because we could not impose our will on the Syrian people. It was in 2020 that the United States imposed the Syria sanctions out of anger at the fact that Syria had driven back the ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists that the United States had supported, and was trying to overwhelm the government with. So, now the State Department looks at this as an opportunity to simply ratchet up the regime of starvation and freezing that we have imposed on Syria through the cruel Caesar sanctions.

I’m quite disgusted by the actions of the United States State Department. It is really unbecoming of any civilized nation that they would choose this moment to take out their vengeance on the poor suffering people of Syria. Thank you.

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