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Live event: We Will Not Be Silenced! Speaking Truth In Times of War

Live event: We Will Not Be Silenced! Speaking Truth In Times of War

Join us LIVE on Thursday, October 6 at 10am eastern.

Speakers include: Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Founder and president of the Schiller Institute);  Richard Black (U.S.), Marine and Army Colonel (ret.); Graham E. Fuller (U.S.), Ex-vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council for Long-term Forecasting; Ray McGovern (U.S.), Former official of the CIA; Diane Sare (U.S.), Candidate for the post of US Senator from New York; Eva Bartlett (DPR/Canada), Journalist; Mira Terada (Russia), Chairwoman, Foundation to Battle Injustice.

It is not in a time of peace, but in times of war, such as now, that the right and duty to tell the truth most matter. Names continue to be added to the now-infamous Ukrainian “kill lists.” Journalists continue to suffer injury, death threats, harassment and ostracism. A few elected officials and others have spoken out, but the United States Congress and parliaments of Europe have been mute. People in the trans-Atlantic nations ask, “Why are we spending tens of billions we don’t have in a war that we don’t want?”And with the Nordstream pipeline explosions, credibility of the political elites is at an all-time low.

It is a badge of honor to be listed with the Truth-tellers on the “kill lists.” Join us Thursday, Oct 6 to hear the truth that others fear to state, so that we might join together and end this war madness before it ends us.

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