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Immortal Words to honor LaRouche’s Immortal Contributions

Immortal Words to honor LaRouche’s Immortal Contributions

Dr. Fred Wills, former Foreign Minister of Guyana,andExecutive Board Member of the Non-Aligned Movement (1975-1977)regularly employed the words of classical poets to express his thoughts and convey the broader context of contemporary events. On December 20, 1986, Wills delivered these lines as part of a type of eulogy on the death and life of Hulan E. Jack, former Manhattan Borough President, to console the cadre of the LaRouche movement for their loss of this cherished friend and associate. In reflection. LaRouche’s centenary birthday provides another fitting occasion to hear Will’s recitation of the words of Greek elegist Callimachus on Heraclitus, his friend.

A Recitation: Callimachus on Heraclitus

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