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Webcast: “You Cannot Gag an Entire Population”

Webcast: “You Cannot Gag an Entire Population”

In discussing the tremendous potential to move to a new financial and strategic architecture, Helga Zepp-LaRouche highlighted comments by President Putin at the Moscow Security Conference, in which he said the world is going through a transition. The attempt to criminalize honest debate demonstrates the desperation of the establishment to silence opposition. As reality strikes, she said, it becomes impossible to “gag the entire population.”

She elaborated aspects of the transition: the strength of the Russia-China alliance; the rejection of nations in the Global South of the Unipolar Order; and the growing mobilization of citizens in the developing sector, in Europe and the U.S. seeking fundamental changes, away from the wars which derive from geopolitical division into Blocs. It is a moment of great danger, but also potential for the kind of change which Lyndon LaRouche devoted his life to. She urged people to join her this Saturday, when she addresses the Manhattan Project meeting, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence.

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