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Webcast: As Biden Does Europe, the Question is, “What is Going On In Their Minds?”

Webcast: As Biden Does Europe, the Question is, “What is Going On In Their Minds?”

As Biden left for Europe yesterday for meetings with “allied” leaders in NATO, G7 and the EU, there were numerous statements from U.S. officials, including Biden, announcing an escalation against Russia.  With talk of Russian “war crimes”, and nuclear war as a “possible contingency”, what is reflected, Zepp-LaRouche remarked today, “is zero capacity” to think through the strategic crisis.
Zepp-LaRouche countered the “lock-step” narrative which dominates the west by identifying the goal of this language as regime change against Putin — but toward what end?  As a result of the escalation of sanctions, it is now estimated that food shortages will soon threaten 1 billion people — Who is actually committing war crimes, and violating human rights??
She discussed the irony of the nuclear war talk breaking out on the day of the 39th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s promotion of the SDI, for which her husband Lyndon LaRouche had been a leading architect.  LaRouche’s idea, which was the kernel of Reagan’s proposal, was not simply a military policy of defense against nuclear war, but an economic approach of sharing the most advanced technologies, for the benefit of all nations.  This idea is at the center of the upcoming Schiller Institute conference for the creation of a new security and financial architecture, to replace the neocon, neoliberal system which is imploding today. 

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