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Message to the Young People at COP26: Dear Youngsters, Please Wake Up!

Message to the Young People at COP26: Dear Youngsters, Please Wake Up!

The following 7-point call was issued by CLINTEL Group President Guus Berkhout and was presented November 14th, 2021 at a Schiller Institute Conference, “All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species!”

PDF of this statement

  1. Please, don’t act like a parrot. Be critical against the many false prophets, who are trying to take advantage of you and set you up against the impressive progress your parents and grandparents have realized. Bear in mind that the information these prophets tell you is one-sided and misleading.
  2. Deepen your knowledge on the facts of our climate. By doing so, you will discover that there is no evidence that points to a climate crisis. Yes, climate change exists and it is of all times. But don’t worry, the current global warming is gentle (only ca. 0.14° C per decade) and it has already made many, many positive contributions to the quality of life.
  3. Do you know that the difference between the mean annual temperature in cold Finland and warm Singapore is more than 20° C. Yet, both these countries are most successful. Mankind is very clever in adapting to very different climates! Declaring current global warming of 0.14° C per decade a catastrophe is totally out of proportion. Think about that, while you are protesting.
  4. Did your teachers ever tell you that CO2 is a blessing for everything that lives on our planet? Far from being pollution, CO2 is the molecule of life, providing food for plants. Without plants there would be very little animal life and no human life at all. Think about that as well, while you are protesting.
  5. Don’t confuse climate change with environmental pollution! They are two completely different phenomena. Climate change is largely caused by the primordial natural forces and environmental pollution is largely caused by human behavior. Climate change requires clever adaptation measures and environmental pollution asks for clever clean production technologies.
  6. Please, don’t waste your life by solving a problem that does not exist. Instead, put all your talents and energy in developing a productive sustainable economy. Only then can you realize enough financial means to increase the standard of living beyond the basic needs. When you go back to the unproductive past and make yourself poor, you are no longer in control of your future!
  7. History shows that living on planet Earth requires adaptation all the time. If you continue to advance science and technology, you generate new capabilities to adapt to climate change, to protect our natural environment, to conquer the universe and to take care of one another. This is the formula for creating a better world.


For all of you who have been poisoned by fear of what is to come, forget the dodgy preachers of doom and gloom at COP26; they ruin your future by destroying everything your parents and grandparents have built.

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