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Webcast: Most of the World is Hungry for Change

Webcast: Most of the World is Hungry for Change

The contrast between the flop of the Malthusians with the failure of their “climate summit”, and the successful deliberation at the 2-day Schiller Institute conference demonstrates that there is an urgency in breaking with the present paradigm, and achieving cooperation among all leading nations. The dividing line is between Trans-Atlantic nations sticking with neoliberal, colonial policies, and geopolitical provocations, and those nations committed to cooperation for economic development.

Helga developed this contrast, as it exists regarding all major crises, from addressing the humanitarian disaster facing Afghanistan; the crisis at the Poland-Belarus border; the COVID pandemic, which is surging through Europe; and dealing with hyperinflation, caused by the decision to bailout bankrupt corporations, rather than invest in developing new manufacturing centers at the frontiers of science. She called on viewers to join the Schiller Institute, at a moment when historical decisions are being made. The changes we have proposed will work; but, if these changes do not take place, the West will collapse, due to moral bankruptcy.

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