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China Space Agency Lays Out Exploration Plans

China Space Agency Lays Out Exploration Plans

At a press conference held yesterday in Beijing, representatives of the China National Space Administration (CNSA) described in some detail, the missions to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and lesser bodies in the Solar System over the next 25 years. China will continue its advance of increasingly difficult lunar missions, leading up to a scientific laboratory in the next decade. For example, Chang’e-6 and 7 will explore the environment and resources of the Moon, and collect samples from the polar region over the next five years, said Xu Hongliang, CSNA spokesman..

In manned space, Xu said, the space station should be finished next year, “in which astronauts can stay for long periods to carry out scientific experiments.” But he also stressed that the scientific research should be “contributive.” The space science, space technology, and space applications should be coordinated, he said.

Referring to the release of photographs taken by China’s Mars rover, Zhurong, the previous day, Xu said the success of the mission shows “the country has come to the forefront of the world in Mars exploration.”

Space science and exploration, recent breakthroughs in controlled thermonuclear fusion are the science drivers for a growing and prosperous human race. Man is surely a galactic species, and the realization of that idea has profound implications for everything from education and healthcare, to the potential for new Beethovens and Mozarts. That issue of scientific and artistic creativity will be central to the upcoming Schiller Institute/ICLC conference.

For the Common Good of all People, not the Rules Benefiting the Few!

International Schiller Institute/ICLC online conference, June 26/ 27, 2021

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