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Webcast: The Time For A Summit Is Now, Before The Trigger Is Pulled To Set Off A World War

In reviewing the global strategic situation, with its full component of “hot spots”, Helga Zepp LaRouche drew the analogy to the period prior to World War I.  At that time, there was a multiplicity of hot spots.  The assassination in Sarajevo didn’t cause the war, but was the trigger.  With the mobilization underway today around Russian President Putin’s call for a P5 summit, the potential exists to stop the drift to war, and instead realize the potential of a New Paradigm.  The groundwork has been done by Putin and others, including the significant efforts by our organization, as a result of the life’s work of Lyndon LaRouche.
Among other developments opening the potential for such a summit, she spoke of the importance of the commutation by President Trump, of the sentence of Roger Stone.  As Stone is emphasizing, not only was there no hacking done by the Russians, but those running the witch hunt knew it, and are still desperately trying to keep Russiagate alive.  Why?  Their system is collapsing, and the combination of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi, working together, could put an end to geopolitics and neoliberalism, and move the world away from war, plague and famine.

She called on viewers to join us, to fight for the implementation of the LaRouche Plan for 1.5 billion new productive jobs, as the task which such a summit should undertake.

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