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IPC Meeting Friday, March 29: Organizing Works! Do More of It

IPC Meeting Friday, March 29: Organizing Works! Do More of It

Even as the March 22 terror attack in Russia, the sharply escalating Russia-Ukraine war, and ongoing NATO plans to put boots on the ground in Ukraine threaten to push the planet over the edge into thermonuclear war, those who would stop such insanity should take careful note of two developments over the last 48 hours.

First, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), who represent a growing current among American military and intelligence circles, issued a March 24 urgent open letter to President Joe Biden, “VIPS MEMO: The French Road to Nuclear War” (“Subject: On the Brink of Nuclear War”) in which they warn that French President Emmanuel Macron’s repeated calls to put NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine “would be leading the American people down a path toward a nuclear conflict decidedly not in the interests of the American people—or of humanity itself.”

Second, a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza was finally approved on March 25—because the United States didn’t veto it, like it had every previous such resolution, but this time only abstained. This is a far cry from what is needed to actually stop the genocide underway and provide humanitarian life support to Gaza’s 2.3 million people—let alone to implement a full development program, such as LaRouche’s Oasis Plan—but it does show that the Biden administration is feeling the political heat.

The heat is coming from a shocked American population, many of whom have taken to the streets to make their opposition to the genocide known—and threaten Biden’s reelection. And the heat is also coming from a rapidly growing majority of what is already the Global Majority of nations and peoples, who have made it clear that they will no longer submit to 500 years of colonial rule and more modern looting of their economies by the speculative policies of the bankrupt City of London and Wall Street financial system.

Allies in the International Peace Coalition, have been intensely involved in organizing the forces to make that political heat grow, both in the U.S. and Europe, as well as the nations of the South. From that we draw a simple conclusion: Organizing works! But a lot more needs to be done, and quickly.

Join us this Friday at 12pm EDT/5pm CET. We will be joined by leaders from Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity including:

– Ray McGovern, former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
– Coleen Rowley, former FBI special agent and whistleblower
– Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq
and other experts.

Please share this invite with your organizations and friends. Come with full organizing reports.

Send an email to to get the zoom details for the meeting of the International Peace Coalition. 

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