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Schiller Institute Statement for International Distribution: No More Money for Arms in Ukraine! No World War with Russia or China!!

Schiller Institute Statement for International Distribution: No More Money for Arms in Ukraine! No World War with Russia or China!!

In the next hours and days, the Congress of the United States, the parliaments of Canada and Europe, the presidencies of Central and South America, and the governments of Asia and Africa must hear and see the people of the world stand up for humanity against world war with Russia and/or China. We need to get on the phones and into the offices of public officials, we need to go into the streets and in front of governmental institutions, to say that war is not the answer; that imposing war upon the dispossessed and poor is a crime against humanity; that not one more dollar should be spent on weapons for Ukraine; and that government-sponsored terrorist actions like the destruction of Nord Stream 2 must be investigated, exposed, and prosecuted.  

The responsibility has suddenly been thrust upon “We, the People,” in America and elsewhere, to act now to prevent the outbreak of a World War which will quickly lead to the probable extinction of the human species. The failure of the Ukraine proxy war to bring Russia to its knees has worsened an already existing systemic and out-of-control financial meltdown throughout the trans-Atlantic sector, threatening to become bigger than 2007–08. The City of London/Wall Street system—not Russia or China—is utterly bankrupt. Moreover, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) grouping, with its emphasis on technological progress and cooperative economic development, and its recent additions, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Ethiopia and Egypt, represents a challenge to the bankrupt “paper billionaires.” The forces representing this failing system have decided to declare World War Three without our permission, rather than go under. 

With over $2 quadrillion in financial derivatives and other debt, they cannot be saved—but they can’t accept that. They insist we must all go into the fire as fuel for their unpayable debt before that. We must reject this.

There is hope. Independent movements must rise up, and are doing so. Candidates are now leaving dead and dying parties. Many are calling for no more funding for, as well as for ending the Ukraine proxy war. People should declare their independence from tribal thinking. What further victories for peace elsewhere in the world will be possible under such a paradigm?

The world needs a new dawn, and a new direction. We must put down the flag of identity politics, and pick up the banner of humanity politics. We must say no to world war with Russia, and no to world war with China. 

No to war—Yes to Humanity! No to Poverty—Yes to Humanity! No to Scarcity—Yes to Humanity! 

To stop thermonuclear World War Three, we are our first and last, best hope. Demand no more money for the Ukraine proxy war, and moves to negotiate peace now.

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