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NATO war hawks move to “Plan B”, Let’s end the insanity!

NATO war hawks move to “Plan B”, Let’s end the insanity!

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“There’s a new article by Gilbert Doctorow who says that in the recent week, there seems to have been a consensus among the Western media that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed and there was a lot of speculation about Ukraine tiredness and speculation about how the United States would react to the threatening defeat of Ukraine. Many said that they would just continue after throwing Ukraine under the bus, and continue with the attack against China, not to lose any energy in the debate of who lost Ukraine.

“Today Washington’s Plan B is becoming clearer. And what I see does not look good for world peace and for our chances of surviving this conflict.” He says, “Plan B took the form of the Storm Shadow strike a couple of days ago directly on the General Staff building of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol…”

— Helga Zepp-LaRouche to associates September 25, 2023

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