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Conference Invitation: Building an Alternative to Global NATO, World Citizens Unite!

Conference Invitation: Building an Alternative to Global NATO, World Citizens Unite!

Schiller Institute conference
Saturday, February 4, Two panels, 10 am-1 pm and 2 pm-5 pm EST

SCHLANGER: We have a conference coming up on Feb. 4th on the question of an “Age of Reason or Annihilation of Humanity.” How can people participate in that, and how do you see this evolving into a mass movement?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Well, I think that the conference topics will be extremely hot, and given the fact that you have this escalation, with the Leopard 2 tanks, you have the efforts to increase the Global NATO, the EU-NATO agreement, the Japan-British agreement, the so-called reciprocal cooperation agreement; the AUKUS among Australia, the U.S., and Great Britain—so you have a whole, clear sign that Global NATO is preparing for the showdown with Russia and China, and more and more people, especially in the Global South are waking up to this.

On the other side, you have the clear efforts to establish a different world economic system, and that is progressing very quickly as well. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was just in South Africa, and South Africa will host the BRICS summit this year. So a lot is really going on, and we will discuss these things in a way which most people really do not have access to, because the mass media, unless you already know what you are looking for and you search the internet and go to the newspapers and media from different countries and you look at it from different angles, which most people neither have the time nor that they really know what to look for, because they have to be acquainted with the history of many countries and very few people have that knowledge; so we provide an overview, because we have live actors, former Presidents, former ministers, diplomats, other people who represent real life, like representatives of the clergy, the industry, the trade unions. People have started to appreciate our Schiller conferences very much from the standpoint of really getting an idea of where we stand—and building an alternative. Because we want to build, more and more people who agree that we have to discuss what should be the principles of the new order, a new paradigm, which allows the human species to survive. Because that’s what the most important discussion is.

So if you want to be part of it, then join it, register and you get live, simultaneous translation if you are a non-English speaker—in French, German, Spanish minimally. And we want to build a movement of world citizens, of people who take the cause of humanity first, and that is an idea where the receptivity is definitely growing.

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