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LaRouche at 99

LaRouche at 99

Lyndon H. LaRouche (September 8, 1922–February 12, 2019), economist, statesman and philosophical thinker, proved that a single person, with no externally designated authority, could, through the power of Reason, change the world. By means of not only his writings, but his actions and person, LaRouche proved that humanity can invent, discover, and deploy physical laws that not only change but improve the biosphere. His numerous proposals for science driver programs in thermonuclear fusion and space; for a just reorganization of the international banking system; for fundamental changes in educational designs for instruction in elementary and secondary schools; and for identifying the role of Classical forms of dramatic and musical composition in increasing the capacity for creative thought, are the very ideas which provide the path forward for Earth’s next fifty years.

In celebration of his 99th birthday, we offer three clips of Lyndon LaRouche discussing these crucial conceptions:

  1. On the Case of Hamlet (1996)

2. LaRouche Prison Interview: Economic Sovereignty vs. Empire (1991)

3. Creativity As Such (2011)

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