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Webcast: It Is Time For The Definitive Crushing Of Russiagate

In reviewing the strategic crisis, Helga Zepp LaRouche opened by citing a Russian strategic expert, Lukin, who warned that the world is approaching a cataclysmic moment, in which the only island of stability remaining is China.  That the British are escalating their attacks on China, through operatives such as Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Esper, makes it urgent that the voice of William Binney is heard during his press conference tomorrow. While Pompeo is cavorting with some of the British sponsors of Russiagate in London, and proclaiming his love for the “Special Relationship”, his operatives in the U.S. shut down the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  But Binney can show that Pompeo’s love affair with London goes back to his efforts to protect the made-in-London lies of Russian “hacking”, as he responded to a briefing by Binney on how there was no Russian hacking, by covering it up — is there any doubt now, after his disgusting performance in London, that he is doing the bidding of the Empire, against President Trump?  And that his activities are designed to sabotage the potential of the P5 summit being organized by Russian President Putin, by making it impossible for President Trump to participate?
This is a moment for truth, when the truth becomes the most powerful weapon.  Zepp LaRouche gladly welcomed the recent statements by Trump on the need to wear masks to protect against the CoronaVirus, saying it again showed the leadership qualities needed to bring the U.S. into the New Paradigm.  With his Chief of Staff Meadows announcing that the Durham investigation is nearing completion, and indictments are coming, the Binney press conference will provide the evidence to, once and for all, end the geopolitical targeting of Russia — and China — as enemies of the U.S.

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