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Webcast: Banker’s Coup in Italy Won’t Stop Rebellion Against Bankrupt Empire

Webcast: Banker’s Coup in Italy Won’t Stop Rebellion Against Bankrupt Empire


The rejection of the new government of Italy by its President, Sergio Mattarella, is a coup, ordered by the same bankers of the City of London and the European Central Bank (ECB) whose policies have nearly destroyed the Italian economy, as well as the economies of most of the member nations of the European Union. Mattarella would not accept Paolo Savona as Finance Minister, even though he was selected by the leaders of the two parties which had the most votes in the March 4, 2018 Italian election, the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the League (Lega). Savona, a respected former government minister, had the audacity to challenge the failed policies of the European Union and the ECB. In place of the coalition led by the two parties, Mattarella named an austerity advocate, Carlo Cottarelli, a former official of the International Monetary Fund, as Prime Minister designate.

Last week, on her webcast, Helga Zepp LaRouche pointed to the Italian crisis as a moment of truth. Would the failed bankers running the ECB overturn the results of the recent election, in which the former governing parties were smashed by a revolt of the voters, who are sick and tired of austerity and lies from their government, and bailouts and bail-ins for the banks? She said the rejection by voters of the former major parties all across Europe, combined with the Trump victory in the U.S. and Brexit, have sent an unmistakable signal, one likely to again be rebuffed by the arrogant would-be Masters of the Universe, who preach “democracy” to Russia and China while running coups against democratic choices in the U.S. (Russiagate) and in Italy.

There is no guarantee that these elites will again succeed in crushing the popular will, especially as the New Silk Road policy of China continues to gain support, not just in Asia and Africa, but also in Europe. And while British-led geopolitical networks have launched one provocation after another, to bring down Trump, and isolate Presidents Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China, while risking the launch of World War III in the process, these have not succeeded in slowing down the momentum for a New Paradigm coming from Asia and Eurasia. The stakes for humanity could not be higher! Join Mrs. LaRouche and our host Harley Schlanger this Thursday, as she reports on latest developments, and presents the pathway to insure the success of the New Paradigm.

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