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Now Amsterdam is Connected by Rail to China’s East Coast

Mar 8 – On March 7, a block train departed from the Port of Amsterdam on its 11,000-kilometer journey to Yiwu on China’s east coast. It will travel through through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, and will reach its destination on March 23, Rail reported today. Thanks to this new train connection, the Netherlands is now connected to the One Belt, One Road project.

“We are proud to add Amsterdam to our Chinese railway network, in addition to our existing connections between China, Russia and Germany. Amsterdam is the largest European port after Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg, which makes it an important hub. The new connection will make it even easier for operators, retailers and brand manufacturers in the Netherlands to do business with and from China,” Erwin Cootjans, CEO of Nunner Logistics told Rail The Belt and Road’s international cross-border rail network has so far connected 35 Chinese cities with 34 European destinations over the past six years.

“The new train connection is an initiative of Nunner Logistics. This logistics service provider noticed the increasing demand for goods transportation from and to China. The need for this new kind of transportation increases now that cargo ships sail slower in order to save fuel. Transport by train is a faster alternative compared to sea transportation, and the costs are much lower compared to transport by airplane,” wrote Netherland’s Hong Kong Business Association in its website.

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