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Berlin Conference: The China Model and Its Implications

Berlin Conference: The China Model and Its Implications

Professor Zhang Weiwei (张维为), founder of the Centre for China Development Model Research (中国发展模式研究中心主任) at the renowned Fudan University (复旦大学) in Shanghai, is perhaps uniquely capable of familiarizing the Western public with the reasons for the success of the Chinese economic model and international Belt and Road Initiative.

After completing his studies in Shanghai, Zhang Weiwei worked as a translator for Deng Xiaoping and other members of the Chinese leadership. He received his Ph.D in International Relations from the University of Geneva`s School of Diplomacy and International Relations. He was also visiting fellow at Oxford University and senior research fellow at the Centre for Asian Studies, University of Geneva.

As an author Prof. Zhang’s 2012 book “The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State” (available in English on has risen to the status of an international bestseller and has become one of the standard works on China’s global economic and diplomatic policies

The Schiller-Institute feels privileged to present to you a scholar and author of such acclaim.

Prof. Zhang Weiwei

The China Model and Its Implications

* The China Model: A Dialogue between Francis Fukuyama and Zhang Weiwei (Fall 2011):

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